Sunday, December 30, 2007

Yep These guys are in Egypt Too....

Remember those ridiculously over weight guys at basketball games that yell at players and makes asses out of themselves, well in egypt they are hear too, want proof check it out....

These two vids are thanks to Mib

This kid is gonna be gold in the future

This kid is gonna probably be a good impressionist in the future...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

TV's New Low

Well, just what i thought would happen, once the Writer Strike Prolongs, we will start seeing awful, just AWFUL Reality's a few courtesy of

10. Pussycat Dolls 2: Girlicious (Date TBA, The CW)
The Pussycat Dolls are apparently full (has anyone seen Asia since winning?), but now they need a new band, Girlicious.

9. Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (Jan. 10, VH1)
Nine D-List celebrities (including American Idol, Season 4 contestant Jessica Sierra) check themselves into rehab in L.A., and receive help from Loveline host David Drew "Dr. Drew" Pinsky.

8. Make Me a Supermodel (Jan. 2, Bravo)
Think America’s Next Top Model with two key differences: co-ed contestants and Americans call in to determine who gets the boot.

7. Top This Party (Jan. 4, Lifetime)
Two groups of party planners go head-to-head creating and staging elaborate parties.

6. My Dad is Better Than Your Dad (Date TBA, NBC)
Sons and daughters join their fathers in a series of stunt-driven challenges to see whose dad rules.

5. Transamerican Love Story (Feb. 2008, Logo)
A transgender woman gets her pick from a pool of single men.

4. Millionaire Matchmaker (Jan. 22, Bravo)
The rich need some lovin’ too – Millionaire’s Club founder and CEO Patti Stanger sets up wealthy men with less rich, attractive women.

3. Parking Wars (Jan. 8, MTV)
Follows the staff of the Philadelphia Parking Authority as they deal with the day-to-day business of giving out tickets and dealing with angry drivers.

2. The Baby Borrowers (Date TBA, NBC)
Teenaged couples move into a house, find themselves jobs, and care for babies, toddlers, pre-teens, teens and senior citizens for three weeks.

1. Farmer Wants a Wife (Date TBA, The CW)
A simple farm boy looks for the love of his life – from a pool of haughty city girls

Pretty much the classiest Reality Tv show's i have heard of....

Friday, December 28, 2007

This might be a bit late...but it's worth it

Ya so this is a bit late, but i got told about this yesterday....It's reason's like this why the Piston's are my Favourite team...o man Rasheed Wallace, what the hell is he on!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A look at the Strike through the Daily Show Writers

Here is a little sketch the Daily show Writers Came up lacks John Stewarts witty charm, but the message is clear!

I still am not 100% sure if i am on the writer's side, i think they deserve a piece of the pie, but not sure how much seeing how it's the producers who take the biggest risks....again its a huge debate

Sunday, December 23, 2007

This Guy Judge's Peoples Talent....sad really

We all have heard of America's Got Talent, well Hasselhoff has always been a pretty hardcore judge, that said let's observe his talent!

....ya not judge worthy by a long shot...

Why Rodney Mullen is amazing

this is pretty much one of my favourite Skate video's, Lately i been skating a bunch so i guess this is appropriate...enjoy

Also I been Meaning to update but for 2 reasons i haven't been able to, My internet was down a bunch and blogger wasn't letting me on, none the less here you go!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How the emmy's got their groove back!

this is from the emmy's i thought this was one of the best ideas they have had in...well...ever!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

This is Really Hard To Watch...but worth it!

This is The Trailer to The Dark Knight, aka the none shitty Batman series besides the two with Micheal ya, its crappy quality, and all but none the less awesome to WATCH!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sums up watchin the hills!

This is actually pretty accurate recreation of The Hills with James Franco, Mila Kunis and produced by Judd Apatow, also produced by Mike White, Dave Bernad and Andrew Epstein....What makes this awesome is this actually happened,

Wow...this has got to suck

You know in cartoons when the rabbit is gonna wreck the turtle but gets cocky and falls asleep..and then loses...well this is kinda the same deal, just with douchbag commentary!

thanks to MIB for this one

Monday, December 10, 2007

...And yet again....The American Legal System Fails...

Well...I just got some Breaking News!
Micheal Vick gets many years do you think
4...would be smart cause it would eff his career over
3...Still no, i know the hell!
2...almost, close but just too much to give him 2 years.
23 months..perfect!

So Micheal Vick, gets 23 months, lets recall some of the things he has done. Hanging dogs by Razor Wires, Shooting them, Attaching them to "rape" posts to breed more, makng them fight to the death, strangling, drowning...Let's just say a lot of stuff. Yet, all he gets is 23 months. This bugs me, i am sorry i thought for once, the American government will finally show people not all celebrities get away with Everything, well unfortunately they proved me wrong.
I am effing disgusted, i can't see how this is justice. I am not saying that the life of a dog is equal to human, i am saying that senseless killin of Hundreds of Dogs...comes pretty freakin close.
Congrats Vick, you still make me sick!

The New Black...One of my favourite music videos

Yup, this is one of my favourite music videos, knowin me it will be easy to know why!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Patrick Stump, What else Can He Do...

Ok, so I wentgot the new Ghostface Killah Album, and they had a song called the Prayer, I instantly loved it, but i had to find out who was singing. When i finaly found out, i was shocked, dare i said it speechless....It was none other than Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy, who is credited as Ox....Listen to this!

Now This Is Just Stupid....

Ok remember daft hands, while another person did one to technologic....It just looks ridiculous......

A for Effort

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What Happened to my TV SHOWS!!!!!

Well a lot of you might be asking the above question...frankly i have been. I was aware the possibility of a strike since around the summer, i got worried but thought man its gonna get resolved, tv is too good right now for networks not to do what they can to solve the problem, unfortunately it did not get solved. If you are wondering what the whole deal is, i will break it down as easily as possible.

The writer's Guild which include almost every show and movie, excluding Reality Tv Shows, South Park (Trey Parker and Matt Stone are not members of the guild) and WWE writers, meet with producers to re-work their contracts every 3 years. Back in 1988 the Writer's had a strike over royalties owned for when TV shows were being sold in VHS form. the agreement was for 2% of all the sales would go to the writers, this was ok because back then each video was sold for 30-50 dollars, but now they are being sold for 20-30 dollars. This made the writers ask for an increase from 2% to 4%, producers ofcourse said no, and felt that theya re getting paid enough royalties and don't need an increase. The DVD proposal was removed by the guild in the 11th hour, but it made no difference because the main thing writers want is a share in the New Media.

New Media includes TV shows being put online, and all future unknown medias. Lately Networks have been setting up internet channels such as MTV and CBS have been setting up, also Online viewing of shows such as Lost, 30 Rock, and other shows on ABC and NBC. The internet is clearly goin to be were networks start makin a new so the writer's are askin for a chunk of that soon to be lucrative venture, because it's obvious within 3 years all shows will be online. The problem in this, is simple. The writer's are asking for a piece of a pie that has not been baked yet, so for producers to say we will give you 2% and then it end not makin much money then the producers lost more cash then they should, and vice versa.

Overall no agreement could be made so on November 5th i believe the strike was started, this means for most of your shows it will be a short season if not already done with much like The Office.

This is a situation where most people would side with the Writer's but frankly i am kinda on the producers side, writers get paid no matter how a show does, a producer doesn't if the show fails the producers loses money not the writer.... I see both sides and think they both have good arguments but i think what they should establish is a base percentage that will be fixed according to profits every 3 years so start at the 2% and if it ends up not being enough they can fine tune it.... I know very little on the whole economic hooplah so that's just my 2 cents.

There you have it folks the reason for the Strike.

Monday, December 3, 2007

World Aids Days...belated i know

So December 1st was World AIDs day...this video was made...its quite crazy really

But what intrigued me was the comments under the video, people just got into a full on argument over how to deal with it and how you get it....People were smack talkin and saying such well...just awful things such as, and mind the language, "man tie a knot around their dicks"... How can someone say that. Some people suggest Quarantining them... Again completely thoughtless and just idiotic. None the less all the comments had me absolutely shocked how such a simple thing as a video raising AIDs awareness could be turned into a forum of smack talk. Seriously people talk big online but in real life wouldn't say half the shit they say. People gotta learn when to say things and personally Aids awareness video should never have such pointless arguments.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Can Your Hands Do This?

This is hands down the greatest things i seen hands do, since they clapped...enjoy!

How unreal was that?!

Lexon Design x G1950 OnOffClock

This is pretty much the coolest clock ever.... Respected design firms Lexon Design and G1950 teamed up to create the OnOffClock. The oddly shaped alarm clock incorporates it's snooze function in an innovative way. Opposed to the regular conventions of a snooze button, the OnOffClock can be snoozed/turned off by rocking the clock onto it's other base. A few different colors are available from black and white to a palette of brighter neon colors.

this is it on Snooze mode...just too sick!