Saturday, June 9, 2007

Wow Americans no little About 9/11

Ever See a video that makes you go, Huh?....ain't that something. OR actually just make you blinding mad at the stupidity of people. Now we all seen Jay walking on Jay Leno, and we know people can say some stupid things. But when asked about 9/11 we all expect people to know everything, well here is some shockin footage of people not even knowing when 9/11 HAPPENED!!
i know i know, retards but ya they have a right to vote for the president of the world for some reason....Stupid Democracy, they really need to have an intelligence exam to see if you can vote....but that would bring less voters...hmm talk about a predicament. Anyways here is the video!
Ok it wouldn't let me put it up so here is the site TRUST ME GO HERE!

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