Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Piggity Playlist

That be right, new playlist to your right, enjoy!

Some Swede Music...

God dag, Mitt namn är Rams! That's swedish for good day, my name is Rams. Why with all the swedishness, no its not because my love for swedish berries has changed me. Nope its not because (insert stupid swede stereotype here). It's because todays band I get to review, THAT'S RIGHT I AM BACK WITH A REVIEW! didn't you miss it. Atleast you got a Kanye track to vibe too, be happy you greedy people that i love, that's right L-O-L-O-L-O-L-O-V-E...O Ashlee Simpson.
Anyways Today's band is hailing from the country of Sweden, Stockholm if you wanna be specific. I first heard of them a while back from my brother. I kinda just forgot about them, if you don't speak english your not on my to listen to list. After a while i finally did and i am glad to say the band i chose to review today is none other than:

This is all the mastermind of Gustav Ejstes, HE plays most of the instruments on the album, but does have a live band. Not gonna bullshit, I really know very little if you wanna learn more about them go to wikipedia, All i can tell you is they are on many indie labels to distribute their CD internationally. There New Album is called:
Tio Bitar!!!

Tio Bitar means "ten pieces" in English has a Psychedelic-indie rock sound. How can i say this, think the Pink Floyd in the early stages when Syd Barrett was in, rough guitar solos and all meets The doors/The Beatles in late stages. The music holds up on its own, it carries itself to be honest. The whole cd flows like one whimsical feel. To really enjoy this album, i recommend just starting from the intro and just putting on your speakers lay back and just enjoy. I found the experience almost mind blowing to be frank. I found i never knew where the song was goin but at the same time the songs eventually just restore itself. Consider it Lego of music, starts off someway, dismembers itself and then builds itself back up again. I found the album highly enjoyable, but it does get annoying when don't know what their saying. Its one of the things that bothered me. I guess that's me being fecal. This is a must check out, simply for the experience!

MY Review 7.7/10
You like this style 9.4/10 if you speak swedish 9.5/10
you hate this style 0/10 You will not like this at all

So today's exam came out huge for me, i thought i was gonna get screwed and I might have nailed it, There is a god.
So i haven't blogged about myself so today i will do FUN FACTS:

Best Halloween Costume:
When i was other a Sheikh or Punk Rocker with clip on Skull earings and neon spiked spray hair, i was like 3.

Favourite Cartoon Character:
Currently Zapp Brannigan is, wanna know why with lines like this " find the most erotic part of a woman is the boobies." Just ridiculous funny lines of a "womanizer". Gotta love Zapp, him and Kif are the best duo ever to watch.

Last DVD Bought:
Futurama Season 3, can't you tell.

Last Purchase:
3 Power House Energy drinks...That's how you roll for an exam.

Favourite Kid Show:
Probably FLinstones, i think that was classic or Scooby Doo, old school Scoobs.

Favourite kid movie:
Mighty Ducks

Game i am best at:
Tony Hawk PRo Skater 4

Do i Plan on makin this site bigger:
In due time, its a goal of mine, but priorities are first, and for that i must focus on school work.

Would i accept the ideas of "guest Writers"
Hell ya, you got a review send it, if i like it, I will publish it.

Will i do local bands:
Its the ultimate goal right now, unfortunately i am in Egypt with no time to really look around, in ottawa i have plans for bands in that scene!

Do you really do this for fun, or is this part of a hidden agenda?
That was a question i was asked. No, this is not a hidden plan to become big or anything, do i want this to spread hell ya. Overall my main goal is to just write daily and review stuff i see for the hell of it.

Why did you call it BopCulture?
Simple in egypt people pronounce Bs as Ps but they pronounce Pop, as Bop. So i loved the sound of it, and yes i know its a music movement, don't worry i am not that dumb.

Pet Peeves?
People that are too clingy, just give me space

Do i have facebook or myspace?
yes both, myspace is on the side, facebook is under rams boraie. I really don't like facebook but i do respond ASAP.

That said there are some fun facts!
take care

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We all Make Choices....

I have some albums i want you too choose from, today their will be no review its day before exam you know the rule no blogs on these days, but What i will do i will tell you some options i have for what i will do next i can do a blog about another one of my Essential Albums, A Rant, A Chemical Brother Review or a Review on a little known band called Dugen. If you have any other albums i should check out tell me but the options are infront of you. You chose, i am just too bus right now.
Never to be one to leave you all empty handed I offer the New Kanye Song.
I absolutely love it, Haters to the left. It's a sick song but one thing you gotta listen to it loud! to fully appreciate it. Also people were commenting that he had to get a different produce to do this because he samples to much...well your an idiot because this is a sample from a Young Jeezy and if he samples soo much why is he one of the most wanted producers. Anyways through your diamonds up like you a bulimic.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So Sorry

I really wanted to Review a cd i got, i had it all ready but my internet wasn't workin, i even missed the stanley cup match...So i finally got it workin at like 10:15pm and i am too busy too do this, soo sorry. i will make up with for it soon, don't you worry.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Ya, I guess this guys a Legend....

So todays artist is one the legends of metal. His name alone has become almost as big of a franchise as KISS. He grew recognition when him and most of his family decided to tape their lives, that or when he decided to eat a bat. Clearly we all know who i am talking about. Todays artist is
Ozzy Osbourne

Being one of the most prominent members of the metal movement, with the band Black Sabbath. The Ozzfest is one of the biggest tour in metal, hosting such bands as System of a Down, Hatebreed, Lamb of god and other such bands. Like it or not Black Sabbath is one of the most influence metal bands of all time. That said Ozzy's new disc is entitled:
Black Rain

This is said to be Ozzy's first recorded album that he was sober for. That is something i think is commendable, especially in the rock scene. The lyrics to this album are very positive and uplifting. You can tell that he has matured and is trying to reach out to fans. Unfortunately this is not my style, not for a long shot. This sounds like borderline 80's metal with the cheesy drumming and all. I feel if your a fan of Ozzy's you will find this album highly enjoyable, but I am not one to be a fan . His voice is also another thing that bothers me, you can tell its been smoothed out, yes i know ozzy has a screechy voice, but trust me this isn't it. The album is one of those OVER produced album which has no real energy. an album i wouldn't really plan on listenin to, but if you love the style by all means this would be a good album.

My Review 3/10
You like this style 7.8/10
You hate this style 3/10

Nothing to update on, sorry my life is dull, but lets talk about something big. THE STANLEY CUP FINALS ARE TODAY!!!! O baby Sens vs Ducks, who are you cheering for?! Who do you think will take it, do you think the sens will choke? Do you think Pronger will Finally get a ring. All this and more to be answered starting today! I am so excited it looks like i am smuggling raisins, in my know it!
anyways Watch Hockey, be Happy. Take care

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A True Legend

Today's artist, isn't just an artist, he is a man that changed music. If you haven't heard of his band then clearly you don't know much about music. He most recently appeared at the Grammy's along side Jay-Z and Linkin Park. He was the entire Half time Show of the Superbowl in 2002. The artist is a true musical hero of mine
Paul McCartney!!!!

I am certain you all have been hearing about drama in his divorce and what not, At first I debated doin this album, especially since he signed to Starbucks Record Label. The Album is:
Memory Almost Full!!!

The album has a great feel to it. I really was worried would this be something like Paul Needs Money album. Would this be just some album that i don't enjoy. I won't lie its just great, it is something that has just a vintage feel. The use of the strings at Only Mama Knows is amazing and how it all shifts into a Rock song, it's just sheer brilliance. This is an album i feel parents and kids would enjoy. I really can't see this being at all bad, this will not be a mainstream hit because think about it, do you see Paul McCartney being on the radio these days...maybe some stations but mostly not. However this is an album I highly enjoy and think is just great. Note that the production work is stellar and i think took McCartney in a direction at times he might not have gone on his own, so kudos to David Kahne. It's just hard for me to say anything bad about Paul McCartney, seeing how he is a hero of mine.

MY Review 8.2/10
You like this style 10/10
you hate this style 0/10 (this isn't a really crossing genre's album)

SORRY for the lateness of the blog, i fell asleep after my exam, i think it went ok....send prayers. I also would like to welcome my newest readers, My mom & Dad, so ya shout outs to them! Thanks for checkin this out.
Take care

Friday, May 25, 2007

Rosie, you are retarded.

Ok so today i have NO time, so instead i will shine light on an issue that is bothering me. SO the news i get here is the insiders, and i do tend to go to Perez Hilton when i am bored. Lately i been seeing her "blog" where she types up these ludacris Haiku's that have hidden meanings. I mean yay your doin something unique but when No One understands, doesnt that lose the point. So after she got into a heated fight with Elizabeth on the View, gods letter bomb to men, you'd expect something about the incident to shed light. Something remotely sane written, here's what you get:
a split screen
new heights
or lows
depending on who u ask

is this kelli
no rosie
well hello it is betsy
i saw the view today
and wanted to call u
and just say hi and i hope u r ok

betsy and i chatted
i thanked her
fed the geese
put on amy winehouse

always loud
the soul shakes
the heart awake

like it or not

tomorrow kelli turns 40
i will not be at work

peace out "

Look even when i am asleep i make more sense than this, and this is one of the better ones because i understood she listened to Amy Winehouse. Then when she has a lot of people all being like Elizabeth is a bitch, and you rule rosie, what does she do MILK IT. She stops goin to the view, replies to things in the Ask Ro section like this:
r u ok?
luv u Judy

i am sad judy
so sad

but i will b ok.

I am a person who used to watch the Rosie Show after school and dream of one day being pelted in the face with a koosh thing from her thrower. I always thought she had a certain level of class, when she started a fight with donald Everyone came to her defense, and neglected she started the fight. The only reason the view did so well is because Rosie would just pick on people like Paula Abdul, Elizabeth and all that. When you have 2-3 Democrates at a table and 1 republican, how is that an even level Playing ground. The only other thing that bugs me about rosie and she over does her homosexuality. I have never seen anything this bad, when kelly said to clay aiken "I dont know where those hands been honey" she calls her a Homophobe. I mean honestly it was a harmless joke and only someone looking to cause a scene would see it that way. Its things like that, that bug me. Isiah Washington says "No i did not call T.R. a faggot." HE said it to say he didn't say the word, but NO everyone gets up and arms because he used the word. What the hell is he to say, he was trying to clear the air and then he got in a worse position. All this political correct BS is something i can't stand anymore, your gay, thats great don't jam it down my throat and play the victim, because now if you have anything makin you a minority you pretty much are better off then being normal. America is trying to hard to please its minorities that it will go out of its way to prove its Politically Correct it will collapse on itself. The best part is i got a front row seat.
In conclusion Rosie grow up, you get paid to sit at a table and talk about the news, and even that you make it look like a chore. I personally am sick of celebrities complainin about doin something i would do for free. Unless the paparazzi is Always in your face, you dont have it rough, so at least have the audacity to not beg for sympathy when you were upset you wouldn't get paid 10 mill for 1 season.

Common Sense

Today's review isn't really a review as much as it is a preview. This artist is easily one of the most talented rappers around now. Gaining popularity in the mainstream of his last album "Be", It was no surprise to people in the know who he was. The man in question is Common!!!

What more can you say about Common, his worst album beats most Rappers Best albums. He has style and can just flow while makin it look casual and almost like second nature. He raps about it all from politics to woman, he can rap about it all and in a cohesive story at times much like in the song Testify. His latest album is set to be released July 10th and it is entitled Finding Forever!!!

I received a 7 song preview and its safe to say i am lovin it. Let's name check some producers on this project, Kanye [Check], Will.I.Am [Check], Devo Springsteen [Check] (he is responsible for John Legends stuff} and most notably J Dilla [Check]. Hey check it out, its a cd comin out soon with no Timbaland, never thought i would see the day. J Dilla was Common's roommate during his last stages of life, the bond between them is well documented. This album has just a great feel to it all, most unique part is the Produced track "Dream" which samples Martin Luther King Jr. speech, it definitely is one of those tracks i was quick to love. Like any good rap album their are guest appearances this one has D'angelo, Bilal, lily Allen and others as stated. This will be one of the top rap albums of the summer if your to ask me. I will have to confirm it when i get the full CD.
Obviously i won't rank an album i haven't fully heard, but i chose to atleast talk about it, because it is worth noting.
Right now in the 2 days prior to my next exam, send prayers while i send out blogs. take care

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Beauty Sky of Blue

Today's album is one that I have had been ready to put up for about a week, just other CDs came along that i felt had more appeal to review. This band has won Grammy's and still manage to have a strong indie following, which is hard to do when you been around since 1994. The band is WILCO!!!

It has been 3 years since their last studio album, and with band members rotating like an intricate game of Musical chairs, you just need to know that Jeff Tweedy is still in the band. The band has released its latest album Sky Blue Sky!!!

To No Surprise the album is being hailed by almost everyone. Their sound is easy, take a little Bob Dylan, toss in some effects and random instruments and Bam! you got Wilco. That is what makes this band fun to listen to, that it reminds you of old bands like classic Stones, Bob Dylan or even The Beatles. What is different about this album is some of the tracks where formed during Jam Sessions, and not just written by Jeff Tweedy, this is clear when you hear some of the solos. This gives the album an almost unique touch and feels at times as if its under produced. The best sound is when an album isn't over or under produced, but feels almost Organically created, as if they went into jam turned on their gear and out came an album. Overall this album just screams good ol time rock from the piano in the background to the smoother than Peanut butter guitar riffs, its a great time.

MY Review 7.5/10
You like This Style 8.8/10
You Hate This Style 2/10

Yesterday i received some demos from a band called the Tenants. This is Steve St. Pierre's new group and man o man was it good to hear new stuff. I was worried at first what it would be like, because i was used to his solo stuff. Thankfully i found it to be just as good, i won't lie this is a band to check out. It sounds like alternative folk rock, part rock, part acoustic, part folk. That is honestly the only way i can describe it. Are you left wondering where to check em out, simple they shall be playing June 20th with Besnard Lakes at Zaphod's, this is part of the Capital Idea! Festival. Head over to for more information. Believe me when i say this is something worth checking out, Steve much like a bowl of cereal doesn't disappoint, unlike a bowl of cereal he also doesn't get soggy.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good Girl Gone Bad

Todays Review is one I just couldn't resist. This artist is one of the few female faces of the now dysfunctional Roc-A-Fella Label. She has been a club hit maker for a while now, and for good reasons. Last year her songs S.O.S and Unfaithful dominated the airwaves. The artist is Rihanna!!

The one thing Rihanna has goin for her is her soothing R&B rhythm, the production work has always been amazing, when you have Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Ne-Yo and the production team Stargate behind Shakira and Beyonce's "Beautiful Liar" your bound to have a hit on your hand. The New Album is Good Girl Gone Bad!!!

Clearly this is not my style, but i did highly enjoy S.O.S so i had hope. Unfortunately i found that this album was actually just annoying. The beats were good, they held up for sure but at the same time when you listen to it there isn't any song that makes you wanna dance as much as her previous stuff. A couple songs have a good feel to them, a bunch are just redundant. Her lead single right now "Umbrella" is a song that i couldn't wait to end. I just dragged on and on, if you don't really care about music and just want a cd to dance to, i guess this works. I just really couldn't really just continually listen to this style but keep in mind, its not my style. If i was out with friends maybe i could do it a bit better, but it was definitely nothing compared to "Like a Boy" by Ciara. There are songs i can stand "Rehab" produced by Timbaland with backing vocals by Justin is a really easy listenin song, it's slower in tempo. On a whole I think even for an R&B CD there are better options out there than this one, a sad let down for sure.

My Review 4/10
You like this style 7/10
you hate this style 0/10

So ya i am workin on this, i got some really awesome feedback from some friends yesterday so thanks a million. Honestly people keep checking back, its growin daily and its been awesome havin people comin back. I honestly thank you because i officially hit my goal of 200 unique visitors this past weekend far before i thought i would. So thanks and i will keep doin this, and if you want me to do a certain CD just tell me.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Lets get back into the swing of things with another review! This band is one that I at first really dislike, then liked a lot with a stellar sophomore album. This band has been known for their dirty look, freaky videos and generally psychiatric problems. The band is none other than THE USED!!

Hailing for the music banning city of Salt Lake City, you get a band that represents everything not Mormon. Getting exposure as the guy nailing Kelly Osbourne on the Osbournes I guess must have been annoying. He handled it well. After 2-3 years they released their much anticipated album Lies for the Liars

The drummer Branden Steineckert left at the beginning of recording to go join Rancid, but never fear Dean Butterworth of Good Charlotte filled in for the recording. I tend to love Bert McCracken and the passion in his music, but the lyrics here I wasn't feeling. It was almost too much at times, and left me goin is that actually being said?! for example "Time Kills Just Ask Jesus". I expected more some people will be satisfied I wasn't at all. The music however is still good, in fact it has their usual feel of punk with a little pizazz(I think thats how you spell it!). The Gospel moment in Wake the Dead, is pretty uplifting and actually pretty unique part of the album. I still find that the lyrics really weren't what I was expecting from them and that it was a major let down, but thats also due to my not into Morbid lines. Some i figure will find it poetic, i find it lame. The programing of drums and such other electronic sounds are randomly distributed on the album and are neat but also kind weird. Not their best but also its ok.

My Review 6.5/10
You Like This Style 8/10
You Hate This Style 0/10

Sorry about yesterday's post it was weak i won't like but i had no time and i am committed to this one post per day, I had to. I just didnt have time to review even though i was ready to review The Used album, i just didnt have the time to work on it. Sorry. My Exam went so well, like I thought i was gonna fail but i came out doin alright which is key so if the oral one goes well for this subject I might be Just Fine..... I am takin the night off to relax so if you want me call me I am Free to Talk. Take it easy peeps, ITs been sick seeing this grow, thanks a million to returners and people who referred this site around it means the world to me.

Monday, May 21, 2007

NO Review But a Rant!

Music today, lately there are great albums coming out, and great artist to support. At the same time there is a lot that are getting exposure that shouldn't. Jessica Simpson i think learnt this the hard way. She had a mediocre Pop Career, she came 3rd after Britney and Christina. She than married the lead singer of the 3rd place pop group 98 degree and made a show. The show got her major attention due to her idiocy. Guys then noticed how attractive she is, she got some movie roles and Re-Launched her music career. Somehow people bought into it, her acting sucked ass, anyone who liked Dukes of Hazzard had absolutely no sense of what a good movie is. Its gotten to a point where she is slowly heading to a point of failure again.
Speaking of Failures, Britney Spears....She did her last ComeBack Tour show, the CD she was lip syncing to skipped a bunch and while dancing her mic broke and hung of her cheek...shockingly enough she tried to play it off like she wasn't lip syncing. People who supports this, who honestly buys tickets and feels satisfied. If i saw that i would honestly pelt her with bottles. Its funny if a punk band "sells out" they get Rocketed (bottles hucked at them while on stage) while playing a show. If a pop singer sells out, they get more money and still manage to get paid more than me. Ashlee simpson gets caught lip syncing her career plummets, Britney does the same thing and she gets her career Re-Launched...Anyone else notice a problem here, i prefer Ashlee over Britney i will admit that. So why does Ashlee get screwed and Britney not? Help me out folks.
Anyways this was a rant hope you enjoyed it.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

5 is the Number

Today's band is one that i wasn't a big fan of, i just didn't have much care for them. No one can not say they didn't have their debut song stuck in the back of their head. "This Love" was one of the top songs of 2002 and due to its upbeat style and smooth vocals it made this band one of the powerhouse of Pop. the band is Maroon 5!!

The band one a handful of Best New Act, Best New Comers and Best song from the Grammy's to the MTV music Awards, so it is not surprise that the hype is being built behind their latest album. The sophomore album can be the kiss of death to your band, or the true establisher, with all that in mind the band unleashed their new album, It Won't Be Soon Before Long!

The album was one that i was actually excited to hear, because like it or not Adam Levine has a set up Vocal Chords that made Kanye West's song "Heard 'Em Say" a fan favourite. I quickly check to see if their are any collaborations or guest production from The Neptunes, Kanye or anyone at all. To my surprise, there is none its primarily just the band, I decide nuts to this lets give'r. The album starts with a build up that has a funk/R&B/80's Glam rock style. It is a high pump up song that just flows nicely and sounds like something you would hear at a party in the background. The Whole album flows very well on a whole, the wanted this album to have an 80's feel, which they really hit well. You can feel the vibes in every song and Thankfully there is no "She will be loved". I can say i really dislike that song and it was overly sappy, they avoided that style. The slowest would be "Won't Go Home Without You", However it has a the chord progression of a Police Song, and Vocals of Lionel Richie style. Something that caught me by surprise was the song "Nothing Last Forever" although it is slow as well, You might recognize the chorus. It is the chorus from Heard Em Say just with a whole song and no rapping or Kanye.
On a Whole The album is actually ridiculously good, i highly recommend it, the one thing i wanna say is, I REALLY HATE THE COVER ART. Seriously it just looks soo lame!
None the less, the album is a strong buy and secures their spot as Pop Darlings.

MY REVIEW 7.6/10
You Like This Style 9/10
You Hate This Style 6/10

There have been little blurbs from me, because i have nothing to discuss give me a month till i get something good happen. In Good News, My Hatred for Buffalo comes out huge with OTTAWA SENATORS GOIN TO THE CUP!!! I am a Leafs Fan, thats a known fact, but I am Canadian and I rather see Ottawa then Buffalo in the Cup. In fact i had a dream the night before that the sens would win in OT, i told everyone and low and behold SENS WIN IN OT! People don't doubt me, i am Psychic its a known Fact! I am hopin to see the Ducks vs The Sens, i think that would be dynamite Pronger, Neidermeyer, MacDonald, Getzlaf and Perry vs Fisher, Heatley, Alfie, Speeza and Redden....Ya i could see it now!
Congrats Ottawa And Guess WHAT! I found a place to watch the games in egypt so BOO YAH!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Ok so i added a You Tube Video, i will try every week to find a new video i like, this video is old and i really like it. It also goes with the Punk Covers, this is New Found Glory covering Cry Me A River, its pretty crazy they make it heavier but at the same time its still good. Its nice to hear in a new way, check it out. It's worth it!

Acoustics of a Loud Sound

Todays music review is not just of one band, but of a Compilation that i recently got. It was released by Fearless records and is part of a large series that has been selling well for a while. The Album is Punk Goes Acoustic 2!

What is It about Punk covers that we always check them out. We all have heard one somewhere or another, whether it was one of New Found Glory's from the CD "From your Screen To Your Stereo" or from a live show, we all heard one. The good thing about this CD is that they aren't cover of other bands songs, but just their own bands songs done acoustically. This is nothing new for bands to do, whether they are b-sides or bonus songs it happens on albums.

Some are hits and some are misses, a lot are just plain ok. The main benefit of this thing is that you get to listen to the new up and comers in the punk game such as The Auditions, Say Anything and Set Your Goals. I find this album enjoyable but at times i really skip over some bands that i feel just aren't that great to be honest. If you know Anti-Flag, you know they dont have an acoustic sound, not by a long shot. The ones on this album i highly enjoyed were Bruised by Jack's Mannequin, Don't Be So Hard by The Audition, Who I am Hates Who I've Been by Relient K and Apology by Alesana.
This is a cd you will buy and quickly push to the side and never really make it back into rotation much like most Punk compilations, but for the most part i find its worth a listen because the songs that stick, stick well and the one's that don't, well they are plain annoying.

My Review 6.5/10
You like this style 7.7/10 Some songs just live you goin What the hell?!
You hate this style 2/10 a couple are still good/

Friday, May 18, 2007

Squash the Spider

Wow, so today is my first movie review, lucky you! So the movie is one that got hit by the hype machine since it was announced. To no Surprise, it smashed records and was said to be superb by popular publications Time, Newsweek and USA Today. The movie is obviously Spiderman 3.

Starring Tobey Maguire recurring the role of Peter Parker this movie is supposed to show a darker Spiderman when the “symbiotic” suit attach to him and makes him somewhat evil and vengeful, as the his professor tells him “it makes the host more aggressive.” This in turns our lovely Peter into a darker, shadier person and teaches him how to play the piano all at the same time. Without giving too much away, there are 2 other bad guys the Green Goblin from last one and Sandman who tries to win the audiences heart but really just leaves everyone go “Oh, that was his gimmick, well….why did he destroy all those building and just tell Spiderman that?”
To review this movie I will review it as a movie and not a special effect spectacle which at that was just a total of 30 mins of this 140 mins film. This movie was easily a chick flick, it had all the making a love triangle that turned into two love triangles which never really went anywhere and in the end nothing went down, no real show down just real non-sense. The whole movie kept offering just superb one liner which is necessary in hero movies but these were things like Stan Lee saying “Wow, I guess one man can make a difference.” I recall just sitting there begging the question was there a script or was it improv. Many scenes which I guess were suppose to be uplifting and a sight like when Spiderman flies around the city were quickly killed when he lands in front of a Bright as HELL American Flag, it was just pointless.

For a while in the movie Peter Becomes Emo, when I say emo, I mean UBER Emo. From the hair to the way he walks, and at one point dances…in the middle of the street. Look frankly I Begged for a Spiderman movie with Venom, man I was stoked when I heard, and the adding of sandman had to be a plus for effects…Apparently the company knew that so they didn’t have to write much of a movie and just show short fight scenes and focus on a love story, that no one really cared for. If they titled this movie The Trials and Tribulations of Peter Parker, I would probably have avoided it because I would be like not much Spiderman in that, but no every where and everything screamed tons of action and all that, but nope, none this movie was junk. I would say rent it so you can watch the fight scenes and fast forward the pointless drivel delivered by an “All-star” Cast. Topher Grace easily steals the movie with his cocky attitude of Eddie Brock, but other than that this movie follows a trend in Hollywood where most 3rd movie of a trilogy sucks, Back to the future 3, Karate Kid 3 and Superman 3 now have a new comer Spiderman 3!

My Review 3/10 (1 point for every 10 min of decent movie time)
You like this style 8/10 great chick flick or date movie
You hate this 3/10 some as you can tell I am in that boat.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I like This Guy

Today i will be featuring an artist that has been making waves very slowly. His alias is a name that is pretty bitchin and looks nice on t-shirts so that does help in getting people to check you out. I heard about him through Myspace, i won't lie but at the same time I am glad i have heard of him. The artist is The Secret Handshake!!

Luis Dubuc Is the man behind the group, there is no real band except for the live shows. The style is one similar to Hellogoodbye, electric keyboards over a electronical vocals. The Latest EP is Summer Of '98!

It features three tracks and then 4 remixes. I am quite a fan of remixes, due to the fact i love seeing how other bands can make a song sound so different just by screwing around with effects and drum beats. The lyrics are pretty emo at times, but at the same time if you really listen the story is the usual pop-punk love ballads. I do enjoy them, and in fact there isn't one person who hasn't been through this. When on a vacation and just left to your thoughts and someone keeps crossing your mind. On a whole I enjoy this style of music. Therefore this is a band to keep your eyes out, especially with a Full Length expected soon. Due to this being an EP i really want rate it, like go to his myspace and check out some of the songs.

Hey guys so ya I appologize if my grammar is off at times, no matter how frequent they are, but two things to keep in mind, this is a blog and I am very limited with time i can spend on this thing. I really believe the main thing is talkin about music and spreading the word. My English grades in school weren't the greatest because, if you ever met me you know, i am a talker not a writer. That said these blogs are written off the top of my head on this window. My head doesn't think about punctuation, so i do try to insert them when i realize but for the most part i don't. I really am grateful to everyone checkin this out, and hopefully diggin it. I do hope that after exams are done for me that the quality improves, hell i know i cant do much about the quantity, 1 a Day should keep y'all happy. That said today's blog is rather short, due to it was an EP and nothing much i can do with that, i am taking request for CDs people want so just send them to my email, That is my email not a fake and actually say it out loud, pretty funny eh, but a bitch to write.
Anyways my Exam today went Ridiculously well and i had a teacher comment on how good my english abilities are, little did she know i was from Canada and not taught it Egypt. in gave me a little chuckle, anyways thanks and please bare with me while i work on improving things.
Take care
PS! The Starting Line released their single today at 12:01 via Myspace, head over there and listen to island its a good song, welcome back TSL!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I dont like this guy

Ya today's artist's CD came out a good while ago, i know its a long overdue but this site has been around for how long, so i am gonna do this because i feel i need to kill the Hype machine for this fella. He sounds like Freddy Mercury but one thing needs to be clear this isn't Queen and never will be. The artist in question is Mika!
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Now i support arabs being popular, so i was happy to hear he is Lebanese. To say this guy blew up was no surprise to anyone who was paying attention to word of mouth Via The Internet. Perez Hilton would talk nicely about this guy, ya i know when does he do that. His Cd is entitled Life In Cartoon Motion!
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So i got the cd with knowing nothing on him simply for two reasons Number one on Itunes means you gotta be good and the cover/title seemed awesome enough for my attention. I was sadly disappointed, so much so that i couldn't finish it and it has takin me forever to get through the disc. I mean yay he has a high pitch voice like Freddy Mercury but does that mean just because i like Queen i gotta like this? Heck no this is not something i find at all to be remotely good. Positives of the cd i do like some of his musical Arrangements i wont lie its catchy gets in the old membrane and sticks, its positive music and thankfully he doesn't sing about want to have my babies...ya that freaks me out. I mean this is good pop music, but its almost annoying at times, i just can't really take it. I loved sweet as sugar music i mean i still listen to "Get Down" by B4-4 but this is just kinda like unbearable at times.
Put it this way i did the same with mika that i did with James Blunt, both time i was disappointed, James Blunt was Way too much for me to handle, Mika is just over the top soon a whole i understand why some people will like this album, there is some songs that will get in your head and not annoy you, but unfortunately for me i am not a fan. if you are, sorry if we differ but i mean sorry its not something i can handle.
My Review 3/10 some arrangements i like, some songs are ok, Voice is annoying after 3 minutes.
You like this 8.3/10 it seems to be big with people who like it
You hate this 0/10 well probably 3/10 i mean i clearly am not a fan.
PS The Darkness sound like Queen and kick ass, so don't put this band on that scale!
Life Update:
Exam went well, i think i might have pulled it off, tomorrow's is gonna be hard as hell so send some good wishes and all that junk , i gotta go study but i promised a blog and here it is. Also sorry for reviewin an old cd i had to make my opinion clear.
Also Mad Props to people around the world that have been checkin this out its been great so thanks a million to you all, if you liked wat you read come back tomorrow or spread the word. either way thanks for checkin this out.
Also Playlist been updated! so check out the new songs on their.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Left out in the yard

Todays a musician who has been pretty much critically acclaimed by everyone who has heard his debut disc. He isn't a rock musician in fact he is a Trance artist whose work is not as hard as most trance. The artist is The Field

Right here i would put a picture unfortunately i can't find one of the man Axel Willne so instead i offer you all a picture of me looking for Mr Axel Willne
It is no shock to me that Trance music is slowly making its way into the mainstream, i saw this trend comin for a while now and i think this could be the disc that does the trick. For years you all have heard Tiesto, some have heard of Paul Van Dyke and other such artist, but the thing that made me shocked was my friend who is a huge trance nut had no idea who the Field was. This made me show his debut disc From Here We Go Sublime!

The disc first takes a bit of getting used to because lets be honest if you dont like this style its not gonna be your favourite. Its when you appreciate how he layers the songs and uses instruments delicately over the background drum beat that you realize its not just a trance song as much as it is an orchestrated ballad sans lyrics. I didn't know how i felt about it at first but the more and more i listen the more and more i like it, so i can see how they gave it such a high rating and why its everyone's favourite but at the same time i am not the biggest fan of this style. None the less you gotta give it up to a good album when its there infront of you, and this is one of them. I recommend putting this album on while driving at night downtown that is the right way to use this.
My Review 8/10
You like this style 9.8/10 its a little soft
You hate this style 6/10 you will find parts you like
I am sorry for the shortness of todays blog expect the same tomorrow because frankly i got too much work for the next couple of days so this is all i can do. appologies, Appologies all around.
Also head over to Mark hoppus's blog he has stellar pictures as well as sannah's pictures from Korea they are truly a sight! the links are on your right

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Pride of a Nation

Todays band is one that was recommended to me by my good friend J-briggs. I kept hearing about them around the interweb, and i kept just thinkin its another one of those flavour of the month groups and that their work is completely forgettable and useless. It wasn't until Justin told me i had to check it out and that i would absolutely love it. J-briggs knows my taste very well so with that in mind i decided it was time to try it out, The band is the critically Acclaimed group
The National!!

This is another one of those bands from good old Brooklyn, New York. Fresh from their last album 2005's Alligator, the band is back and this time gaining more attention of the mainstream by having there songs played in...One Tree Hill. You know how i feel about that deal, but none the less its working by getting them the attention they need and deserve. There latest effort is called Boxer!

The album starts with a jumpy piano arrangement that leads into the singing of a very deep Baritone sounding Matt Berninger. This is the style that you heard before, you recognize it but can't put your finger on it, the closest I can come up with is Bruce Springsteen's "The Secret Garden". Its not the same but it has the feeling behind it. What really fuels this band and my attention is the Drumming, much like the Walkmen, Wolf Parade and Bloc Party, the overwhelming drumming grabs your attention and keeps it. The music is set up in a way that almost progresses with the listener and is almost designed for people not sure what to expect by starting simply with keys, the vocals by the end you got Brass Sectionals, guitars, Drums and Bass lines all intertwined in such a way that when it ends your left want more, and not just more of that just more of whatever else they throw your way.
The vocals can be something that some people will dislike because remember Baritone isn't the most beautiful sounding vocal range but to me i love it, and frankly i love how it adds with the music.
The Lyrics are well written and poetic in a way that would seem almost as if it's been written about you. The Poetic style is almost similar to Leonard Cohen, but again nothing really holds a candle to Leonard Cohen, but they sure come close.
The last thing i will say about this album is it has a Guest Appearance by one of my all time favourite musicians, Sufjan Steven helms the piano on two tracks "ada" and "Racing Like a Pro". But if your lookin for a familiar voice you will find Sufjan's frequent back up singer, Marla Hansen, singing back up on a number of tracks.
My Review 9.2/10 I absolutely love this album and Thanks Justin this is amazing
You like this style Take a guess 10/10
You hate this style 3/10 the vocals can bother you and it is dark so you might be put off, i am realistic afterall, but seriously your missing out if you dont like this style.
I am at that point where i am out of touch of everything, I been doin all i can to keep up to date but i am too busy for this all, i am looking forward to Thursday because i think i will go out and then focus on my studies again, i know these things must be boring but you know what as boring as my life is, i still keep it fresh. How So you ask, but doin small things that will make me smile or happy while i am stuck in a crappy situation. You gotta find time to do something that will be not too time consuming but also something you kinda have to, i usually choose to do dinner, even if you got exams comin up you gotta eat sometime so why not have a good meal with good friends. I always tend to have a good laugh and share some good stories at the end of the night it makes your chore of studying a little more easy to swallow. I dunno that my little thing, just do something small to make the best of your day even when your stuck studying because you cant really keep focused that long...god knows i can't! Also i had a Crazy Dream last night EVERYONE was in it, even people im not really good friends with, but i woke up and it was nice, because it was me back in the summer and junk it was just nice to see all my friends together and it feel so real! i bet you can all relate.
Anyways take care, thanks to the new visitors, thanks to the old. Keep coming back its been nice thus far n'est pas.
to quote Old Young MC
Bust-a-move...just dont over use it!
For No Reason here's me and a monkey, also my eyes are messed i just had surgery so ya ignore that

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Truth is in the pictures

Now people don't go getting used to this two post in one day, i only post when i feel i saw something that made me laugh so hard it deserves a post. These pictures i saw on a friends Facebook account, i am a user but i prefer Myspace sooo much more, and they made me laugh both for two different reasons. Now if you haven't heard Warner bros. are no longer doin Advanced Screenings in Canada because of the piracy that occurs there and how they feel that the government needs to make it illegal to have a video camera in a theater. It makes sense and all but i mean i think there are other things to focus on than Piracy. Yes your losing lots of money, yes it hurts you business, but lets call a spade a spade your still making fuckin billions so sorry if your out some, but make better movies and people will go see your films, make better music people will buy your CDs. Its common sense, back in the day movies had quality and if it was a bad movie it was quickly pulled lately we been letting a lot of garbage on our screens and letting it go, for example, Norbit, Little Man and That new Jamie Kennedy Movie Kickin It Old School(i believe is the title). These are the type of movies that not only would get canned but would never get past the script phase. With music, well you read my last one, we are acknowledging that we know its fake and produced with machines, yet we still support it, like it or not Paris Hilton's voice only sounded some what good because it was layered. The fact is due to my insecurity of if a band will be good or not, i download music and if the cd is good i would go out and buy it, unfortunately in Egypt its like 150 pounds for a cd. In Canada however i am a huge believer in Buying cd's and i did have a huge collection until i moved. That said this is a cartoon that made me laugh.

The other Isn't really a picture as much as it is a transcript between Canadians And Americans. Its true and it goes to show you how stubborn Americans can get with us. I think its hilarious because almost every american i met has turned any statement into a pissing contest between me and him. I am not saying its only Americans but i am saying that you do do it a lot. Why else would you shell out that much for a Soccer player that is past his prime and will ultimately dominate your league. Just the old F you to the world and say we got more money. In the end i actually laughed pretty hard after this one so enjoy it in its glory!

My good man J Briggs sent me this video, which is just awesome on soo many levels living in Egypt i can relate to no one understanding you. Ch-check it out

Ozman Cometh

Todays band is one that i heard about by a sticker set i got from Kung Fu Records..i know kinda lame because i guess they were big in the underground, but i was so intrigued by their touring with weezer and their name that i looked into them and i found it was a pretty rocking band. Shortly after my discovery of them, they disbanded, which kinda just made me forget about them and move on until they reunited this past year the band is

Their latest disc comes after their hiatus and accompanied with a new drummer they are in the right position for the main stream success they have been gunning for from day one. They have a college rock sound that is heavily found on the radio these days. After giving little details about the upcoming album they sparsely released details of their 4th Studio album Pasadena!

The album starts with a very Weezer-esque sounding song accompanied with the catchiness of a weezer track entitled No One Needs To Know. The songs range from Power-pop with a rock backdrop to very bare songs that make you check if your still listenin to the same band. The beauty of the Cd Cover and Back Cover are one thing you gotta love the use of jupiter in the background is simply stunning. the look almost conveys what to expect, a somber at time but happy go lucky band. A simple look at the track titles tells you all that you need to know about their style. With Names like "Heartache Vs. Heartbreak", "I Wonder", and "Fight The Darkness" you know its not the happy songs on the album. Trust me though the album does have many bright sides and its instrumentation sounds very much like a Weezer that even the sad songs can sound happy much like The Sweater Song. I enjoy this album, but i dont know of its staying power in my rotation so for that reason i feel this is a Single CD, one that has certain songs that are gonna be heavily listened to and others that will be neglected. I think its a CD that at first will be good but wont last as long as you would hope.
My Review 6.6/10
You like this style 8.5/10
You hate this style 0/10 you wont like this at all.

So today is Mothers Day, So Mama I love you and happy Mother's Day. Yesterday was one of those days that passed me by and i am not sure what happened all i know is i had a solid 4 hours if not more of lessons for my upcoming exams so i am Exhausted! Today i gotta buckle down and get some work done but i always gotta blog first. My mom is getting my plane ticket right now so i am kinda stoked because that means their is something to look forward to, a light at the end of the tunnel if you will.
On a serious note, a friend of mines mother got in an accident and i am asking for you to send prayers to him and his family, for personal reasons i wont disclose names but please just pray. Thanks for the support, tell your friends to pray and check the site out at the same time, i mean it wouldn't hurt to toss it in!
Sincerely Rams

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Vent About the State of Music

Lately I have been watching a lot of television, which is alright I mean its there, and something to sit and zone out to..that's what i use it for, how bout you?
Anyways I been watching some shows and noticed the increasing use of "indie" band musics in shows and scenes that the song really has no application to. At first i was like whatever its only the OC, then it was like O its just One Tree Hill, now its every show on tv. Here is my problem, bands are now "releasing" their singles via shows sub-conscientiously Making millions of viewers listen to their song, and make people "like it" because the scene it was in. This tactic was used by U2 to make people really think Vertigo was a good song. They had the producers of the OC due to its popularity at the time play their music in an episode simply to get more listeners. Now i grew up loving old school TV Themes like Fresh Prince, Happy Days and Saved By The Bell. Theme Songs on a whole are not the same now, now their some bands song that somewhat has the concept of the show encompassed in the song. It's lame, your show is not Cooler just because you have a hip band on it. It got really annoying when shows started having them perform on their show and some how write it into the script. for example:
Douchebag Guy: Hey man, Crank up the tunes.
DG: Totally, so much cooler than N'Sync.
End Scene.
The relevance here is that was pretty much stolen straight from a show i saw. It was people in car and the girl said she loves punk, note this was when punk was in. The guy says she probably like that fake punk she responds no i like the misfits...Baadassss......
Seriously i dont listen to music so others think i am cool because i am listenin to certain bands. It's annoying how tv shows now tell us what to wear, how to act, how to talk and what to listen to.
There are times when the song helps, The Fray's "how to save a Life" on Scrubs was almost perfect, Grey's anatomy then used it for the same thing...but whose counting. These are things i see and i go you know what, that helps, but when its in a middle of an episode and i almost have to stop watching the episode and listen to a song with cheesy ass Slideshow of events unfold to the sounds of whatever CD comes out next, it just bothers me.
I use the Oc because i feel on a whole they really over did it the most, them and Grey's i would say are good ones, Scrubs does it too a lot but on a whole the last two atleast pick appropriate songs. Hell even CSI does it now, seriously folks am i crazy here, or do we all miss the stupid bass lines and cheesy piano arrangements that helped more than having Dashboard Confessionals.
Honestly when used right it works, but on a whole it usually just sounds lame and doesn't help a scene.
The other thing bothering me overall is Britney Spears does this 15 min comeback tour and everyone knows she is lip-syncing, but she couldn't even do the common courtesy to not chew gum and actually act like she is doin it, its absolutely mind blowing, that we allow people shit down our necks and pay them for it. I am happy to see more "pop" musicians actually sing like Amy Winehouse. The future is bright..lets hope?

Depression by the Moonlight

Todays artist pulled a tupac, dead but released a double disc, now before you go around thinkin he is alive in cuba. He was found of suicide by stabbing himself in the heart twice...both being fatal. Something doesn't add up but who could blame the girlfriend her alibi stands up, she claims she was in the bathroom....I really think the cops should look into this more. just saying. The artist is a personal favourite of mine, his melodic melodies can be the happiest of songs or the most depressing all that and more makin him an inspiration for musicians. He is none other than the great
Elliott Smith!

Nobody can say that he has had an easy ride, suffering addiction after addiction he did many rehab stints only to get clean on his birthday. His songs are filled with such pain but theirs beauty in the pain which makes him an artist that stands out on his own. There is good reason why he is a legend in some peoples mind.
The album is New Moon.

Before i talk about this album, i feel no matter what people should go out to buy it because proceeds go to a great cause Outside In, which is a program for low-income adults and homeless youth in the city of Portland, Oregon.
The album is in true Elliot style, dark at times, bright and full of life at others, its a true marvel how he can take you from one state to another. This album was recorded between 1994 and 1997 during the phase where he wrote "Elliot Smith" and "Either/Or". Both albums are highly respected in the underground scene, so the rarities surely doesn't disappoint the listener. Put it this way, it's simple songs, with simple playing but the beauty is in how full it can sound, how complete and whole the songs feel with very little added on top of it. You can probably expect another one of these comin out through Interscope, once a musician dies the labels rush out anything with his name on it, but the one thing thats different about this is that they really didn't rush it at all but took time to mix the sound so it is up to todays recording standards. Due to the success this one is having i will not be shocked to see another one in the near future. All in all this is an amazing album that can warm the heart but also make one wish he could save his soul. I recommend this to anyone as long as they can deal with mellow music.
My Review 9/10
You like this 10/10
you hate this 5/10
Now i got some feedback saying i should type a little about my day and all that jazz in each one of these to make it more personal, and so we connect as reader and blogger. I will try it out see how it goes, i will probably take pictures of my day so that it gives you something more to look at, right now i am in exams so i dont do anything that exciting so dont get your hopes up!
yesterday I went out for dinner with my "sisters" and Eihab, it was ok, it was at this place called Go Wok. Its a Chinese restaurant that is mediocre, i am never disappointed but at the same time i am never pleased, we followed that up by coming here hangin out a bit and then everyone goin their seperate ways. I had a friend come over that i hadn't seen in a while, it was nice but man i really gotta buckle down and study.
anyways hope this looks right, thanks for people checking this out and havin it grow, tell all your friends!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Academic Music Is...

Today I decided to grab one of the up and coming indie-punk bands that most people will be hearing about from one place or another. They are signed to the label that has brought us such acts as Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and Cobra Starship. Fueled By Ramen has become a sort of safe haven for pop punk bands who want the exposure that can only come when being good friends with Pete Wentz. The band has a sound that is quite hit or miss, you other love it or hate it. The band is
The Academy Is!!

There are few things that give a band a chip on their shoulder, being on Rolling Stones top ten of bands to watch would be one of them. Also having blender say your album being released is one of their reasons to love 2007 would just further add excitement to the release of their latest effort entitled

The album is noticeably heavier, especially in the guitar rhythms then their last album “Almost Here”. The fact this album was even made is nothing short of a miracle due to William Beckett losing the lyric book on a plane which is documented in the track “LAX To O’Hare”. You wouldn’t notice because the lyrics are actually pretty well written, but again you gotta wonder how the album would have sounded if the book wasn’t lost. None the less the album is something that is a hit for pop-punk/indie fans.
It is no secret that William Beckett has one of the smoothest sounding vocals in the punk game today, but he uses it in a way that doesn’t make every song sound like a border line pop song, much like bands that try to pass off as punk bands such as Hedley, Simple Plan and other awful examples. William’s ability to harmonize in the middle of a punk song gives each song a huge bonus and is actually quite ear candy to the listener; this is evident in Same Blood or the single We’ve Got Big Mess On Our Hands.
The draw backs is that their last album I feel trumps this one. Almost Here was an album I felt needed a lot more attention, it was proof that the future is still bright, with that in mind I found Santi did not meet my expectations on a whole, but the album still did a good job. My overall recommendation is if you’re pressed with an option I would buy their earlier effort of Almost Here than Santi, but not to neglect Santi because it is a good album, just not as good as you would hope.
My Review 7/10
You like this style 9/10 easily!
You hate this style 1/10 you might like the anthem style of Bull in Brooklyn.
as always tell your friends, also if your lookin for my personal blog its

Thursday, May 10, 2007


If you look to your right you will see the newest addition to this site, its where i put songs i been listenin to all week, so those are my recommendations.

Anatomy of a Man

Due to my Anatomy exam i decided i will stay on topic and use a band with a mans name. The band i picked today is a band that you might think you don't know but trust me everyone has heard their song in one place or another. This is the band that made Coldplay what they are, Without this group a lot of the mellow british bands around this day would probably be non-existent. The band is one that I strongly enjoy Travis!!

The biggest hit to really hit the international market would be sing, and for good reason. Sing had lyrics and accompanied music that held up against almost any ballad that exist out there. If you think their mellow sound means they don't party hard, the band almost disbanded thanks to the drummer jumping head first into the shallow end nearly that Nikki Sixx. Their recently released fifth studio album is entitled The Boy With No Name.

This was due to Francis Healy's son bein born with no name for a period of time.
The album just came out this past tuesday and is getting mixed review, but that is to be expected from an album of this style. The album starts with the very calming yet delicately arranged track 3 Times and You Lose. The song leads into the high energy song selfish jean.
The main drawbacks is that their sound hasn't really evolved or changed much, but my question to that is Who cares? i mean if you liked the sound before why wouldn't you want more. At the end of the day this is an album you will like when you want to unwind and take it easy, but it will not be in constant rotation, it lacks the repeatable listening ability of a John Mayer album. The lack of evolution in songs and the fact that this style is now populated by some of the biggest name in the business such as the previously mentioned Coldplay as well as The Fray, Keane and other such bands it makes it a shame that this album will not hold up frankly.
On a whole I enjoyed it, felt it was a good album, but felt that not only has it been done before, but its been done better and there are alternatives as oppose to before.
I recommend this band for fans of the bands above, because you will love this album.
My review 7/10
Your into this style 7.9/10
you hate this style 1/10
Thanks to all you guys comin out to this site, its been great watching it grow, also thanks to people telling your friends that just makes me feel that something i am doin is liked.
Feel free to leave your thoughts or even say how you feel about the site or what not.
Take care
Ramitron 5000/Rams/Ramster/Rami

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Fountain Keeps Pouring

Todays blog is not really a recent review, in fact this is gonna be something i do every once and awhile this is an idea i had since i started this blog, its where i put one of my Essential CDs, they are albums i feel everyone needs to check out.
Basically this band is one that you might call a one hit wonder, unless you realize how much they have actually done. This band has done everything from work on music for movies to television...and they aren't done, having recently released their latest cd it was unfortunate it did not hit a high note with critics and fans alike, none the less the band that i feel needs some attention is Fountains of Wayne

The musical capabilities of this group is obviously clear with their constant ability to change styles all on the same disc. Adam Schlesinger Has also been involved with writing lyrics for such movies as That Thing You Do, Josie and The Pussycats and most recently Music and Lyrics, like it or not but we all had the song That Thing You Do in our heads at one point or another. It also begs the question how his joke band for a movie The Wonders gained more popularity than his own. That was until a certain song about a certain mother hit the airwaves and everyone named Stacy endured a constant insulting chant at the expense of their mom. The song Stacy's Mom made this album a hit but its the rest of the album that makes Welcome Interstate Managers one of my Must haves!

This album is the ultimate head down to the beach with friends anthem. You have it all mellow songs to sing at night by the campfire like the Highly Addictive Hey julie to the indie style Mexican Wine.
This album was critically acclaimed for good reasons, the lyrical stories told through each songs engages the listener to actually pay attention to how it unfolds. For those who thought that Sk8r Boi was the lyrical story of the decade are sadly mistaken, and sadly uninformed of what music is.
Bright future in sales tells the story of a man who clearly gets intoxicated at an office party and realizes that he needs to make it home and straighten up, pretty much leave his college days behind. That is just one example that shows they are not all hopeless love ballads or lover quarrels but rather simplistic stories of every day life that makes each song feel as if you can relate to it in a eerie manner.
Tv has been good to this band, that's for sure. All Kinds of Time was the song of choice for when Ryan and Marissa finally had their first date, how a song about a quarter back was appropriate only god knows, but The OC was so indie, please note sarcasm. Hey Julie was used in scrubs talking about J.D.'s catch of the week Julie, wouldn't you guess it, now that was a lot more appropriate. They have also done the theme song to Crank Yankers and Hey Joel, the short lived cartoon that till this day i dont quite know how i feel about it.
This is an album that i have seen the most ghetto people i know have a song or two on their I-pod. I think its safe to say this album has something for everyone so frankly I feel its something you need to go out and get!
My Review 10/10...thats right!

Super Busy

busy studying for an exam tomorrow expect my blog later tonite, i promise i will write one

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Madness Meets Kwelity

Todays artist is one of the finest MCs in the rap game head to head with one of the most respected underground Producers in the rap game. Both have numerous Side Projects this being one of them and have little commercial success. For the most part they don't need it because with the underground following they have, they have all the reputation popular rappers would kill for. The artist are none other than MadLib and Talib Kweli.

What more can you ask for? Seriously on a musical level you have one of the greatest producers around who has worked with everyone. His effort with MF Doom entitled Madvillain has been Critically acclaimed by every single magazine and website alike, his alias Quasimoto proved he can rap too!
Talib However is a known MC, he has the admiration of fellow rappers and critics alike. Throw the two together and you are sure to get something thats hot on all levels.
The Disc is none other than Liberation.

Released as a free download of Stones Throw's record website at the first week of 2007, just goes to show you that these cats aren't trying to increase their bank accounts but are trying to show appreciation to their fans. The album is now available for purchase and is worth every penny, or pence, or shilling, or magical beans. This album is a must have, you dont like rap buy this album then rethink your stand point. This would not be a rap disc without some guest vocals. The artist that appear are Consequence, Strong Arm Steady, Candice Anderson and Res. Not one of the tracks they are on fail they all, if anything, hit the same mark and keep the flow of the album going strong.
Overall this album has a little of everything solid dance beats on some tracks, solid hip hop beats that would make you nod your head like a dog while waving a piece of steak in front of him. The lyrical lines are clever and well worded unlike 50 cent he knows how to rhyme without using the same words twice or sounding like a hallmark card. All in all 5 seconds into this album you know this is not just an album but an experience.
My review 9.8/10
You like this style 10/10
you dont like this style 8/10 i can see a few tracks not settling well.
As always check back daily for tomorrow's artist/cd of the day...

Monday, May 7, 2007

Stroll through the Park

Three days, i gotta say i got this thing on called google analyst that gives me hardcore details about where people are viewin your site from, let me say hey you 2 in Europe THANKS! i think that made my day, that somehow someone in Europe actually read this thing...what an age we live in, people if you haven't noticed this is getting updated daily, so CHECK BACK! and tell your friends...
On with business now that i am done my little blurb....
Todays band, isn't one i am into really, but like i said i will try to to do a lot of bands if i like them or not. This band came into the scene during the mass entrance of Nu-Metal Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and all that. I have a high level of respect for this band for their musical creativity, and their ability as musicians, this was evidence by the Mash up that i think made them more acceptable by the main stream crowd that still wasn't into them. The band is none other than Linkin Park!!

On a whole i really have no real passion for this band, but the one thing i do enjoy is Mike Shinoda. I actually enjoy what he does and think he is talented even though the music might not reflect that. The album is of course Minutes to Midnight

we all get the doomsday clock reference here right...ok good lets move past that.
This album starts off with an instrumental arrangement that sets up their new "found themselves" album. The album then has the most "old" Linkin Park sounding song follow called "Given Up" the track starts with hand clapping that would make the shins blush, but then it goes into a hardcore song which defeats the hand clap vibe. There are a lot more ballads that hard songs on this album, which isn't a bad thing because keep in mind Numb was one of their best songs...Unfortunately none hit the mark that numb hit. Bleed it out, would be the most Faint sounding song, with the fast rapping intro over a bed of guitar riffs, but i think the Violin's are missed on this track.
The Give and Take vocals are no longer there between Shinoda and Chester, but at the same time, the way this songs are arranged it would be awkward if it was. Seeing as this was one of the more anticipated rock albums of the year, its a sad let down, and is easily forgettable. If you are a Linkin Park fan, you will probably enjoy this album a lot, the production work by Shinoda and Rick Rubin are impressive, but the songs themselves lack the energy that Linkin Park is known for.
The one thing that should be kept in mind is that the CD comes in collectors editions which come with booklets and DVDs that should make it worth the money, No one can ignore the impressive art work that they have always had. A booklet full with making of... and bonus features a plenty make this a must have for fans, but alas if you don't much feel them, then save the money...

On a side note anyone realize the cover of the album looks like Faith+1's i think there is a law suit to be made here...

MY Review 6.2/10
People who like this style 8-9/10
Peope who hate this style 4/10 i mean they do have something to try.