Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She must have Blacked out when she released this!

I been putting myself through torture. Sure i sent most of the worst albums to Doyle, but there have been some horrible albums i have dealt with. Ozzy Osbourne's, Rhianna's, Linkin Park's (it was pretty brutal).....well the list goes on, but frankly this album had to be one of the worst things i have ever listened to.
Britney Spears....

Look, I really wanted to give this a chance, let's all remember we all liked one britney song at one point or another. Slave 4 U...what a great club hit...Now this whole album is gold...If you enjoy clubbing songs. the abuse the perfect pitch tool has faced on this album is beyond obvious. Hey people you know how you think that robotic vocal effect is so cool...ya most of the time that's just the perfect pitch trying to get the singer on key. This is a flimsy album beyond recognition. I can see people jamming to it, because it has that girls goin out feel, but frankly on actually merits its shit. PRODUCTION wise, the beats are solid, but Lyrically and vocally this is as much fun as stabbing yourself in the ear with a dull pencil.
Every song sounds way too similar. Bass Beat, Synth, Pointless add ons like "Ohh" or "ahh" just to make you think she is getting nailed while recording, which wouldn't be that far fetched...
Look, if you enjoyed Gimme More this is an album for you, if you have taste than you would know my review

MY Review 0/10
if you like this style...god help you might as well go all the way if you will admit it 10/10...self-respect 0/10
If you hate this style 0/10

Ps The Art Work looks so cheap and terrible, man does anyone still find her hot? seriously!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Uncertainity that is My Laptop

Hello all,
My Laptop is about as consistent as Nortel Stock. It has its up days and down days. On those Up Days i will Blog Like No Tomorrow, but on the down days, I will try my darndest, i got things back up and running so here goes nothing...

I have No New Albums to review, why you ask...simple Computer has been down and Virgin Records here is so behind on getting new albums its pointless to shop there.

I will pray to the computer gods that it works because i plan on reviewing...BRITNEY SPEARS's NEW album!!!!

anyways thanks for everything,

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


LAPTOP IS being ridiculously screwy, infact you usually freezes while typing this, so i dont know what to say other than this blows...Look i wanna write a review for a stellar album which is Say Anything's latest "In Defense Of OUr Genre"
The ALbum Is Amazing and loaded with appearances from members from said genre.
The music is solid, the lyrics are amazing. Please Please PLease Get This ALbum!
Look any typing errors are due to my not know what t i am typing .

Monday, October 22, 2007

Mixtape Monday!!!! Featuring Kanye West

Santa Comes a little early, Kanye has unleashed a mixtape entitled "The Graduate" featuring remixes to songs off Graduation, and other B-Sides. This is Mixed by Terry Urban, Mick Boogie and 9th Wonder, Check it out it's 100% Free at this site:

HEre is the Track List, Check out Kanye losing his voice when he performs Big Brother!
League Crew/Kanye West - Intro
Kanye West & 50 Cent - Flashing Lights (Mick Boogie Mix)
Kanye West & Nas - I Wonder (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West & Jay-Z - Never Leave Me Down (9th Wonder Remix)
Kanye West & Jay-Z - Big Brother/Encore (live)
Kanye & Mos Def - Good Night
Kanye West - I Still Love Her
Kanye West - Stronger (Original Unreleased Verse)
Kanye West & Nas - Major League (Mick Boogie Mix)
Kanye West & The Notorious B.I.G. - Kicks Open Doors (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West - A Million And One
Kanye West, Little Brother & Lil Wayne - Breakin’ My Heart (Mick Boogie Mix /Produced by 9th Wonder)
Kanye West - Champion (live)
Kanye West & Jay-Z - Everything I am (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West - Freestyle
Kanye West & Common - Get ‘Em High (A-Trak Remix)
Consequence & Kanye West - Complications (Mick Boogie Mix)
Kanye West & Ludacris - Breathe In (9th Wonder Remix)
Kanye West & Talib Kweli - The Bounce/Two Words (live)
Kanye West - Two Words (9th Wonder Remix)
Kanye, Dr. Dre & Busta Rhymes - Imagine 2008 (Terry Urban Remix)
Kanye West, Consequence, & Patti Labelle - Anything
Consequence & Kanye West - Skillz (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West & Common - Glory (Mick Boogie Remix)
Kanye West & Termanology - Everything (The Diddy Song)
Kanye West & Consequence - Don’t Forget ‘Em
Kanye West, Common & Lupe Fiasco - Southside (Terry Urban)
Kanye West & Little Brother - Naaw (9th Wonder Bonus Track)

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Ok so Lately hearing about this Ellen Dog Adoption nonsense. I guess she adopted a pup, it didn't get a long with her cats so she gave it a friend...I guess givin a dog away to good family is against the law...Anyways the adoption people decided to take the pup back and give it to someone else...Now here's the deal, People have been actually sending threats to the family and the adoption people to give back the dog. I don't understand how people can get so ridiculous. The adoption crew followed protocol, did what they were told to do. It's a shitty situation but that's what the law says, now you would think the agency would like the exposure of giving the dog back, but no they did what they were told and for once an agency didn't give celebrities SPECIAL TREATMENT!!!
Everyone has an opinion on this topic, and so do I....ITS A FREAKING DOG, it's not like the world is currently under a shortage of puppies, and this was the last remaining one. Ellen You got more than enough money to buy a pup for the bloody family, Don't take the dog away from another family because of something that was your fault. You admitted you made a mistake, so just right it get them a new dog, not to mention the family didn't have the dog for too long, so it's not as if they had a ridiculous attachment to it. I actually was watching "The Insider" which is the one show, I completely Hate. They have something like Iggy Watch, where they are tracking this dog to find out where it is....
Between the News coverage, Death Threats and well the fact that its been blown out of proportion...we need to really take a step back and again think long and hard...with the world the way it is right now, is Ellen's dog really news?!?

WE truly are getting fed some of the worse news ever/ Did you hear about Britney's new lips....I bet you did, and that's the problem...

Friday, October 19, 2007


So I did the noble thing for once, I downloaded an album legally, Actually i did purchase not 1 but 2 copies of Graduation! One was a gift, trust me i knew that 50 cent stuff was BS.
Anyways i got the album, and have so far written 5 reviews for it, and not one has satisfied me, personally i decided my long winded reviews are pointless on this album.
Radiohead is a band that you either Love or Hate. I will say this new album is by far one of the better one's of this year. It has something for everyone. The album starts with 15 step which has to be one of most explosive intros to an album i have ever heard.
It's simple go, get the album, pay how much you feel is right, even if it is ZERO bucks, DO IT!! It's worth paying for...

MY Review: 9.4/10
If you love Radiohead: Do you have to ask 10/10
If you hate Radiohead: This could be the one that finally rubs you the right way 7.6/10

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Staying the Same at the Speed Of Light

Today's band is one of my favourite. We all at one point or another have loved atleast one song by this band, whether it was 'The Middle', 'Sweetness', 'Pain' or even 'Work' this band has a dedicated fan base. The band is Jimmy Eat World!!!!
Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy....after 14 years of being indie/punk/alt rock heroes it was about time they get back to where they were when they unleashed 'The Middle'. Jimmy Eat World has been that band that when you need a great supporting band for a tour, they are one of the first to call up. They have toured with the who's who of pop-punk, this helped increase their fanbase. Their new album is called Chase The Light!!!
Jimmy Eat World has a set sound, although Future, their last effort, was seen as a much slower album, this one is much more up tempo and more reminiscent of their earlier work such as Clarity and Bleed America. Jimmy Eat World have been masters of lyrics, and fans will not be disappointed with this album. Jim Adkins truly can pen songs with such emotion and aggression that makes at least one song appeal to everyone. If you haven't warmed up to Jimmy Eat World until now, then this could be the album that pushes you into checking their discography more in depth. However keep in mind for Jimmy Eat World Fans, this album sounds just like they always have, so its really nothing new...hence the title of this BLOG!

MY Review: 7.6/10
If You Like This Style 8.7/10
If You Hate This Style 4/10

***Note: Picture Uploader wasn't working Super Sorry!***

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Playlist!

With all that I had a going on, i could atleast put up a new Playlist!
There you go Peeps!

Say Anything Mondays!

So for the last month every monday a new Say Anything song is posted on their myspace account, This makes me more excited than you would think. To be honest Say Anything is probably the best band your not listening to. Their style varies, their lyrics are sharp and sting, their instrumentation is beyond words at times, and Max Bemis is a hero on all accounts. Today's song Is 'Baby Girl, Im a Blur'. To say this song is different then most of their songs is an understatement however the song completely smokes, and proves that no matter what style Max does, he can master. Head over to www.myspace.com/sayanything. Go have yourself a listen.
I have had a brutally long day and personally i can't review the new Jimmy Eat World Album today, it will be up tomorrow, here's a sneak preview:
ITs Freaking good!
There you have it!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Wolves Come out To Sing...and they sound like an Angry Thom Yorke

Today's band has been the HARDEST ONE EVER TO REVIEW!!!! Its a two piece band that has unleashed a style that is beyond impossible to classify. IF you have listened to 'The Transformers' Soundtrack you would recognize these guys. The band is Idiot Pilot!!!

Consisting of two members the band's new album was produced by Mark Hoppus and Ross Robinson. It has guest drummers Travis Barker and Chris Penne, to Coheed fans they would know he is the new member(he also used to be in Dillinger's Escape Plan). The new album is not available in stores yet, but is available digitally!The new album is called Wolves!!!!

How do I classify a band that has the background of a Postal Service song, The harmonics of Thom Yorke and the sound of the Deftones...This band uses electronic elements fused almost seamlessly into a hard rock style with at times screaming. The screaming was more in their earlier work though as oppose to the latest disc. This album is well put together, and to take a step back and realize its only two people, regardless of what you think, that is a feat on its own. The instrumentation is so organic and perfectly layered, they have instantly gone up on my top bands to see live.I absolutely love this album all the way through, it starts with an almost epic style intro that straps you in entitled 'Last Chance'. This leads into 'Elephant' one of my favourite songs on the album. The progresses more and more constantly offering plenty of ear candy. This is one of those albums that is more than just music its an experience. This is a gateway band, its between genres and can easily change one's listening style, if you're willing to give any band a shot, this should be the first on your list!

My Review 8.6/10
IF you Love This Style 10/10
If you Hate This Style 4/10

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Boy-O-Boy....Lou Pearlman...What a Guy

Now today i was planning to do a review, but I awoke to just a juicy, juicy piece of information. Now in the 90's we all believed that these boy band guys were gay, we all thought it at one point or another. I mean from the overly produced love ballads, to their dancing we all had a feeling. One man was responsible for most of the famous boy bands, N'sync, Backstreet Boys and Yes even O-Town, were all formed by Lou Pearlman. Not familiar with who he is, well let me show you a picture.

Now you may be wondering, how was he arrested?! Simple he ran a scam stealing thousands upon thousands from the elderly and hard working folks. Kinda funny first he stole the radio from hard working musicians, than he stole the money from hard working people...Man this guy must be on a one way ticket to hell.

Well lately one of his assistants decided he would write a tell-all. Now this is where my Eid present(muslim style christmas for all y'all who don't know what eid is) The assistant claimed that in every boy band "There was one guy in every band--one sacrifice--one guy in every band who takes it for Lou,".
This leads to my wondering which one in each band...Now in N'sync i think it would be safe to say it was Lance,

i mean he came out of the closet and all..wouldn't be that far fetched.
For Backstreet Boys, i wanna say Howie,

i remember he wore a dress to the Vma's and it was leather so maybe they had some S&M things goin on.

....well anyone of them would be as good of a guess as any

and In O-town..I'm gonna go with Dan..

that guy seemed to be a scape goat.

Friday, October 12, 2007

How To Save A Pop Music Career...

Lately I been sitting around and hearing a lot about J LO, and how her new album is gonna be great. I was trying to think when was the last time i heard about J Lo, or when was the last review i could recall about J Lo. Finally I remembered, EVERYONE HATED J LO!!! This led me to try to realize how did she get back on top, how did she get all this attention when less than a year or two ago people completely wrote her off. I finally realized the trick, its called (and Britney you might wanna take notes) GET THE HELL OUT OF THE TABLOID MAGAZINES!!!! It's really simple, Tabloids and bloggers, live to chop you down, so then they make fun of you soo much that their entire viewer ship hates you, that when you drop an album no matter how it is, the people will inevitably hate it! Don't Believe me I think Mission Impossible 3 was a great lesson, Bloggers and Tabloids made everyone and their mothers hate Tom Cruise, MI:3 came out, and people said it was actually not bad, but did people go, not really...wanna know why BECAUSE NEGATIVE PRESS!
This Leads me to Britney, yes Gimme More is all over the Billboard Charts..but did we all forget about the VMAs, man people wrote off that performance like nobodies business, so Britney here is the trick STOP GIVING THE MEDIA SHIT TO HOLD ON YOU. I am sorry its ridiculous, is she so delusional that she really feels that no matter where she goes Media won't be there. No joke Paps followed her to the OPTOMETRIST! Face it, with all your money Britney just stay home, have friends over, have a party, whatever you do STAY HOME!!! wait a solid bit than unleash your work, odds are people will miss you, if you don't remember the day she got her divorce everyone thought Britney was back...then she saved her head...somehow she made K Fed look like a good father!
Congrats go out to J Lo, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Ben Affleck, P Diddy, Anna Nicole Smith(RIP) and all parties in that one, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton(to a certain level), The Olsen Twins and finally and hopefully Lindsay Lohan. These are all celebrities that were SCRUTINIZED to the Nth Degree and have some what caught on and if you realize, you hear a lot less of! Lets hope Britney gets her act together...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Whatcha talkin about Foo....

Today's band is one that really got me into rock as a kid. Their singles are staples of Alternative radio stations, not to mention how they have the approval of almost every genre from rappers to indie rockers, these guys have more fans than you can imagine. David Letterman has even stated they are his favourite band, and the song "Times like these" is his favourite. Obviously this band is The Foo Fighters!!!!

The band started out with Dave Grohl playing every single instrument on the band's first self Titled album. This occurred 6 months post Kurt Cobain's Suicide. With Singles like "Big Me", "My Hero" and the breakthrough hit single "Learn To Fly" the band became radio legends gaining airplay and air time for any and every single they release. After their last double disc album "In Your Honour" and their Live album "Skin and bones" the band unleashed their latest album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

This album is a classic radio rock album, with Dave Grohl's classic yells, the shredding power chords and fast paced drums helps form this album into an immaculate Foo Fighter Album. The problem with the foo fighters is this, they are a singles band. Some of you may wonder what that meant, pretty much their are bands that are awesome and pretty darn amazing, but when you buy the album you tend to listen to the singles more than anything. That's the deal with "the foo fighters" every album i have ever had, was primarily bought for the singles. The songs are all good, and Dave Grohl is a legend, but somehow the music is just so passable, nothing really sticks. Now i would kill to see The Foo Fighters live, but frankly I wouldn't buy this album, just turn to any rock or top 40 radio station, and soon you will be hearing all you need to hear from the album. Please note: I like the album, just none of it really sticks and makes it worthwhile.
My Review 6.7/10
If you love this style 8.6/10
IF you hate this style 3/10

Saturday, October 6, 2007

If only they were still "Famous"

Today's Band is one that got notoriety during the post-grunge late 90's Alternative Rock phase. This was a time where almost any band that had a misspelled word in their name could make it. It also helped being in good relations with Fred Durst, the leader of that scene because of Limp Bizkit. This could only lead to more angst ridden love songs, The band in question is none other than Puddle Of Mudd...(note No Exclamation marks)

Note I used a Picture of a puddle of mud, due to the fact that this band has had more on and off members than Paris Hilton had boyfriends.
Fun Fact#1 When Nicklebacks drummer left the band, 3 doors down's drummer replaced him and PoM's drummer went to 3 doors down. The fun part was the only band to lose in this deal was PoM...)

Puddle of Mudd are the best example of manufactured rock that I can think of. They started in '94 and ultimately broke up, Fred Durst came upon their EP loved it called up Wes Scantlin. Wes went down to California and pretty much reformed the band using random players from different area. This is also how Boy Bands were formed, so its safe to say they were a rock boy band. They gained fame with songs like Blurry and She Hates Me, soon after that they really lost touch and that whole genre failed...They decided to release a CD, it's entitled Famous...

Before I review this album, allow me to list a group of bands that had this style and are all irrelevant. A moment of Silence for the following bands Default, Fuel, Filter, Staind and Korn. IF you guys can think of any by all means toss it in!
Now onto the album, Famous is the re-birth of the band. Now a days bands that's old style failed, usually find a new one, just look at Hanson. Unfortunately Famous sounds so much like older Puddle of Mudd, that when i played it for a friend he actually stated "I'm pretty sure I heard this before", I than had to inform him that he hadn't and this style all sounds the same. There isn't much that can be said for this album, if you love that almost too crisp Drum sound, the overly layered guitar and the rusty throat sound vocals, than this is the album for you! The lyrics are also quite terrible, with lines like "I'm here because of Faith, (can't make out the word, other Now or Yeah)...All the times time you left me bleeding..It was Faith (again noise)" If anyone can decipher what the hell that means, have at it. All in all the album is beyond Forgettable, and just plain awful.

MY Review 1/10 *i gave a 1 because it gives a good laugh
If you love this style 10/10 (IF you really love this style and are willing to admit than this is a perfect album)
If you Hate this style 0.5/10 (IF you might not laugh as much as me)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Curtis Killer....

Today's Review Is a Guest Review, personally whenever a really god awful album comes out, I frankly try to get my friend to take it on. Why you ask, well simple he is better at chopping albums down than I am. Today he Reviewed 50 Cent's Curtis...

Hey so if any of you have ever read reviews on Rami’s site you may know I did a guest review already and this is my second one. If you haven’t here is a recap. Kevin Federline’s album sucked, and I hate 50 Cent. So of course Rami suggested it would be a great idea for me to review his newest album. You know the one released at the same time as Kanye West’s album. So here its goes the review….

Some of you may be looking at your computer screens and saying, “How can he even remotely write a fair review if he just admitted he hates 50 Cent.” I have two things to say in my defense. First off stop talking at the computer screen I cant hear you, no one can. And secondly why do you care it’s a 50 Cent album, I’m sure I could find a poem I wrote in first grade that is more rhythmically sound and better written than three quarters of his shit. Amusement Park, Candy Shop, Magic Stick does no one see the similarities here. I FEEL LIKE IM TAKING CRAZY PILLS (yah a Zoolander reference I went there) Again your probably saying, “This guy is full of shit,” and again stop talking to the computer screen, I can’t hear you. To prove to you that I am not full of shit I have decided I will write the rest of this album review in rhyme, a la Doctor Seuss.

So here it is the Curtis album review in rhyme
My best friend made me listen to this what a crime
I’ll have to be honest I couldn’t finish it
All in all this entire album is shit
He may drive a Ferrari, while I can’t even afford a Datsun
But at least I learned to rhyme, that’s elementary my dear Watson
Every song is about money, chicks, and guns
Here’s hoping this album goes the way of the bison
You know what I mean, almost extinct
Then if we ignored him long enough he’d be gone before we blinked
Get Rich or Die Trying, I wish it would have been the later
Someone should have told him he was a shitty actor
To be able to act, you need to be able to speak
How could he expect to do this with those huge buck teeth?
50 Cent is just a giant gorilla on steroids
I wonder if the time it took to listen to this album anyone enjoyed
Personally listening to it gave me hemorrhoids
And I realize that my rhymes aren’t the best
But at least I’m not dumb enough to take on Kanye West
Record sales came in and 50 couldn’t touch him
Thankfully for now his future seems dim
He considers his new album to be an epic
I wouldn’t even consider it to be music
Here I am matching him word for word
A nerdy white guy from the suburbs
And I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of getting served
No where in the rap did I claim to be a rhyming genius
But I kicked 50’s ass, so he can suck my penis

OK there it is a review in rhyme, granted I said like two lines about the album. But if you have a problem with that go read rolling stone or a publication that pays people to do credible reviews. In my opinion 50 Cent is a bag of deuce bags. For those of you who don’t understand I will work through the math. One normal size bag can hold 15 deuces, and a larger bag can hold 10 normal size bags filled with deuces. So that’s approximately 150 deuces in one bag of deuce bags, and that’s a lot of dirty vaginas. Which is what I rate this album 150 dirty vaginas (that’s bad by the way). (PS would have had a picture again to represent my rating but Rami wouldn’t let me show a dirty vagina, let alone 150 times).

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pete Doherty's Day Job....

Today's band is one that is probably better known for their antics then their music. This band was well known in the British indie scene, but it took a little blonde supermodel to give the band the amount of publicity that bands could dream of. It would be unfair to not say that cocaine use in the studio is due some credit for their publicity. The band is Babyshambles!!!

Originally started as a side project during the hiatus of The Libertines, they were somewhat successful on the mainstream due to their jumping on the garage band fad. Babyshambles created quite a buzz with their first album "Down In Albion", with Fuck Forever reaching #4 on the UK Charts. Somewhere between all the arrests and break ins, the band found time to record their fall up. The album is entitled Shotter's Nation!!!

The album is widely anticipated to see if Pete still has it. Now i won't lie, his vocals are half asses, and the album just seems less focus than one would hope for. Musically the album has all the make up of brit-rock, with even reminders of past Brit rockers such a The Kinks. None the less, with British indie rock, a lot of it is well, sounding the same. Frankly i for one am getting a bit tired of it all, their are mainly two styles. Dance-pop-rock, or heavy guitar strumming over lazy drum beats. This style used to be unique but now its over down. This album solidifies the fact that the style is growing bland. With all the chaos surrounding the band i am shocked they found the time to record and actually make this album, I personally feel if more time was spent on it, it would have yielded a better album. I digress the album is still good, and frankly has some high points such as Carry on Up The Morning. This is one of those albums that if your a fan you will love, but this will not break you into their fan club...at least in my opinion.

MY Review 6.5/10
If You Like This Style 7.8/10
If You Hate This Style 3/10