Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Warped Disaster

So this Sunday that is approaching is the Warped Tour, in Montreal. Some of the bands that i really wanted to see where Coheed and Cambria, New Found Glory, The Starting Line.etc unfortunately due to uncontrollable reasons, i shall not be attending this year. In all honesty the Line-up isn't that spectacular, its good but a lot of these new-age punkers such as Ten Second Epic, are bands that i am not into. In fact i really haven't gone out of my way to check out a punk band in a while, simply due to the fact that the music is becoming so Formulaic. This is something that really has been bothering me, no band is really breaking the boundaries, but rather producing very radio friendly hits that they know will get played. Say what you will about, Fall out boy or Panic! At The Disco, but look at the music in their songs, they are incorporating a large range of instruments and more orchestrating rather than very repetitive bass, drum, guitar under some repetitive hook.
I am not saying these bands are not good, or that these bands need to be stopped, i am more on the side that music is plateauing and due to the plateau such songs as Umbrella can be number 1 hits, while much better music is out there..

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