Saturday, June 30, 2007

Open Letter To the Smashing Pumpkins

Dear SP,
I have been a moderate, almost fan of your band for a long time. You had some songs that I truly loved and frankly listened to quiet often. I own 1 or 2 of your CDs, but recently I heard you would be making a new one. This news kinda excited me, it made me go, "oh sweet, a new CD hmm...probably will be a good one." That was my actual reaction, but then i heard you were doing something do i say this...Douchebaggish. You are release your cds with certain tracks available in certain places, such as I-tunes, Best Buy, and Target. Now I would expect this kinda junk from The Bravery, The Killers, Angel And Airways, hell i wouldn't be shocked at all if Fall Out Boy did it, but for you Billy Corgan to do that, well thats just shitty. Why you ask, well think about this. In some cities all they have are indie record stores, so are they not worthy of the 1 or 2 bonus tracks, I personally think this is a HUGE cash grab, just get your hardcore Fans go out to each spot and buy it for the bonus CD. Trent Reznor recently complained about how his label decided to JACK up the price of his CD, because they knew he had a passionate following and that they would gladly pay that high price. Trent was not pleased, he actually voiced his opinion. The record companies can make fools of their patrons, but i EXPECTED better from you Billy, I for one will not listen to this album, and will NOT review it. You have deeply disappointed and frankly I feel you have, and this is a word i hate, Sold out. Go Eff Yourself.

Friday, June 29, 2007

No foul here

Today's band is one that exploded quiet randomly, but then went back into lesser notorieties, now they are goin back at it. The main thing that made them huge, atleast within the punk scene was the use of the Violin. They have done performances at the MTV movie awards to the Pepsi Smash so lets just say they have a few televisions appearances under their belt. The band is YELLOWCARD!!!!

This is a band i have a some history with, I saw them live at warped tour, with only 30 people in the crowd, the next time i say them the show was Sold out. Now Lights And Sound, was their last album and didn't meet the expectations that were reached by the previous discs. Also, the letting go of their guitarist Ben Harper, was most peculiar, and made fans really question Ryan Keys reasoning, but again none of us are in the band to judge. Their new album is Paper Walls!!!

This album has a lot more of their old sound, the thing that made them better known. I absolutely missed it, and frankly i struggled with the idea of getting the album, i almost didn't do it, but I heard it sounds like old school Yellowcard, and that i would like it. You got stronger riffs, with catchier hooks. with pop-punk there are two ways it goes, it is either beyond simplistic making it just pointless much like Simple Plan, or it is super catchy and has a killer hook like Blink-182 (which is still simple) or Yellowcard. I think this CD is one you would buy and enjoy quite a bit just because of how addictive some songs are. Lyrically its on par with most pop-punk but a lot better than Bowling For Soup, The Singer Ryan Keys has a vocal sound that has a very noticeable presence, The Violin as always is there just giving the perfect add and high pitch sound that no guitar will be able to reach. Solid album for fans of Pop-Punk who want something catchy.

My Review:7.6/10
If you like this style 9.4/10
You Hate This Style 4.5/10

So far Canada has been amazing, and its great to be back, I had a sick time playing some delirium. Thanks to everyone making this a Stellar Week, I tried to post its just gets kinda hard when you like avoiding your computer.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

White Stripes and Blue moons

So Today’s review is one that I think will get a lot of people pissed of with me. This band is one that pretty much dominates the alternative rock scene everytime they release anything. Their style is widely accepted from the pretentious Uber-indie, to 12 years old girls, they have an ability to be liked. The band in question is, The White Stripes.

The band unleashed there new disc after Jack White’s past project of The Raconteurs. The White Stripes have always been a mystery to me. With Jack and Meg claiming to be brother and sister, until their old marriage certificate was found. Then they claimed this whole band was an art project, if it is an art project it sure beats my grade 11 self portrait. Yet, at the same time, no matter what when they are in process of workin on a new album, most of the rock world holds their breath in anticipation. Much is the case with their new album Icky Thump.

Icky Thump, besides being an awful title which might be cool is knew what it meant, is the results of 3 weeks in a studio. The sound of this album is a lot more developed and well for a lack of a better word built. The album starts off in a way that tell you this isn’t the normal Stripes you know and love, this is gonna be something else. The question however is will you like it. Up until Conquest I really did enjoy the album, at about conquest shit started to hit the fan, Big time. I feel that a lot of the songs post conquest is them goofing off. Had this been any other band, I probably would have panned the album. At the same time since it is the white stripes, my expectations were a slight bit higher. This album has the ability to grow on you, if you permit it to, which is actually hard to do. This is due to the fact, that it’s a lot easier to discard it, then have to keep listening it saying “don’t worry it will grow on me.” Maybe if they spent 1 more week in the studio or if this album wasn’t so hyped up I would have been a little more pleased. I know a lot of you will like this album, and think I am on cocaine and am close to insane. Well frankly it’s my opinion, and as I said, had it been any other band I would have panned it. This album is a let down, but the songs you do like, You REALLY like, that said it still scores well.

My Review 6.7
If you like this style 8.4
If you hate this Style 3.6

I am currently some 1000 miles in the air, and the dude next to me got the window seat. Let me tell you all the reasons EGYPT Air blows and how much it sucks being in the aisle. First of, these chairs are beyond uncomfortable, I am pretty sure I sat in logs more giving then this thing. Second EVERY FREAKING tray cart has an uncanny ability of nailing my arm waking me up. Third, this lady keeps STARING at my screen creeping me out, to the point I feel I am doin something wrong. O man the food, my salad was a small piece of lettuce that I am pretty sure was 3 cm by 5 cm, with 4 cucumbers, 1 piece of sliced green pepper that was skinnier than Kate Moss. To call that a salad would be an insult to all vegetarians, and rabbits. The meat was not bad, came with mashed potatoes so I was pleased. Cake was not too shabby, but the salad really pissed me off, because if you know me, you know my platonic love for Vegetables. So I think its time for me to sign off and attempt to sleep, I measured my seat from one seat rest to the other, if I was to put my elbow on one of the seat rest my fingers would touch the other.. there is no sleep to be had, but whatever prevails when I close my eyes ie better than watching…WILD HOGS. Why would William H Macy do this sack of crap…He’s the Shoveller, Ok Mystery Men was not a good movie either, but how did you like Fargo..yeah that’s right He owned in that. I think he is one of the most underrated actors, lets hope he got paid good money for this piece of shit. Put it in your history books June 26, 2007 Rami M. Boraie heads home as well as Paris Hilton…That’s Hot.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm Coming Home.....

So I am heading Off to the airport about to Fly to Montreal on an 11 hour Flight on the craptastic EGYPT AIR. I actually wikipedia'd it, found out they been upgraded to 3 star cabin, maybe that means a good time is on its way...I wouldn't bet it with my luck. The coolest thing is Scott and Mike are pickin me up from Montreal, pretty balla if i may say so.
I guess an appropriate video would be this.

Enjoy bitches,
See you on th other side of the WORLD!
To people in Egypt, peace out its been a year of a lot of emotions
To people in Canada, Let the Summer begin!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Mitch cures what Ails you

Ok so i am done, ready to go almost, but i got some shit to buy and junk like that, I have a review i so far have begun writing 2-3 times, but in all honesty this is a HUGE album, so I wanna really get to the Core of the album, with my 11 hour flight i feel after i will be able to fully comment on it. None the less, some of you probably thought i abandoned this thing, but I just had a PACKED couple of days, I came across some videos of one of my favourite Stand Up Comedians, Mitch Hedberg(Rip). He delivers one liners in a way I am yet to see any other comedian do. If he takes don't worry 2 seconds later he has another one,it's as if he has a machine gun of jokes that are constantly hitting you. Without Further delay I give you Mitch Hedberg On David Letterman!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Britney Spears, supplies laughs as she wishes we took her seriously!

Wow, so in one week I had my first two guest writers. It was actually awesome to see, this site is takin off, i don't care about viewership or any of that, because i know i have people that are constantly checking. That right there is key. I have days with 6 viewers i had others with 36 viewers. At the end of the day, the best thing to see is people ask if they can put shit up on this site. Honestly all the feedback about the guest writers have been positive, so ya if you guys want to put shit up just ask.

So today i really wanted to rant about something bothering me. Not sure if you heard or not but Britney Spears decided to ask her fans to help her name her album. Some of the suggestions were as followed:
-Omg Is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like
-What If The Joke Is On You
-Down Boy

Now here is my problem, I don't know if she is serious or not. Personally, i am not gonna mock her goin insane, and pointless Rehab stint, because i don't know her, I dont know what she is like and why she is not sane right now. However, The cd is actually something i might have to review, so i am goin to take this apart. First one "OMG is like lindsay lohan like okay like", you know Dave Chappelle could say this, and I still wouldn't laugh. I mean she's gotta realize this upcoming CD is her last chance to come back, after that SHITTY 15 minute tour where she lip synced the whole thing....
What is the Joke Is On You, You know this is true, we all can laugh at her but she's got more money than any of us, but i have more dignity and hair...
Down Boy, Suck it K-Fed.
Integrity not bad if it was on anyone else album that didn't attack people with an umbrella.
Dignity, This whole blog attacks that.

Overall E True Hollywood story for this pop star will be so Delicious...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Strummer Global View: Guest writer 2

So for the second time in a week, I get a day off due to a Guest writer, Todays writer is a good friend of mine Matt. Matt has actually showed me a lot of bands through my time knowing him, now enough of stalling, here goes matt's review/essential album!

For everyone out there, there are at least a couple of musicians whose mere sound is nothing more then an emblem of relaxation. For some of you, the song that came to mind may have just taken you back to one of the finest memories you hold. It’s funny how a sound can do that, take you back to the exact moment and place you hold closest to the music. For this guy, there are several bands that do this as well. The weirdest part about it all is that there is no sound that restricts my opinion on the art; often, the memory that is associated with the sound wave is what makes the music what it is. It makes it your sound. Joe Strummer was a man who had a very long career in creating art. His art has become my sound through my experience with it. Global A Go-Go takes through several of my memories. The sound that has been created goes all over the place. It is a mix tape of sorts with the same men playing.

If you want to compare the sound of Global A Go-Go to something a little more familiar, well, let’s think: reggae, hip hop, DJing, punk rock, heavy rock, Gaelic vibes, rocksteady, pop rock, country twang…Look, the bottom line here is that there is so much going on and this simple fact makes the album a must hear. Needless to say, Strummer is all over the place with his second Mescaleros album. Released in 2001 via Tim Armstrong’s Hellcat Records, GAG-G (yeah, I’m lazy, what of it?) takes me all over the place. The first time I heard this album the entire way through, I was perched up in a desk that was overlooking a very quiet street in a small town called Perth. The flat was right near the railway tracks. There was no traffic, just calm. It was just the Strummer sound coming in direct from the speakers. The first four songs came and went without me noticing the songs change. The sixth song, “Mega Bottle Ride,” is what made me clue back into reality. Something about the twang on the track and the real folk feel grabbed my attention. The memories were beginning and I was falling in love; the music was becoming apart of me.
Having the first few songs fly by may make it seem like it wasn’t memorable. Listen to it over and over again, like I have, and you’ll see the beauty of it all. They play off each other and deliver a message to you. Interpret all of it yourself, but I’ll say that a lot of the words seem wise to me. The vibe and the lyrics make me feel something beyond what I see in the day-to-day. However, the love I have for this work does not come without its criticism. “Gamma Ray” comes and slows it down too much for this guy. The wisdom is still there but I do find myself skipping the song on some occasions. That is the type of song you need to be in the mood for, you know? That aside, the rest of GAG-G is great! The six times that I’ve re-listened to it while writing this has once again proven its greatness to me.

As any individually spirited person, Strummer carried himself from high school through his life. From the 101ers, through the only band that mattered and his individual efforts in its aftermath, Strummer came up with something remarkable. What is it that Global A Go-Go really does? Don’t let my words decide for you, I urge you to pick it up, or download it or go to your buddies and listen to it. Just hear it. I think the true sound of pleasure is here and it really does something special if you open your heart to it. Love it or not, Strummer’s fifty years was probably long enough for him. It was not long enough for those who still hold his wisdom in their hearts. Although, something that really sets us all free can never truly be laid to rest. We are free in music and memory.
-matt falconer, somewhere in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, June 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Manipulating The Sound in New Directions

Today's artist is actually a request, this is probably my 4 or 5th request, but this one is a bit out of date. This band is one known for their smooth vocals accompanied with a large screech and scream, no i don't mean Dustin Diamond. This is a band that has three members but still has very complex and well laid out instrumentation. The break-up rumours followed this band, during the making of this album, but fortunately the band never broke up. The band is The Fall Of Troy!!!

This band hit it big, if you will, with the song F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X, which is an obvious remake, or second take, of their song F.C.P.S.I.T.S.G.E.P.G.E.P.G.E.P. This song got them more exposures with appearances on video games, and sporting events. After dropping out of Warped Tour last year to head into the studio to work on this album, expectations were set. The album is entitled Manipulator !!!

First off, let me say this has been the album I have listened to the most, because its probably the hardest to review. The sound is beyond eclectic, with a poppy-er, sound then they are accustomed too. At first I was well prepared to can this as a piece of junk, and just say they lost all that made them good. Although the energy is absent on some tracks, the hooks are a lot more catchier and will be in your head all day. I think thats what makes this such a good album, that you like it, but almost want to not like. The screams, and high pitch screechy awesomeness, is still there, but now its as if they added the "third heat". The vocals have a feeling similar to early 2000, indie punk bands recording out of their basement, such as Northstar. I think this is an album that will grow on you, as long as you can withstand screaming, if you can't well Nothing will bring you to like this. Although there is one track Caught up, which is there most drastically different song, with no drums or bass and simple singing. The Fall Of Troy, have changed there sound, but at the same time, brought out a new side that is equally as good.

My Review: 7.4/10
IF you like this style 8.4/10(its hard to define
If you hate this style 1/10

Now keep in mind 7.4 isn't bad, its just hard for me to recommend to many people.

Tracks to check out:
Cut Down The Trees And Name The Streets After Them
Oh, The Casino!
The Dark Trail

So yesterday, i kinda just forgot to blog, i had a stressfully long day dealing with banks and junks over the phone and internet. So i apologize but i mean, we are only human. I hope you liked the Guest writer and there will be hopefully more to come. As we speak we have 1 or 2 other Guest writer preparing some stuff. That said, hope you liked this review, i know the album came out like last month, but still I will do it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I Never Been To Denver, But I Still Rock the Nuggets

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to a First for BopCulture, The first Guest Spot. I am pleased to say, this is a particularly harsh album to review, but the execution by my man Heavy D, will bring a tear to your eye. I am lovin it, much like a big mac, if you got an idea tell me, and i would love to have more of this. Please if you can tell me what you think of this review, as much criticism is strongly wanted.

So this is the first guest spot on Bopculture and hopefully it at least reaches the bar Rami has set with his reviews. Now being as some of my comments will be upsetting to some of the artists I have chosen to use an alias, for now it will be Heavy D. I have been given the unfortunate task of reviewing some of the worst albums that are being released. Today’s review is one of the most unnecessary records in the history of music. It is of course Kevin Federline.

Now Kevin Federline, or sorry K-Fed had possibly one of the worst albums of the year, and it would be easy for me to just bash him for a whole review. But that of course would be too easy. Now I have listened to this album a total of five times, which I can pretty much assume is a Guinness record. Before I get to the meat of this review I would like to emphasize this album is not terrible but it is bad, in fact before I listened to it I looked up other words for terrible in a thesaurus in giddy anticipation but unfortunately, I won’t get to use any of them. So as an intro let’s break down his album, a couple of sentences for each song.
1. Intro: the album begins with Kevin’s grandchildren asking him to tell them a story. Well it’s optimistic, at least he is making the assumption he will care about his kids for that long.
2. World Is Mine: This song compares himself to a pirate, and explains how he owns the entire world. The problem is instead of the metaphor reminding you of cool killing, treasure hiding pirates, you think of the scurvy filled pirates that contracted tertiary syphilis.
3. America’s Most Hated: Well not a bad beat (that will be the only compliment for any song, it has a good beat), and in potentially one of the most politically incorrect similes he hits like a tsunami!!
4. Snap: This song contains his first reference to himself as the pancake man. If anyone can correctly tell me the number of times he does this in the album they’ll win a prize. Like “the pancake man” this song contains some terribly white trash metaphors. For example, “I’m hot like a pizza oven.”
5. Lose Control: His single, and easily so. It is the most bearable song, and if performed by anyone else it could have been popular. The beat is the best on the album, and it is clearly evident this is what they spent the most time on. Potentially the greatest metaphor ever, “he’s never been to Denver but he still rocks the nuggets.”
6. Dance with a Pimp: Terrible, atrocious, horrendous appalling, unbearable, single handedly the worst piece of music ever written. Hey what do you know I did get to use the words I looked up after all. I’ve had shits that have been more melodic then this.
7. Privilege: Now keep in mind so far the album has been talking about how he goes to the clubs every night, so it makes sense that this song would be about his favourite type of liquor. What better way to promote that great father image, if Britney wanted complete custody of their kids she could just play this album in court.
8. Crazy: Rather then tell her husband that maybe this wasn’t the best career choice in his life; she decides to sing the hook on one of his songs. It’s annoying like the rest of the record. O yah and in potentially the worst decision of his life he mentions Tupac on this record and even compares himself to the incredibly talented rapper. If anyone besides me had actually listened to this record he would be dead.
9. League of My Own: You know what I’m done. None of you actually care what the songs are about. Let’s make this extremely fair assumption; the rest of the songs are bad, some of them have good beats, but their bad. Surprisingly though he uses a five syllable word in this song, if you want to know what it is listen to the song, consider it a scavenger hunt.

This album should not have been made. Like I said earlier at least one of his friends, or maybe I don’t know his wife, should have stepped forward and let him see the fall he was setting himself up for. But on the other hand this album is no worse then most mainstream rap today. It’s unfortunate that he was a freeloader and happened to be married to Britney Spears. Let’s face it if your white and you want to be successful in rap you either have to start out playing your own instruments or say something extremely offending (if you don’t get those two references you don’t know rap music).

To make my point that it is no worse then mainstream rap let’s compare him to a popular “rapper;” 50-cent. Now I know by doing this I will successfully piss off some “rap” fans, but let’s face it if you actually consider yourself a hip-hop fan you don’t actually like 50 cent. 50 is only popular among girls who “think it has a good beat”, or white suburban teenagers, like (oddly enough) Mr. Federline. Let’s first and foremost compare song subjects. They both only sing about, yes you guessed it, how awesome they are, how much money they have, and how chicks love them. You could almost make a stretch (a large stretch) and say it was smart on Mr. Spear’s part, he wrote about what was already popular in mainstream rap, at least attempting to ensure some record sales. The problem is a married man singing about picking of tons of chicks is disconcerting, and when he talks about all the money he has you can’t forget how he earned it. The argument can easily be made that Fitty is a marginally better lyricist, not by much he does rhyme nympho with nympho remember, but the music on K-Fed’s record is marginally better. He actually uses samples from other cultures (As shown in his knowledge of the Brazilian word for ass). That is the one compliment I have given to Kevin Federline’s record, the music is half decent.

That is of course the only compliment I can give the album unfortunately but let’s face it he slept with Britney Spears, and before him we all wanted to (even you female viewers). I can only pray there is some other parallel universe where it has been determined that being white and not shaving is tough, and 50 is being ridiculed and laughed at for freeloading off Tyra Banks. O if only.
My rating:

Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Playlist!

Thats right new playlist is up and running, the amos song can be found at his Myspace. the site is I beleive.

Bringing December in June....

Todays artist, is one that became famous by winning a contest. The contest was pretty famous and actually took place on tv. It was one of those, text in and pick your favourite. IT had a real douchebag that was a jerk, a washed up 80's singer who could dance and the whitest black guy since Jaleel White..No pun on his name, just Urkel was really not that black. After the show she released a musical with one of the contestants, I am proud to say i have actually seen it, and boy is it fantastic...The artist is Clearly Kelly Clarkson!!!

Now if you have been reading reports lately, Kelly and Music Legend Clive Davis have been not too chummy. Clive seems to think this album is goin to be horrendous, in fact he offered to pay her to let him choose 4 or 5 songs for her to sing, in replace of some. After so much drama, she canceled her Summer Tour due to poor ticket sales. The album is entitled My December!!!

Now lets see what all hub bub is all about. To be honest the songs are similar to her previous releases, and I frankly find they have a lot of energy missing in todays female pop stars. I will admit some songs are kind dumpy and nothing spectacular but there are some songs that really grab your attention. Kelly claims to have wrote or co-wrote all songs on the album, that said kudos to her, these aren't the most cookie cuter pop songs much like "Girlfriend" by Avril. I thought about it long and hard and noticed that Clive probably wanted Kelly to be like Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan, and frankly I for one am pleased she did her own thing. The album has one thing you gotta love, CHORD PROGRESSION, It actually is laid out like a normal rock song, without being repetitive. I mean the songs has actual instruments, and her voice is showcased quiet well, so I must say the album is good. In fact if you liked her old stuff, i guarantee you will like this one. Its just a shame nothing comes close to "Since You Been Gone".
My Review: 6.5/10
If you like this style 7.7/10
If you hate this style 3/10

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kanye's Stronger than You

If your like me you have been lookin for some new kanye stuff. After the Mixtape gave me a taste of the song stronger, i knew i needed more. i mean you can only listen to 1 min and 20 seconds for so long. I found the full song on god bless em. So this song is stronger featuring the sample from the daft punk song Harder Better Stronger Faster. I think this is well blended mix of electronic and hip hop beats...hope y'all like it

Friday, June 15, 2007

Judge Dredd's Justice wasn't this good!

Today's band is one that caught my eye with their eye-popping videos. Video's have never been so well done since early 90's music videos by Spike Jonze. Gaining large cult following with their remixes of artists that range from Britney Spears to Daft Punk, this is one of the most versatile bands around. The band in question is the French Electro Duo JUSTICE!!!

The album is the debut disc by the duo. This is a largely anticipated album for fans of their remixes, but if you haven't heard of them before, don't fret they are mainly big in Europe. This is where being close to Britain is beneficial you get to hear more than just Nickleback...Hyeah!!(just imagine Chad Kroeger, that's the sound that is).
The album is simply entitled !!?!

First and for most Shout out to Jesus! on with the sound. Its electronic dance pop. not much describe just that they mastered the electric keyboards sound of early 80's sound. Pre-New Wave before synth became the must have noise. The album has a constant flow, that you never know when a strong really starts or end but at the same time, it carries you. This is a disc you could play and just not really stop till it ends just because your intrigued where its going. Its like a knock knock joke, sure they might start off rough, but you wanna hear where the play on words will come into play, and what the punchline will be. Thankfully unlike a knock knock joke, this album is never a disappointment. If you pay attention to D.A.N.C.E you will hear the samples from Micheal Jackson's Thriller, the song is actually a dedication to Micheal Jackson, so the duo claim. If your lookin for an album that will get you into electro pop, i think this could do the trick. As much as I don't really enjoy the sound, i did enjoy this disc. If you want to hear it without paying and potentially not likin it head over to their myspace, and give the album a listen!

My Review 8/10
If you love this style 9.1/10
if you hate this style 4/10 some songs could peak your interest

Hey folks so far i got a couple request lately for some albums to review, I will try my hardest to get to them, but due to my exams i had a large list of albums that i haven't got to. But nonetheless send me ideas they might be albums that I might be more intrigued to do, One thing i gotta ask keep the record within a month range, and of this year! Other than that, if you have a local act, a friends band, a cd your not sure if you want, and if you want your band on here. E-mail me and give me the info and if possible pictures and songs so i can review and i will do my best. my email is, my myspace is over there, don't add me as a friend to increase your e-popularity, no one is impressed.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

From Nothing to Almost Something

Today's Review is of an artist that has had a large mainstream following. He recently got involved in a one sided feud, with the most unlikely opponent. John Cena, of the WWE, had been mocking this artist and Jay-z. Neither of them decided to accept Cena's invitation to battle rap, they had better things to do. That artist is none other than Fabolous!!!!!

You know someone really has to explain to me why artists need to spell their names wrong... I mean Fabolous as oppose to Fabulous, what is the difference... If I go into rap, i am goin to be called InKredable...actually thats not bad...I think i understand why now. This album has been pushed back more times than K-Fed when he tries to grab the mic. Finally its been released and its called From Nothing to Something!!!

The album has to be one of the hardest for me to review, this is far from my style of rap and far from my style of music that i like. The beats are quiet addictive, and he uses a lot of different instruments such as violins. There are highly orchestrated songs and then there are straight typical club beats. With producers ranging from Timbaland, Akon to Just Blaze, you know that the quality of the music will be up there. The rhymes are ok, i mean no one listens to Rap lyrics anyways. How many ways can someone describe their bling, although he had a great line saying "Lot of Carats not the one Bugs Bunny's Snackin On". I thought that was a funny line, he even at one song after describin how good he is in bed said "And now you know why I spell it Fabolous". I guess you had to be there to get it. The album is good for a hip hop party disc but for me it wasn't much special a couple tracks i really like, some i hated, and some i just can't remember.
My Review: 6.2/10
If you like this style 8/10 EASILY
If you hate this style 3/10

So I am done my Written exams and am beyond stoked to be heading home soon, That said things are still in works and i am stoked for somethings, and scared for others. We will see how it goes from here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I wake up at the End of a Long Dark Lonely year...

Today I write to you with 2 hours to go before my final written exam, and i find myself overloaded with emotions. When we start the year we feel like we have a long ass time till the next summer; however, when the summer hits, the year wasn't that long after all. This has been a year where I made some new friends, lost touch with a few olds ones and saw the passing of some friends. Needless to say its been a hard year but at the same time there is a silver lining. I learnt how to deal with some of life's hardest lessons, and how when push comes to shove, you'll always have friends to lift you up. This summer will for sure be a new challenge, one i am willing to face. It will be hard to go a while without seeing my mom and dad, but at the same time we gotta grow up sometime. Hopefully i make 'em proud with everything i done, hopefully i pass the classes i needed to and lastly hopefully next year is better emotionally than this year has been.
To my current friends in Canada:
Thanks for still keeping in touch, i gotta give a shout out to Myspace, Facebook and MSN for makin it a lot easier for me to check up on all y'all.
To My Current Friends in Egypt:
With each year i get to know most of you more and more in the college, its been nice. This year has seen a decrease in time spent together and an increase in time spent studying, that sucks but it happens.
To My Friends who Passed away:
You'll all be in my thoughts daily, I, thank you for any time spent laughing, smiling and being there Rest In Peace, I can't wait to see you all again.

Now I am off to put the cap on my written exam.
Take Care
and thanks for Reading this and hopefully enjoying it.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Slow Motem Stop Motion

Today due to studying, here is another video i just love. Its by a band called Slow Hand Motem, they are from the Southern Ontario area, and are hardly known. Mad shout outs at the End leave you laughing. I think this is a pretty ridiculously good stop motion Video, and a good song. Thumbs up!
The Song is Fake Spirit Egg, Enjoy

Sunday, June 10, 2007

G'argh She Blows!

So today is my second movie review, and man am i stoked to get into this one. This was a movie i Avoided because i thought was over hyped...and i kept falling asleep. its was a weird thing, every time a certain line was uttered i passed out. Well Last summer i ,along with the assistance of some friends, was kept awake to watch it. Quickly After watching part one, we went 10 mins later to see Part 2....It takes little guessing to figure out what movie i am talking about. The movie is ofcourse
Pirated Of The Caribbean 3: At World's End!!!

Now i won't lie i loved the first one, i thought it was really well done. I mean you got Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush...How could you go wrong. The Second one wasn't as solid as the first, but this is expected in a trilogy filmed all together, its a fact the second one is just there to carry over to the third. This is evident in the Lord of the Rings series.

This brings me to the third in the series. I was expecting a large amount of effects and good writing, along side well finished off story. With a franchise this big, it is expected that there is a huge finale. The problems with this movie began from the beginning where I really could have used a "Previously on Pirates of the Caribbean"...sadly i didn't get one. Never to fear my friend and I worked out the details and were ready to go. The story at the beginning just kinda doesn't go anywhere leaving you waiting, which is good because it gives you time to figure out all the past stuff...shortly after the movie picks up steam, the only problem is every time you think you understand the story they throw a plot twist. The story will then twist but you still follow, until one of the old plot twists comes back into play...All in all i was very confused as to who the hell to cheer for. I will not spoil, but I will say that the movie was in a sense predictable in the way that, when you think you understand it, you know to expect a pointless plot twist. What really hurt this movie in my mind was the writing, i felt it wasn't up to par. Sure some jokes would work but a lot would fail, or be almost beyond cheesy. Yes, i know its a disney flick, but how many monkey/ animal jokes can you make....Who am i kidding i love monkeys...but still it got a bit much towards the end.
My overall opinion on the movie is, Yes go see it, its stupid not to finish off the series, but this is a movie i can't see people re-watching over and over again. Also make damn sure you know the story, not that it really matters after all the plot twist, it still helps for the first 30-45 mins. I will not waste time on the special effects because with a budget this big, its expected and not needed to be mentioned.

MY REVIEW: 6.5/10
You like the Trilogy 8/10 (due to Johnny Depp)
You hate the Trilogy 2/10 because of the special effects

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Wow Americans no little About 9/11

Ever See a video that makes you go, Huh?....ain't that something. OR actually just make you blinding mad at the stupidity of people. Now we all seen Jay walking on Jay Leno, and we know people can say some stupid things. But when asked about 9/11 we all expect people to know everything, well here is some shockin footage of people not even knowing when 9/11 HAPPENED!!
i know i know, retards but ya they have a right to vote for the president of the world for some reason....Stupid Democracy, they really need to have an intelligence exam to see if you can vote....but that would bring less voters...hmm talk about a predicament. Anyways here is the video!
Ok it wouldn't let me put it up so here is the site TRUST ME GO HERE!

Sorry Ms. Jackson

No time for blogging today, what happens when you keep pushing off studying till the last day...You get me! man i am lockin myself in my room not to come out till histology is something I own....AND I WILL OWN IT!
anyways wanna hear was over 20,000 people singing the canadian Anthem sounds like and pretty much telling Alanis to be quiet.....enjoy! You gotta sit through part of the american anthem... i know i know what a crappy anthem, Ummm i didn't say that...its all good I got no beef with america just people in charge of it. Barack Out with your Cock out.
Take care

Friday, June 8, 2007

When Anthem Rock happens to Good Bands

Todays band was one that I used to like. They came out and started beefing fellow labelmates The Killers. They were being hailed as the next big thing, with their catchy as hell synth-rock disco pop indie rock sound, it was hard for them not to stick to attract fanns, i mean you got 4 or so different styles intertwined. The band is called

The band grew a lot of fame, in a short time. This is due to awesome music videos and creative styles. The were marketable on any stand point, a publicists dream by any account. With Brandon Flowers insulting you, and you insulting him could magazines like NME not soak that up. Now that their name is established they must go on to do the awfully crucial task of a sophomore album. The album is entitled
The Sun and The Moon!!!!

The band felt for their new album they needed to do something new, something fresh...Arena rock!! unfortunately that sound is something EVERY BAND is doing, and every band is FAILING at. It is beyond an annoying sound right now, but dont worry they still kept a bit of their old style. The music, is redundant and at times annoying to be honest. The Production is overly done, and takes away their old rustic sound and the Lyrics well they are nothing to brag about. I really think this album is easily forgettable, and not really anything special. You might like it if you were a Huge Bravery fan, but if you were on the Fence much like me, you will be happy to know this is not an album worth to check out. I really must say this is a disappointment due to the fact this band was being hailed as the next big thing, and something to look out for. They unfortunately got hit by the sophomore curse...

My Review 3/10
If you like this style 7/10
If you hate this style 1/10

So I got asked how my rating system works so let me explain
0 Celine Dion's Greatest hits

1 maybe a song i can almost deal with

2 something offered that i can tolerate

3 Annoying

4 Potential for the hmm i haven't heard this in a while, maybe i will check it out.

5 Junk, 5 means maybe a couple of songs will stick and downward.

6 means it wasn't that bad just not gonna be repeated much, so almost a meh album if you will

7 means its an album worth checkin out

8 a solid disc, some faults but overall strong showing

9 A definent buy

10 A new album that will become a solid member of your top played list!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

New P-List, Holmes!

A new playlist is up and running check it out, or die trying....

J.U.S.T.I.C.E Shirts

A couple of days ago you might have seen the music video for the Justice song "D.A.N.C.E" I mentioned you would be able to purchase some of those shirts. I am happy to claim I am not a liar and that yes they are currently available in sets of 2. So far only 2 sets are available for about 50 euros, which is about 66 dollars American.
This is Set number 1

Which is available at
This is Set number 2

which is available here

Both are designed by the Video Director So-Me, which judging by a couple of his other videos is becoming the next Spike Jonze of music videos, because everything he touches turns to video Gold.
Anyways I think Akon is hated world wide because yesterday's blog saw my largest world wide viewership, so to people in Australia, Sweden, Mexico, US, Britain and Other places i don't know where due to my shitty geography classes in grade 8, I say Thanks!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Akon, What A Tool

I found Lonely to be one of the most annoying song, I also thought it would be a one hit wonder. I was wrong took a bit but he came back, but this time he wasn't ready to leave, and he made sure dancefloors don't forget him. I wont lie his last singles have been quite addictive, almost guilty pleasures. There one thing about Akon people need to realize, he needs someone to be on his song for it to be good, he is a great hook singer but whole songs are not his thing. After thinking i can deal with Akon i start seeing and hearing shit he has done. If you haven't seen his video of Dry raping a girl you should see this i think that was the first time my jaw dropped because i was just beyond shocked. I mean we all think the same, its a rap show, shit got out of hand. The one thing that you gotta keep in mind is he is flinging her around the stage and then gets up and leaves her. This is just something i cant believe. After all the scrutiny brought on hip hop artist i just gotta say way to keep the stereotype alive. i thought that was the worse of it, like from now on he would keep controversy free. Then i see this, i dunno i kinda am just speechless. We all gone to show and saw a band we hated, sure we "rocketed" a band here or there (thats throwing bottles). I can recall a bottle at Simple Plan when i was younger. Well this kid did just that, threw an object as a joke at Akon, Akon gets his security to track him down and pick him up...the ending is kind of a shocker. The kid isn't that old clearly is a goof judging by his clothing and I mean it was all in good fun. The actions taken here are somewhat idiotic, both Legally and medically. People can get hurt, and I for one just can't stand by and think this is right by any stretch of the imagination. With that in mind Akon joins Rosie O'Donnell in my heart as this months, Tool of the month!

Hey folks i know i know less and less CD reviews are occuring there is a good reason for that, I have had little time for it, but i still have kept my 1 a day promise, tomorrow i should have a fresh one up and running. Don't count me out yet. This i believe is my 1 month anniversary so Thank you Thank You Thank you, to anyone who Read this, Spread the word and help make this something. I am truly grateful, come back tomorrow!
Take care

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I feel Insulted, but I can still try to roll with my Homies

So today's review is of an artist that makes hits for the underground much like Arctic Monkeys. Almost every album he releases gets instant critical fame. He is the medieval 50 cent in a sense as oppose to being shot 9 times he got stabbed 5 times...I think thats a tad bit more bad ass. What can you expect from Brits....
The Artist is Dizzee Rascal!!!

After Boy In Da Corner got universal critical acclaim by both mainstream and underground critics it was assumed he would be a force. Being seen for his constant commentary on the social situation in the inner city of England, it is also pleasing to see his insertion of humour into the songs. He released his second album Showtime in 2004 which didn't do as well as Boy In Da Corner but it still did very good on any standards. This is his third album entitled Maths And English!!!

His style is claimed to be hip hop and grime, for most of you this will make little sense, so let me break it down. Take reggae sounding voice, insert british accent add break beats and boom You got Grime. The album is a High-speed break your neck kind flow, constantly flowing to a point where you dont know when it ends and when it starts. The aggressive style of Dizzee constantly makes me feel so out of it and wish i was more gangsta so i could keep up with him, unfortunately as he states I ain't no G. The whole album is a bunch of insulting tracks like Pussyhole and Suk My Dick, that said if you met me, you know i am not even close to being ghetto. However this is an album that makes you just wanna dance whether its breaking or crumping you just feel the vibes the whole album. I did enjoy the album and i think the guest spot by Lily Allen was sugar sweet with a punch to it. Compared to his last two this isn't as good, but this is an album I feel he tried to do some new things, with that in mind its a solid disc for fans of hip hop and rap. A must check if you want something new to vibe to and work on your break moves.

MY Review 7.6/10
You like this style 8.5/10 (His other stuff is better)
You hate this style 3/10

In my life exam today can go either way so send prayers, i am stoked to go out tho today so that said nothing to report on, hopefully there is tomorrow! Take care

Sunday, June 3, 2007

No Diploma For You!

So today, before studying i decided to watch the news, to catch up on whats goin on in the world. I heard about a story that actually for once had me on the administrations side as oppose to the students.
Let me catch you up to speed...
In Galesburg, Il students at a high school were told not to cheer during commencement and were sent home with contracts. The Contracts stated if they cheer or make any disruptive behaviour their diplomas will be withheld and they could not attend the graduation party. All the students signed and gave it back. As one student went to receive her diploma some of her friends cheered, therefor breaking the agreement. The school administration then withheld their diplomas. Now i know this looks beyond strict, but at the same time the students knew what they were getting into. I mean it said in the agreement any cheering will lead to your diplomas being withheld. The administration then stated they will give them the diplomas; however, they are only gonna withhold so that they can't attend the party. All the administration wants is an apology. So let me break this down a lot better:
Students told hey don't yell we wanna just say your name, grab your diploma, get off the stage. The students all say ok, then some break the rules. Administration has to act and now they look like a-holes.
Frankly folks at my grad i loved hearing people cheer for me, its a good feeling. Do i think the rule is bogus, hell yeah, do i think the students are right, Hell No. I mean seriously if i was to sign a paper sayin "don't talk for 20 mins and you get your diploma" i would keep my mouth shut, simple as that. What really bugged me though was how the news protrayed it. They claimed the real issue was the people that cheered were African-American, and Hispanic. I am sorry but that is just again using minority to make anyone that is not of colour in power seem like a bigot. The guy didn't do anything wrong, he followed protocol but how does the media twist it, as a battle of race. Even the principal stated we will give them their diploma if they apologize. At first it was gonna be they had to community service and even that they change to just say we're sorry for the disturbance. I am just stunned at how many people are up in the administration face when all the students agreed to the rules.
These girls are being stubborn and breached contract and feel that they are worthy of sympathy because frankly i feel the administration is right.
Agree with me or Disagree but think about it, you tell your friend keep quiet when you come over or you gotta go, 5 of your friends cheer and you kick them out, are you an asshole, or are you just keepin the agreement.
for more information:

The Coolest Video EVER!

This video Blew my mind, Its just nuts all in all, the song is highly catchy too! This is the song D.A.N.C.E by the band Justice

The T-shirts will be made availble soon i will keep you informed, but how sick is this video!
no time to blog today but i didn't want to leave you empty handed

Underclass Music

There are bands that sometimes have an album that would be just terrific, then the follow up blow, only to come back with another hit. Pop-punk is a style of music i like a lot, it has developed i watched it get put together by Green Day with Dookie, and i watched it fall apart by Simple Plan. The fact remains the same there are good bands that do this style, bands that find ways to make it elegantly unique. Blink-182, Green Day and The Offspring. These bands led the way for New Found Glory and Sum 41 to become the leading faces of Pop-Punk in their early 2000's. Now-a-days the bands that control Pop Punk are Fall Out Boy, The All-American Rejects and Panic! At The Disco. Now New Found Glory has kinda re-invented themselves into a completely different sound leaving Sum 41 as the main leftover of the 2000's Pop Punks, now that Blink is Dysfunc and Green Day is the new U2.

Sum 41 emerged with the big hit "Fat Lip" from their sophomore album "All Killer No Filler". I used to love this band, then they released "What we're all about" that song really got me annoyed. Overall their album "Does This Look Infected" was probably the most annoying album i had to listen to. I panned them as a band and pretty much would neglect anything they did. Eventually they released Chuck and the singles off that album were actually good. "Pieces" was a song that i felt grew on me, and kinda made me feel their is hope for this band after all. When I heard they have a new single, I said i would listen to it and give it a shot....That was my mistake!
The Song Is Underclass Heroes, and it sounds like something a 10 years old who is learning how to write a song. The claim this is their most political song on the album. I didn't even notice this was a political song at all. I mean the lyrics are bad enough but then they go off and rip off Green Day with the whole megaphone part saying, "I pledge Allegiance...". The song begs comparison to Fat Lip, even the style of the video. I mean honestly if there was something i liked about them before was their guitar solos by Dave, now that he is gone....well there goes the good factor. I feel had this song come out a while ago like back in the day, it would have been a bit better. As i said however, the style is evolving new instrumentation is being added to avoid just plain Guitar and drums. The song is catchy....but in the same way an Avril Song is catchy...its not a good thing. All in all God awful Song

Friday, June 1, 2007

Dj Kicks it up a notch

This band is one that i found out about last year, they are another one of those bands that NME magazine keeps writing about till everyone and their mothers knows about them. Case and point Arctic Monkeys, hey i am not complaining, but i do get annoyed how they hype up certain bands I feel weren't as good as they said. Overall this band is not one of them, this is a great band to enjoy, they are:
Hot Chip

They are like most bands that get a lot of attention these days from...ENGLAND. What a shocker, they are your average Dance-Punk, Electric band. Think a less energetic We Are Scientist. I recently saw a live performance by them, I will admit it was boring because you had a bunch of guys in front of keyboard and mixers just playing with knobs. I just feel if you go to a live show there should be a good reason rather than see guys stand in front of you all expressionless. The Album is
Hot Chip: DJ Kicks

This album is part of a series known as DJ KICKS which has had such artists as Four Tet and Stereo MCs as previous remixers. The only problem with this album is kind of my fault, unfortunately i don't know a lot of the songs they remixed originally. I do know some, but i mean on a 24 track album you kinda wish you could claim you knew more than 6. The remixes however are obvious in what they have done to the songs. which helps because you can get a feel for the originals and the remade versions. The Added electronic sound to early music by Ray Charles, Joe Jackson and even New Order adds tremendously. The overall album is one that is fun to listen to, they also included their next single entitled "My Piano". Could you imagine Young Leek rapping over dance punk keyboard effects...ya it is intense. Drawbacks of the album, is it is electronic which can get annoying after awhile, the good thing however is there is something here for everyone! Its a solid dance-electro pop album.

My Review 7.8/10
You like this style 10/10
You Hate This Style 2/10 (I dont see this being the album to make you a electro pop fan.

Some corrections need to be made with my question and answers:
MY favourite Halloween costume was probably when i dyed my whole body black got dreads and went a Lil' John. How I forgot that beats the hell out of me, also i do enjoy Tom and Jerry cartoons a lot!
well we are back into exam mode so you know what that, in good news i am home in something like 24 days, pretty crazy eh! I thought so. Should be good times.

Wanna Feel Chicago?

Todays review, is another entry in my Essentials List. This is an artist who has to be one of the most skilled song writers. He currently is on a 50 State mission, where he plans to make an album for each State. The artist is:
Sufjan Stevens

After growing fame from Seven Swans, Michigan and Enjoy your Rabbit this album became highly anticipated by the indie scene. This album made many Best Album of the Year on many critics list, if you had ask me then, i would have said the same...true story! This album was so good, Snow Patrol even referenced it, in their song "Hands Open"
the album is Illinois

This album uses the state of Illinois and its history to build the songs. He lived in Illinois built up stories and own experiences to write the album. The album ranges from Solid Rock song such as "They are Zombies!!!...." to beyond beautiful elegantly arrange songs that are both simple yet powerful much like "Casimir Pulaski Day". Sufjan has a passion for making the name of the songs INCREDIBLY long, so i shortened them up a bit, sue me. Why is this an essential album, that is due to the fact that it is almost a textbook on how to write a song, both lyrically and instrumentally. The way he tells the story of John Wayne Gacy Jr. almost makes one of the most prolific killers of all time, seem almost human. The album takes you to highs and lows, its a masterpiece by any account, i am yet to find an album as well written as this. I am yet to meet anyone who has not enjoyed this album, yes i can see people not liking how it's mellow. Frankly i think this is an essential to any true music lovers collection, and deserves to be listened to from beginning to end. That said there is no review for this, there is no out of 10 for this album, this is simply a go out grab this album!

So What Do you do with your first day off in a bit, do you go out partying, do you go catch a movie, do you head to the mall...Some might do those things, but not me, I slept like a baby. All i gotta say is I needed it. But now its back to work, i hope you guys liked the fun facts of yesterday.
Also Found a mash-up They are Zombies!!! by Sufjan Stevens meets Jesus Walks of Kanye West...