Sunday, December 30, 2007

Yep These guys are in Egypt Too....

Remember those ridiculously over weight guys at basketball games that yell at players and makes asses out of themselves, well in egypt they are hear too, want proof check it out....

These two vids are thanks to Mib

This kid is gonna be gold in the future

This kid is gonna probably be a good impressionist in the future...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

TV's New Low

Well, just what i thought would happen, once the Writer Strike Prolongs, we will start seeing awful, just AWFUL Reality's a few courtesy of

10. Pussycat Dolls 2: Girlicious (Date TBA, The CW)
The Pussycat Dolls are apparently full (has anyone seen Asia since winning?), but now they need a new band, Girlicious.

9. Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (Jan. 10, VH1)
Nine D-List celebrities (including American Idol, Season 4 contestant Jessica Sierra) check themselves into rehab in L.A., and receive help from Loveline host David Drew "Dr. Drew" Pinsky.

8. Make Me a Supermodel (Jan. 2, Bravo)
Think America’s Next Top Model with two key differences: co-ed contestants and Americans call in to determine who gets the boot.

7. Top This Party (Jan. 4, Lifetime)
Two groups of party planners go head-to-head creating and staging elaborate parties.

6. My Dad is Better Than Your Dad (Date TBA, NBC)
Sons and daughters join their fathers in a series of stunt-driven challenges to see whose dad rules.

5. Transamerican Love Story (Feb. 2008, Logo)
A transgender woman gets her pick from a pool of single men.

4. Millionaire Matchmaker (Jan. 22, Bravo)
The rich need some lovin’ too – Millionaire’s Club founder and CEO Patti Stanger sets up wealthy men with less rich, attractive women.

3. Parking Wars (Jan. 8, MTV)
Follows the staff of the Philadelphia Parking Authority as they deal with the day-to-day business of giving out tickets and dealing with angry drivers.

2. The Baby Borrowers (Date TBA, NBC)
Teenaged couples move into a house, find themselves jobs, and care for babies, toddlers, pre-teens, teens and senior citizens for three weeks.

1. Farmer Wants a Wife (Date TBA, The CW)
A simple farm boy looks for the love of his life – from a pool of haughty city girls

Pretty much the classiest Reality Tv show's i have heard of....

Friday, December 28, 2007

This might be a bit late...but it's worth it

Ya so this is a bit late, but i got told about this yesterday....It's reason's like this why the Piston's are my Favourite team...o man Rasheed Wallace, what the hell is he on!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A look at the Strike through the Daily Show Writers

Here is a little sketch the Daily show Writers Came up lacks John Stewarts witty charm, but the message is clear!

I still am not 100% sure if i am on the writer's side, i think they deserve a piece of the pie, but not sure how much seeing how it's the producers who take the biggest risks....again its a huge debate

Sunday, December 23, 2007

This Guy Judge's Peoples Talent....sad really

We all have heard of America's Got Talent, well Hasselhoff has always been a pretty hardcore judge, that said let's observe his talent!

....ya not judge worthy by a long shot...

Why Rodney Mullen is amazing

this is pretty much one of my favourite Skate video's, Lately i been skating a bunch so i guess this is appropriate...enjoy

Also I been Meaning to update but for 2 reasons i haven't been able to, My internet was down a bunch and blogger wasn't letting me on, none the less here you go!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How the emmy's got their groove back!

this is from the emmy's i thought this was one of the best ideas they have had in...well...ever!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

This is Really Hard To Watch...but worth it!

This is The Trailer to The Dark Knight, aka the none shitty Batman series besides the two with Micheal ya, its crappy quality, and all but none the less awesome to WATCH!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sums up watchin the hills!

This is actually pretty accurate recreation of The Hills with James Franco, Mila Kunis and produced by Judd Apatow, also produced by Mike White, Dave Bernad and Andrew Epstein....What makes this awesome is this actually happened,

Wow...this has got to suck

You know in cartoons when the rabbit is gonna wreck the turtle but gets cocky and falls asleep..and then loses...well this is kinda the same deal, just with douchbag commentary!

thanks to MIB for this one

Monday, December 10, 2007

...And yet again....The American Legal System Fails...

Well...I just got some Breaking News!
Micheal Vick gets many years do you think
4...would be smart cause it would eff his career over
3...Still no, i know the hell!
2...almost, close but just too much to give him 2 years.
23 months..perfect!

So Micheal Vick, gets 23 months, lets recall some of the things he has done. Hanging dogs by Razor Wires, Shooting them, Attaching them to "rape" posts to breed more, makng them fight to the death, strangling, drowning...Let's just say a lot of stuff. Yet, all he gets is 23 months. This bugs me, i am sorry i thought for once, the American government will finally show people not all celebrities get away with Everything, well unfortunately they proved me wrong.
I am effing disgusted, i can't see how this is justice. I am not saying that the life of a dog is equal to human, i am saying that senseless killin of Hundreds of Dogs...comes pretty freakin close.
Congrats Vick, you still make me sick!

The New Black...One of my favourite music videos

Yup, this is one of my favourite music videos, knowin me it will be easy to know why!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Patrick Stump, What else Can He Do...

Ok, so I wentgot the new Ghostface Killah Album, and they had a song called the Prayer, I instantly loved it, but i had to find out who was singing. When i finaly found out, i was shocked, dare i said it speechless....It was none other than Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy, who is credited as Ox....Listen to this!

Now This Is Just Stupid....

Ok remember daft hands, while another person did one to technologic....It just looks ridiculous......

A for Effort

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What Happened to my TV SHOWS!!!!!

Well a lot of you might be asking the above question...frankly i have been. I was aware the possibility of a strike since around the summer, i got worried but thought man its gonna get resolved, tv is too good right now for networks not to do what they can to solve the problem, unfortunately it did not get solved. If you are wondering what the whole deal is, i will break it down as easily as possible.

The writer's Guild which include almost every show and movie, excluding Reality Tv Shows, South Park (Trey Parker and Matt Stone are not members of the guild) and WWE writers, meet with producers to re-work their contracts every 3 years. Back in 1988 the Writer's had a strike over royalties owned for when TV shows were being sold in VHS form. the agreement was for 2% of all the sales would go to the writers, this was ok because back then each video was sold for 30-50 dollars, but now they are being sold for 20-30 dollars. This made the writers ask for an increase from 2% to 4%, producers ofcourse said no, and felt that theya re getting paid enough royalties and don't need an increase. The DVD proposal was removed by the guild in the 11th hour, but it made no difference because the main thing writers want is a share in the New Media.

New Media includes TV shows being put online, and all future unknown medias. Lately Networks have been setting up internet channels such as MTV and CBS have been setting up, also Online viewing of shows such as Lost, 30 Rock, and other shows on ABC and NBC. The internet is clearly goin to be were networks start makin a new so the writer's are askin for a chunk of that soon to be lucrative venture, because it's obvious within 3 years all shows will be online. The problem in this, is simple. The writer's are asking for a piece of a pie that has not been baked yet, so for producers to say we will give you 2% and then it end not makin much money then the producers lost more cash then they should, and vice versa.

Overall no agreement could be made so on November 5th i believe the strike was started, this means for most of your shows it will be a short season if not already done with much like The Office.

This is a situation where most people would side with the Writer's but frankly i am kinda on the producers side, writers get paid no matter how a show does, a producer doesn't if the show fails the producers loses money not the writer.... I see both sides and think they both have good arguments but i think what they should establish is a base percentage that will be fixed according to profits every 3 years so start at the 2% and if it ends up not being enough they can fine tune it.... I know very little on the whole economic hooplah so that's just my 2 cents.

There you have it folks the reason for the Strike.

Monday, December 3, 2007

World Aids Days...belated i know

So December 1st was World AIDs day...this video was made...its quite crazy really

But what intrigued me was the comments under the video, people just got into a full on argument over how to deal with it and how you get it....People were smack talkin and saying such well...just awful things such as, and mind the language, "man tie a knot around their dicks"... How can someone say that. Some people suggest Quarantining them... Again completely thoughtless and just idiotic. None the less all the comments had me absolutely shocked how such a simple thing as a video raising AIDs awareness could be turned into a forum of smack talk. Seriously people talk big online but in real life wouldn't say half the shit they say. People gotta learn when to say things and personally Aids awareness video should never have such pointless arguments.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Can Your Hands Do This?

This is hands down the greatest things i seen hands do, since they clapped...enjoy!

How unreal was that?!

Lexon Design x G1950 OnOffClock

This is pretty much the coolest clock ever.... Respected design firms Lexon Design and G1950 teamed up to create the OnOffClock. The oddly shaped alarm clock incorporates it's snooze function in an innovative way. Opposed to the regular conventions of a snooze button, the OnOffClock can be snoozed/turned off by rocking the clock onto it's other base. A few different colors are available from black and white to a palette of brighter neon colors.

this is it on Snooze mode...just too sick!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Teddy Bears...The New DUI!

So I been Keeping close tabs on this story of a British school teacher in Darfur. Well Meet Gillian Gibbons, She is from Liverpool and taught a preschool class in Darfur....

Her Class was to name a Teddy Bear, they decided to name it Muhammed...Now let's recall the most popular name in the world is Muhammed. So she names the teddy Muhammed, and gets arrested....Yea, now you think her getting arrested over a misunderstand would get resolved fast, espicially with Britain asking for her immediate release....well No She got Jail time 15 days and then deportation....
Well The fact that she for a week had to go through trial over, Defamation of Religious figure, she has been through enough. The fact that now she is getting jail is Ridiculous, finally Britain is asking for her immediate release, I will keep you update. What really bugs me about this story is how much political Correctness is goin on in the world. You can no longer do anything that can be risky, or else face ridiculous punishment. I felt that i would take this time to put up a letter written by Ben Stein, I read this and had to, he put in words what i always wanted to say.....He deserves his money.
With no further ado Here it is!

I have no freaking clue who Nick and Jessica are. I see them on the cover of People and Us constantly when I am buying my dog biscuits and kitty litter. I often ask the checkers at the grocery stores. They never know who Nick and Jessica are either. Who are they? Will it change my life if I know who they are and why they have broken up? Why are they so important? I don't know who Lindsay Lohan is, either, and I do not care at all about Tom Cruise's wife.

Am I going to be called before a Senate committee and asked if I am a subversive? Maybe, but I just have no clue who Nick and Jessica are. Is this what it means to be no longer young. It's not so bad.

Next confession: I am a Jew, and every single one of my ancestors was Jewish. And it does not bother me even a little bit when people call those beautiful lit up, bejeweled trees Christmas trees. I don't feel threatened. I don't feel discriminated against. That's what they are: Christmas trees. It doesn't bother me a bit when people say, "Merry Christmas" to me. I don't think they are slighting me or getting ready to put me in a ghetto. In fact, I kind of like it. It shows that we are all brothers and sisters celebrating this happy time of year. It doesn't bother me at all that there is a manger scene on display at a key intersection near my beach house in Malibu. If people want a creche, it's just as fine with me as is the Menorah a few hundred yards away.

I don't like getting pushed around for being a Jew and I don't think Christians like getting pushed around for being Christians. I think people who believe in God are sick and tired of getting pushed around, period. I have no idea where the concept came from that America is an explicitly atheist country. I can't find it in the Constitution and I don't like it being shoved down my throat.

Or maybe I can put it another way: where did the idea come from that we should worship Nick and Jessica and we aren't allowed to worship God as we understand Him?

I guess that's a sign that I'm getting old, too. But there are a lot of us who are wondering where Nick and Jessica came from and where the America we knew went to.

Good words from Ben Stein! enjoy...25 days to christmas, are you stoked?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What would happen if you fall 45 feet in the air...

...well your shoes fly off! This is Jake Brown performing my FAVOURITE X-games event The Big Air competition, its pretty much the coolest thing ever, this was made by Danny Wray and Bob Burnquist...Danny Wray ofcourse jumped over the Great Wall of China..its pretty sick
anyways watch what happens when the big air goes bad!

This is a Highlight real of the the Big Air Competition...note there is a quick interview with one of my favourite boarder Bob Burnquist for the first 1:21 mins. but ya...enjoy!

Most Bitchin Flash Drives...ever?

Man don't you hate when your flash drive is just this plain black piece of junk...ever been like man o man i wish i could show off my favourite movie while rockin out on my laptop.
Well Wait no longer, Star Wars and Mimobot have teamed forces to create th second series of Flash drives inspired by Star Wars. They come in 1, 2 and 4 gig formats!..either way this is probably the most bad ass flash drive i have seen!

What's else can they put star wars on....

Pulp Fiction meets Chris Chelios!

This is by far one of my favourite videos, I just love Hockey and Pulp Fiction...Now Jules as a Coach for Chris Chelios.....that is money in the bank! Enjoy

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Before Chapelle there was Rock

Well Before The Chapelle show, there was a little known HBO show called The Chris Rock Show... The clips that came out of the Chris Rock Show was pretty sweet, this is one of the funniest and most truthful sketches i have ever seen, How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police......enjoy!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Big Ringtone is this?!

So you know having Ayo Technology is a pretty sick ringtone, so is Umbrella, but here is the King Juan Carlos tellin Hugo Chavez to ' ¿Por quĂ© no te callas?' of for us non-spanish hombres it means Why don't you Shut up in spanish...Bitchin!

Also message to all the people in Cairo with the Qu'ran as their Ringtone..STOP THAT..i am pretty sure its frowned upon, Don't believe me check it out for yourself

RIYADH — The Saudi-based Islamic Jurisprudence Council, an affiliate of the Muslim World League (MWL), dismissed on Thursday, November 8, the use of Qur'an in ringtones as impermissible.

"It is forbidden to use verses of the Qur'an as mobile telephone ringtones," the council said in a fatwa cited by Agence France Presse (AFP).

The fatwa was endorsed during the council's 19th session at the holy city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia, which was attended by 70 scholars.

They contended that such use impinges on the sacred character of the Muslim holy book.

"Any such use would damage the Qur'an by their abrupt interruption of the psalm verses or by sounding in inappropriate places."

The council is composed of an assorted group of jurists from around the Muslim world.

It is the main Fiqh body of the MWL, a broad based international Islamic non-governmental organization.


The fatwa, however, did not come out smoothly.

The Saudi-owned Al-Hayat daily reported that the controversial issue of Qur'an ringtones was at the heart of "a turbulent debate" during the six-day meeting.

It said the scholars were divided on the use of verses from the Qur'an as mobile ringtones.

During the lively discussion, some scholars denounced Qur'an ringtones as a "frivolity".

They have also hit out at adverts which promote the downloading of Qur'anic verses.

The fatwa did not mention the use of Qur'an as text logos or audio recordings on cell phones.

Ringtones with Quran verses or calls to prayers are popular among Muslims in the Arab and Islamic world.

Many users consider the religious tunes a reminder of their faith.

In recent years many scholars of Islam, especially from Egypt, have denounced the use of Qur'anic verses in mobile telephony.

So if i hear another one i will be pissed!

The Olympics...Making crappy songs big since 1980's

So its the Olympics, and every time they come around some super cheesy song has to become a hit, because its Olympic inspired. I highly doubt any athlete really listen to it, but the Radio and internet will sure make EVERYONE listen to it...anyways without further stalling here it is!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Flight of the ConChords!

Well this is the Flight of the Conchords....They take videos such as this one..

And make imitations such as this one...

Freakin Australians...what a good show..

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Remember SoulDecision...I Do, lets remember that good ol song FADED

Tommy's Crunkin Is Effecting His School work...

I dont know is this is sad, or hilarious, but whyte(my attempt of being ghetto) is super soakin dem hoe's....seriously who wrote this song?

For Those In Exam mode, This ones for you!!!

So People are getting some MAD Exams goin on right now, i know i got a couple, so i figured i would give you guys a bit of inspirational music! This is by Right Side of The Tree! Enjoy!

Make an A...bitches!

Friday, November 23, 2007


That's right New Playlist....also thank you so much to everyone coming back, this site is FINALLY takin off again!

Look Around You

This is a great british comedy, about 10 mins long and its a fake educational program. I think it's one of the funnier things i have seen done by the brits. So enjoy, but keep in mind it does have a bit of british wit. none the less...Enjoy!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

What Else can Apple Come Up With!

You know there are few times when MAD tv is funny...this is one of those times.

Scrubs Magic On Set

So This is how i would love to propose to my wife... if only i knew Zach Braff Johnny C McGuinley and you know had a crew at my disposal...other than that...this guy so got ass that night!

Derrick Comedy....not bad stuff

So yes there is a group of sketch writers named Derrick Comedy. They uploaded a few onto you tube and now, the main guy in this video, is a writer for 30 Rock. This sketch is one i like simply for the ending and the awesome used of Karma Police, The sketch is entitled Girls Are Not To BE Trusted....Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The laughter?

This is a clip of the comedy show i am off too...more to come after the show..SORRY FOR LATENESS!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nissan...They must love the Crack Pipe

Ok so at the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan felt the need to unveil some of the most EFFED up concept cars i have seen in a good while, now we all know lately cars in japan have resembled toys, but these ones look like the toys you would bring to show and tell and get beat up for how big a wuss you were...
The First is the surprisingly Small and to any future buyer will be seen as their biggest mistake in no is the PIVO2

Photo credit: Bruce Whitaker
Ya for everyone 5'9" and taller this car isn't for you...IF you get laid in this car, you are a god...or she is very easy...don't be too proud..but the wheels can rotate 360 so parralel parking is way too easy.

The next car looks like a red Darth Vader Duck....seriously its called the Round Box or as it is called R.D B.X

Photo Credit: Perry Stern

This last one is just a Sick Van, the back can be customized if i had my way with it, it would be loaded with amps, guitars, drums and keyboards so we can roll out and rock out on the go... this is the NV 2000

Photo Credit: Rod Hatfield
Won't lie would be sick to have in Black!

It's official Nissan really wants to stand out in a crowd...Now i used to drive an Altima and man i miss that thing, if any of these cars can do half of what that car could it would be sick.

Marching Band Does Video Games...Hellz Yea!

So this is hands down the greatest drum line/Marching Band routine i have ever seen.....Suck it Nick Cannon!

This is more the type of site i like, Videos and junk, i think this is WAY better to come to than just music reviews, feedback if you will!

keep it real holmes
Ramitron 5000

Monday, November 19, 2007

Chappelle's Back...

Dave Chappelle Back In London...

Couple of Kanye Vids Will Be Up Today

This is a Brilliant Piano Medley of Most of Graduation, check it out!

I also have the Official Good Mornin video up, its taped at an Art show by Mukarami so the quality isn't Mint but it is good....

Many that bear is too cool!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Meet Two Kids that are cooler than ME!

Well, these kids are bar none WAY cooler than i will ever be!....check them out scratching, if you dont realize how ridiculously good they are, you must not understand how scratching works.

Enjoy bitches!
changes are comin to this site, i dont know what direction i am goin with this blog anymore but give me a couple of days, trust me music reviews weren't what i 100% intended this site to be about, if you read the subtitle those were all things i wanted to write on, but i guess Music Reviews were what people liked, and what was fun to do....but now i feel i am gonna start doing some other things...just give me time to sort it out!

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Respects to Kanye.

This is From the BBC

The mother of rap star Kanye West has died at the age of 58 after cosmetic surgery developed complications.

Dr Donda West, who managed the star's businesses and educational foundation and was the subject of his song Hey Mama, died in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Her publicist Patricia Green said she passed away "as the result of complications from a cosmetic surgical procedure", but gave no more details.

West's spokesman said the family "asks for privacy during this time of grief".

The 30-year-old often spoke publicly of his close relationship with his mother. She raised him alone after her husband left when West was three.


In Hey Mama, on West's 2005 album Late Registration, he sang: "Hey Mama, I wanna scream so loud for you, cuz I'm so proud of you. I appreciate what you allowed for me, I just want you to be proud of me."

In May, she published the book Raising Kanye: Life Lessons from the Mother of a Hip-Hop Star, in which she paid homage to her famous son.

She was chairwoman of the Kanye West Foundation, a non-profit organisation that aims to improve literacy and stop people dropping out of school.

Ms Green said: "May Donda's work and deeds be an inspiration to each of us, may we start each day knowing that support of family and community are central to purpose."

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Sorry lately i been lookin for an album worth getting, seeing how my computer is a tool, I haven't really found any.
Jay-z's album, is well its a jigga album. He is always blessed with amazing producers so most songs are huge, his rhymes are always about how he is the shit, and well there isn't much to it, other than that. Straight up its an awesome Album and i really do enjoy it, but reviewing a rap album is hard, especially one of this caliber. I gotta say if your gonna get any album, this should be a must have, especially for rap fans. Jay-Z is almost untouchable.
I am stoked to go check out the new Killers album!
My review 8/10
If you like this style 9/10
IF you hate it 4/10

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Alright so its a known fact that i was BEYOND disappointed with Angels and Airwaves first effort, "We don't need to whisper", so of course when i heard they had a new disc i was ready to tear it to shreds. I got the album, I listened to it and well it didn't suck....The album got rid of all the 3 minute intros, now it is there a bit, but not as much as the first one. The other good thing is you could tell the difference between one song and another. The lyrics are actually well written and seem to be pretty close to Tom, especially Rite of Spring.
Now i feel at times, Tom tries a bit hard, stretching his vocal abilities to do something it can't and shouldn't. At least he tries, i will give him that.
My advice is more or less to check the album out, it is a real hit or miss, with this band. If you loved the first album then you will love this one, if you were impartial than you will probably enjoy it, if you hated it you could find a song or two on this disc you will enjoy.
My favourite song is True Love...the lyrics are just too good to ignore.

My Review 7/10
If you love this style 9/10
If you hate this style 4/10

***~~Note Pictures aren't working will try to work it out, sorry~~***

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lupe Advice!

This is an amazing video, not official, but still a well done job. It's a great song, hit it up.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cop-a-feel, copperfield, abra-kadabra!

So in news, Copperfield being charged with rape...ITS DAVID COPPERFIELD! he has walked through the great wall of china, Levitated over the grand Canyon, and made the statue of liberty Disappear. Now a couple of years ago he claimed that his next trick was gonna be his impregnating a girl live on stage, without touching her...let's say its a good thing he didn't go through with this, because man would that had backfired on his suit. All i gotta say is its David Copperfield, it's just hard to believe. I mean this guy can get mad ass, think about all the tricks he can pull at a bar, and make a floating pen appear so she writes her number...

(if only it was that easy)
Now let's be honest folks Many Celebs get called out as in "they raped" someone. I hope this is all a lie to extort money. Lets be honest its just a shocker to see someone as family friendly as him get accused.
Lets all hope he makes this disappear....
No real good albums i have seen worth checking out, or reviewing. I have the american gangster album by Jay-Z and I-empire.
I won't lie I haven't fully sat down with either album so expect those in the coming days, just right now I have mad Tests and a lot of paperwork involving a car i purchased to do, so just check back, should be something up tomorrow or the day after!

keep er' easy

if you really think about it, david copperfield is a magician, if he was gonna rape you, he would so be able to do it without you knowing...remember he walked through the great wall of china....I know i know, I really hope he is innocent i am just helpin his defense, if it goes to court they should just say something like "Your owner please observe (then have him walk through something) and just be like....ya exactly he is that damn good!"

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She must have Blacked out when she released this!

I been putting myself through torture. Sure i sent most of the worst albums to Doyle, but there have been some horrible albums i have dealt with. Ozzy Osbourne's, Rhianna's, Linkin Park's (it was pretty brutal).....well the list goes on, but frankly this album had to be one of the worst things i have ever listened to.
Britney Spears....

Look, I really wanted to give this a chance, let's all remember we all liked one britney song at one point or another. Slave 4 U...what a great club hit...Now this whole album is gold...If you enjoy clubbing songs. the abuse the perfect pitch tool has faced on this album is beyond obvious. Hey people you know how you think that robotic vocal effect is so cool...ya most of the time that's just the perfect pitch trying to get the singer on key. This is a flimsy album beyond recognition. I can see people jamming to it, because it has that girls goin out feel, but frankly on actually merits its shit. PRODUCTION wise, the beats are solid, but Lyrically and vocally this is as much fun as stabbing yourself in the ear with a dull pencil.
Every song sounds way too similar. Bass Beat, Synth, Pointless add ons like "Ohh" or "ahh" just to make you think she is getting nailed while recording, which wouldn't be that far fetched...
Look, if you enjoyed Gimme More this is an album for you, if you have taste than you would know my review

MY Review 0/10
if you like this style...god help you might as well go all the way if you will admit it 10/10...self-respect 0/10
If you hate this style 0/10

Ps The Art Work looks so cheap and terrible, man does anyone still find her hot? seriously!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Uncertainity that is My Laptop

Hello all,
My Laptop is about as consistent as Nortel Stock. It has its up days and down days. On those Up Days i will Blog Like No Tomorrow, but on the down days, I will try my darndest, i got things back up and running so here goes nothing...

I have No New Albums to review, why you ask...simple Computer has been down and Virgin Records here is so behind on getting new albums its pointless to shop there.

I will pray to the computer gods that it works because i plan on reviewing...BRITNEY SPEARS's NEW album!!!!

anyways thanks for everything,

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


LAPTOP IS being ridiculously screwy, infact you usually freezes while typing this, so i dont know what to say other than this blows...Look i wanna write a review for a stellar album which is Say Anything's latest "In Defense Of OUr Genre"
The ALbum Is Amazing and loaded with appearances from members from said genre.
The music is solid, the lyrics are amazing. Please Please PLease Get This ALbum!
Look any typing errors are due to my not know what t i am typing .

Monday, October 22, 2007

Mixtape Monday!!!! Featuring Kanye West

Santa Comes a little early, Kanye has unleashed a mixtape entitled "The Graduate" featuring remixes to songs off Graduation, and other B-Sides. This is Mixed by Terry Urban, Mick Boogie and 9th Wonder, Check it out it's 100% Free at this site:

HEre is the Track List, Check out Kanye losing his voice when he performs Big Brother!
League Crew/Kanye West - Intro
Kanye West & 50 Cent - Flashing Lights (Mick Boogie Mix)
Kanye West & Nas - I Wonder (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West & Jay-Z - Never Leave Me Down (9th Wonder Remix)
Kanye West & Jay-Z - Big Brother/Encore (live)
Kanye & Mos Def - Good Night
Kanye West - I Still Love Her
Kanye West - Stronger (Original Unreleased Verse)
Kanye West & Nas - Major League (Mick Boogie Mix)
Kanye West & The Notorious B.I.G. - Kicks Open Doors (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West - A Million And One
Kanye West, Little Brother & Lil Wayne - Breakin’ My Heart (Mick Boogie Mix /Produced by 9th Wonder)
Kanye West - Champion (live)
Kanye West & Jay-Z - Everything I am (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West - Freestyle
Kanye West & Common - Get ‘Em High (A-Trak Remix)
Consequence & Kanye West - Complications (Mick Boogie Mix)
Kanye West & Ludacris - Breathe In (9th Wonder Remix)
Kanye West & Talib Kweli - The Bounce/Two Words (live)
Kanye West - Two Words (9th Wonder Remix)
Kanye, Dr. Dre & Busta Rhymes - Imagine 2008 (Terry Urban Remix)
Kanye West, Consequence, & Patti Labelle - Anything
Consequence & Kanye West - Skillz (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West & Common - Glory (Mick Boogie Remix)
Kanye West & Termanology - Everything (The Diddy Song)
Kanye West & Consequence - Don’t Forget ‘Em
Kanye West, Common & Lupe Fiasco - Southside (Terry Urban)
Kanye West & Little Brother - Naaw (9th Wonder Bonus Track)

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Ok so Lately hearing about this Ellen Dog Adoption nonsense. I guess she adopted a pup, it didn't get a long with her cats so she gave it a friend...I guess givin a dog away to good family is against the law...Anyways the adoption people decided to take the pup back and give it to someone else...Now here's the deal, People have been actually sending threats to the family and the adoption people to give back the dog. I don't understand how people can get so ridiculous. The adoption crew followed protocol, did what they were told to do. It's a shitty situation but that's what the law says, now you would think the agency would like the exposure of giving the dog back, but no they did what they were told and for once an agency didn't give celebrities SPECIAL TREATMENT!!!
Everyone has an opinion on this topic, and so do I....ITS A FREAKING DOG, it's not like the world is currently under a shortage of puppies, and this was the last remaining one. Ellen You got more than enough money to buy a pup for the bloody family, Don't take the dog away from another family because of something that was your fault. You admitted you made a mistake, so just right it get them a new dog, not to mention the family didn't have the dog for too long, so it's not as if they had a ridiculous attachment to it. I actually was watching "The Insider" which is the one show, I completely Hate. They have something like Iggy Watch, where they are tracking this dog to find out where it is....
Between the News coverage, Death Threats and well the fact that its been blown out of proportion...we need to really take a step back and again think long and hard...with the world the way it is right now, is Ellen's dog really news?!?

WE truly are getting fed some of the worse news ever/ Did you hear about Britney's new lips....I bet you did, and that's the problem...

Friday, October 19, 2007


So I did the noble thing for once, I downloaded an album legally, Actually i did purchase not 1 but 2 copies of Graduation! One was a gift, trust me i knew that 50 cent stuff was BS.
Anyways i got the album, and have so far written 5 reviews for it, and not one has satisfied me, personally i decided my long winded reviews are pointless on this album.
Radiohead is a band that you either Love or Hate. I will say this new album is by far one of the better one's of this year. It has something for everyone. The album starts with 15 step which has to be one of most explosive intros to an album i have ever heard.
It's simple go, get the album, pay how much you feel is right, even if it is ZERO bucks, DO IT!! It's worth paying for...

MY Review: 9.4/10
If you love Radiohead: Do you have to ask 10/10
If you hate Radiohead: This could be the one that finally rubs you the right way 7.6/10

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Staying the Same at the Speed Of Light

Today's band is one of my favourite. We all at one point or another have loved atleast one song by this band, whether it was 'The Middle', 'Sweetness', 'Pain' or even 'Work' this band has a dedicated fan base. The band is Jimmy Eat World!!!!
Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy....after 14 years of being indie/punk/alt rock heroes it was about time they get back to where they were when they unleashed 'The Middle'. Jimmy Eat World has been that band that when you need a great supporting band for a tour, they are one of the first to call up. They have toured with the who's who of pop-punk, this helped increase their fanbase. Their new album is called Chase The Light!!!
Jimmy Eat World has a set sound, although Future, their last effort, was seen as a much slower album, this one is much more up tempo and more reminiscent of their earlier work such as Clarity and Bleed America. Jimmy Eat World have been masters of lyrics, and fans will not be disappointed with this album. Jim Adkins truly can pen songs with such emotion and aggression that makes at least one song appeal to everyone. If you haven't warmed up to Jimmy Eat World until now, then this could be the album that pushes you into checking their discography more in depth. However keep in mind for Jimmy Eat World Fans, this album sounds just like they always have, so its really nothing new...hence the title of this BLOG!

MY Review: 7.6/10
If You Like This Style 8.7/10
If You Hate This Style 4/10

***Note: Picture Uploader wasn't working Super Sorry!***

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Playlist!

With all that I had a going on, i could atleast put up a new Playlist!
There you go Peeps!

Say Anything Mondays!

So for the last month every monday a new Say Anything song is posted on their myspace account, This makes me more excited than you would think. To be honest Say Anything is probably the best band your not listening to. Their style varies, their lyrics are sharp and sting, their instrumentation is beyond words at times, and Max Bemis is a hero on all accounts. Today's song Is 'Baby Girl, Im a Blur'. To say this song is different then most of their songs is an understatement however the song completely smokes, and proves that no matter what style Max does, he can master. Head over to Go have yourself a listen.
I have had a brutally long day and personally i can't review the new Jimmy Eat World Album today, it will be up tomorrow, here's a sneak preview:
ITs Freaking good!
There you have it!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Wolves Come out To Sing...and they sound like an Angry Thom Yorke

Today's band has been the HARDEST ONE EVER TO REVIEW!!!! Its a two piece band that has unleashed a style that is beyond impossible to classify. IF you have listened to 'The Transformers' Soundtrack you would recognize these guys. The band is Idiot Pilot!!!

Consisting of two members the band's new album was produced by Mark Hoppus and Ross Robinson. It has guest drummers Travis Barker and Chris Penne, to Coheed fans they would know he is the new member(he also used to be in Dillinger's Escape Plan). The new album is not available in stores yet, but is available digitally!The new album is called Wolves!!!!

How do I classify a band that has the background of a Postal Service song, The harmonics of Thom Yorke and the sound of the Deftones...This band uses electronic elements fused almost seamlessly into a hard rock style with at times screaming. The screaming was more in their earlier work though as oppose to the latest disc. This album is well put together, and to take a step back and realize its only two people, regardless of what you think, that is a feat on its own. The instrumentation is so organic and perfectly layered, they have instantly gone up on my top bands to see live.I absolutely love this album all the way through, it starts with an almost epic style intro that straps you in entitled 'Last Chance'. This leads into 'Elephant' one of my favourite songs on the album. The progresses more and more constantly offering plenty of ear candy. This is one of those albums that is more than just music its an experience. This is a gateway band, its between genres and can easily change one's listening style, if you're willing to give any band a shot, this should be the first on your list!

My Review 8.6/10
IF you Love This Style 10/10
If you Hate This Style 4/10

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Boy-O-Boy....Lou Pearlman...What a Guy

Now today i was planning to do a review, but I awoke to just a juicy, juicy piece of information. Now in the 90's we all believed that these boy band guys were gay, we all thought it at one point or another. I mean from the overly produced love ballads, to their dancing we all had a feeling. One man was responsible for most of the famous boy bands, N'sync, Backstreet Boys and Yes even O-Town, were all formed by Lou Pearlman. Not familiar with who he is, well let me show you a picture.

Now you may be wondering, how was he arrested?! Simple he ran a scam stealing thousands upon thousands from the elderly and hard working folks. Kinda funny first he stole the radio from hard working musicians, than he stole the money from hard working people...Man this guy must be on a one way ticket to hell.

Well lately one of his assistants decided he would write a tell-all. Now this is where my Eid present(muslim style christmas for all y'all who don't know what eid is) The assistant claimed that in every boy band "There was one guy in every band--one sacrifice--one guy in every band who takes it for Lou,".
This leads to my wondering which one in each band...Now in N'sync i think it would be safe to say it was Lance,

i mean he came out of the closet and all..wouldn't be that far fetched.
For Backstreet Boys, i wanna say Howie,

i remember he wore a dress to the Vma's and it was leather so maybe they had some S&M things goin on.

....well anyone of them would be as good of a guess as any

and In O-town..I'm gonna go with Dan..

that guy seemed to be a scape goat.

Friday, October 12, 2007

How To Save A Pop Music Career...

Lately I been sitting around and hearing a lot about J LO, and how her new album is gonna be great. I was trying to think when was the last time i heard about J Lo, or when was the last review i could recall about J Lo. Finally I remembered, EVERYONE HATED J LO!!! This led me to try to realize how did she get back on top, how did she get all this attention when less than a year or two ago people completely wrote her off. I finally realized the trick, its called (and Britney you might wanna take notes) GET THE HELL OUT OF THE TABLOID MAGAZINES!!!! It's really simple, Tabloids and bloggers, live to chop you down, so then they make fun of you soo much that their entire viewer ship hates you, that when you drop an album no matter how it is, the people will inevitably hate it! Don't Believe me I think Mission Impossible 3 was a great lesson, Bloggers and Tabloids made everyone and their mothers hate Tom Cruise, MI:3 came out, and people said it was actually not bad, but did people go, not really...wanna know why BECAUSE NEGATIVE PRESS!
This Leads me to Britney, yes Gimme More is all over the Billboard Charts..but did we all forget about the VMAs, man people wrote off that performance like nobodies business, so Britney here is the trick STOP GIVING THE MEDIA SHIT TO HOLD ON YOU. I am sorry its ridiculous, is she so delusional that she really feels that no matter where she goes Media won't be there. No joke Paps followed her to the OPTOMETRIST! Face it, with all your money Britney just stay home, have friends over, have a party, whatever you do STAY HOME!!! wait a solid bit than unleash your work, odds are people will miss you, if you don't remember the day she got her divorce everyone thought Britney was back...then she saved her head...somehow she made K Fed look like a good father!
Congrats go out to J Lo, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Ben Affleck, P Diddy, Anna Nicole Smith(RIP) and all parties in that one, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton(to a certain level), The Olsen Twins and finally and hopefully Lindsay Lohan. These are all celebrities that were SCRUTINIZED to the Nth Degree and have some what caught on and if you realize, you hear a lot less of! Lets hope Britney gets her act together...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Whatcha talkin about Foo....

Today's band is one that really got me into rock as a kid. Their singles are staples of Alternative radio stations, not to mention how they have the approval of almost every genre from rappers to indie rockers, these guys have more fans than you can imagine. David Letterman has even stated they are his favourite band, and the song "Times like these" is his favourite. Obviously this band is The Foo Fighters!!!!

The band started out with Dave Grohl playing every single instrument on the band's first self Titled album. This occurred 6 months post Kurt Cobain's Suicide. With Singles like "Big Me", "My Hero" and the breakthrough hit single "Learn To Fly" the band became radio legends gaining airplay and air time for any and every single they release. After their last double disc album "In Your Honour" and their Live album "Skin and bones" the band unleashed their latest album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

This album is a classic radio rock album, with Dave Grohl's classic yells, the shredding power chords and fast paced drums helps form this album into an immaculate Foo Fighter Album. The problem with the foo fighters is this, they are a singles band. Some of you may wonder what that meant, pretty much their are bands that are awesome and pretty darn amazing, but when you buy the album you tend to listen to the singles more than anything. That's the deal with "the foo fighters" every album i have ever had, was primarily bought for the singles. The songs are all good, and Dave Grohl is a legend, but somehow the music is just so passable, nothing really sticks. Now i would kill to see The Foo Fighters live, but frankly I wouldn't buy this album, just turn to any rock or top 40 radio station, and soon you will be hearing all you need to hear from the album. Please note: I like the album, just none of it really sticks and makes it worthwhile.
My Review 6.7/10
If you love this style 8.6/10
IF you hate this style 3/10

Saturday, October 6, 2007

If only they were still "Famous"

Today's Band is one that got notoriety during the post-grunge late 90's Alternative Rock phase. This was a time where almost any band that had a misspelled word in their name could make it. It also helped being in good relations with Fred Durst, the leader of that scene because of Limp Bizkit. This could only lead to more angst ridden love songs, The band in question is none other than Puddle Of Mudd...(note No Exclamation marks)

Note I used a Picture of a puddle of mud, due to the fact that this band has had more on and off members than Paris Hilton had boyfriends.
Fun Fact#1 When Nicklebacks drummer left the band, 3 doors down's drummer replaced him and PoM's drummer went to 3 doors down. The fun part was the only band to lose in this deal was PoM...)

Puddle of Mudd are the best example of manufactured rock that I can think of. They started in '94 and ultimately broke up, Fred Durst came upon their EP loved it called up Wes Scantlin. Wes went down to California and pretty much reformed the band using random players from different area. This is also how Boy Bands were formed, so its safe to say they were a rock boy band. They gained fame with songs like Blurry and She Hates Me, soon after that they really lost touch and that whole genre failed...They decided to release a CD, it's entitled Famous...

Before I review this album, allow me to list a group of bands that had this style and are all irrelevant. A moment of Silence for the following bands Default, Fuel, Filter, Staind and Korn. IF you guys can think of any by all means toss it in!
Now onto the album, Famous is the re-birth of the band. Now a days bands that's old style failed, usually find a new one, just look at Hanson. Unfortunately Famous sounds so much like older Puddle of Mudd, that when i played it for a friend he actually stated "I'm pretty sure I heard this before", I than had to inform him that he hadn't and this style all sounds the same. There isn't much that can be said for this album, if you love that almost too crisp Drum sound, the overly layered guitar and the rusty throat sound vocals, than this is the album for you! The lyrics are also quite terrible, with lines like "I'm here because of Faith, (can't make out the word, other Now or Yeah)...All the times time you left me bleeding..It was Faith (again noise)" If anyone can decipher what the hell that means, have at it. All in all the album is beyond Forgettable, and just plain awful.

MY Review 1/10 *i gave a 1 because it gives a good laugh
If you love this style 10/10 (IF you really love this style and are willing to admit than this is a perfect album)
If you Hate this style 0.5/10 (IF you might not laugh as much as me)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Curtis Killer....

Today's Review Is a Guest Review, personally whenever a really god awful album comes out, I frankly try to get my friend to take it on. Why you ask, well simple he is better at chopping albums down than I am. Today he Reviewed 50 Cent's Curtis...

Hey so if any of you have ever read reviews on Rami’s site you may know I did a guest review already and this is my second one. If you haven’t here is a recap. Kevin Federline’s album sucked, and I hate 50 Cent. So of course Rami suggested it would be a great idea for me to review his newest album. You know the one released at the same time as Kanye West’s album. So here its goes the review….

Some of you may be looking at your computer screens and saying, “How can he even remotely write a fair review if he just admitted he hates 50 Cent.” I have two things to say in my defense. First off stop talking at the computer screen I cant hear you, no one can. And secondly why do you care it’s a 50 Cent album, I’m sure I could find a poem I wrote in first grade that is more rhythmically sound and better written than three quarters of his shit. Amusement Park, Candy Shop, Magic Stick does no one see the similarities here. I FEEL LIKE IM TAKING CRAZY PILLS (yah a Zoolander reference I went there) Again your probably saying, “This guy is full of shit,” and again stop talking to the computer screen, I can’t hear you. To prove to you that I am not full of shit I have decided I will write the rest of this album review in rhyme, a la Doctor Seuss.

So here it is the Curtis album review in rhyme
My best friend made me listen to this what a crime
I’ll have to be honest I couldn’t finish it
All in all this entire album is shit
He may drive a Ferrari, while I can’t even afford a Datsun
But at least I learned to rhyme, that’s elementary my dear Watson
Every song is about money, chicks, and guns
Here’s hoping this album goes the way of the bison
You know what I mean, almost extinct
Then if we ignored him long enough he’d be gone before we blinked
Get Rich or Die Trying, I wish it would have been the later
Someone should have told him he was a shitty actor
To be able to act, you need to be able to speak
How could he expect to do this with those huge buck teeth?
50 Cent is just a giant gorilla on steroids
I wonder if the time it took to listen to this album anyone enjoyed
Personally listening to it gave me hemorrhoids
And I realize that my rhymes aren’t the best
But at least I’m not dumb enough to take on Kanye West
Record sales came in and 50 couldn’t touch him
Thankfully for now his future seems dim
He considers his new album to be an epic
I wouldn’t even consider it to be music
Here I am matching him word for word
A nerdy white guy from the suburbs
And I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of getting served
No where in the rap did I claim to be a rhyming genius
But I kicked 50’s ass, so he can suck my penis

OK there it is a review in rhyme, granted I said like two lines about the album. But if you have a problem with that go read rolling stone or a publication that pays people to do credible reviews. In my opinion 50 Cent is a bag of deuce bags. For those of you who don’t understand I will work through the math. One normal size bag can hold 15 deuces, and a larger bag can hold 10 normal size bags filled with deuces. So that’s approximately 150 deuces in one bag of deuce bags, and that’s a lot of dirty vaginas. Which is what I rate this album 150 dirty vaginas (that’s bad by the way). (PS would have had a picture again to represent my rating but Rami wouldn’t let me show a dirty vagina, let alone 150 times).

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pete Doherty's Day Job....

Today's band is one that is probably better known for their antics then their music. This band was well known in the British indie scene, but it took a little blonde supermodel to give the band the amount of publicity that bands could dream of. It would be unfair to not say that cocaine use in the studio is due some credit for their publicity. The band is Babyshambles!!!

Originally started as a side project during the hiatus of The Libertines, they were somewhat successful on the mainstream due to their jumping on the garage band fad. Babyshambles created quite a buzz with their first album "Down In Albion", with Fuck Forever reaching #4 on the UK Charts. Somewhere between all the arrests and break ins, the band found time to record their fall up. The album is entitled Shotter's Nation!!!

The album is widely anticipated to see if Pete still has it. Now i won't lie, his vocals are half asses, and the album just seems less focus than one would hope for. Musically the album has all the make up of brit-rock, with even reminders of past Brit rockers such a The Kinks. None the less, with British indie rock, a lot of it is well, sounding the same. Frankly i for one am getting a bit tired of it all, their are mainly two styles. Dance-pop-rock, or heavy guitar strumming over lazy drum beats. This style used to be unique but now its over down. This album solidifies the fact that the style is growing bland. With all the chaos surrounding the band i am shocked they found the time to record and actually make this album, I personally feel if more time was spent on it, it would have yielded a better album. I digress the album is still good, and frankly has some high points such as Carry on Up The Morning. This is one of those albums that if your a fan you will love, but this will not break you into their fan least in my opinion.

MY Review 6.5/10
If You Like This Style 7.8/10
If You Hate This Style 3/10

Sunday, September 30, 2007

This is why Kanye is my idol

even on SNL he kills it!

Straight up, The babyshambles album review shall be up in a day or two, and don't worry i got a special review of Curtis coming in that won't disappoint, its a new year here at bopculture. so lets hope it goes well!
thanks for people understanding how messed up it was trying to do this over the summer, that and with all the lap top problems i have had, primarily lost and broken adapters, its no wonder i had to put this on hold.
either way, i'm back. stoked to rebuild my viewership!
take care

Monday, September 17, 2007

My Interview With Abri..

So I have been a big fan of this Dubai band entitled Abri.

Their song "Philosophies" has been getting some major airplay on Much Arabyeah and other such channels.
I recently had a little Q and A Session with the boys, that said On With The Interview!

Hey guys, thanks a lot for taking the time out of
your day to answer a few questions.

1)How did you all meet up? and how did the band form?

we met through a mutual friend starting talking about doing a project, then got down to writing.

2)Was this the sound you wanted from the beginning or did you more arrive at it by evolving?
we just started writing and the sound started to emerge.

3)What would be some of your musical influences?

stevie wonder, charlie parker, prince and bob marley

4)If you were to aspire to be like any band whichwould it be?


5)How does it feel seeing your video all over the place? Have you noticed a bigger fan base?

It's great, yes our bassist Rami is always getting appraoched by"fans".

6)You have been receiving a lot of attention in the
dubai media, how has that been treating you?

Dubai media have been fantastic, lots of interviews and lots of coverage on radio and tv, it's been reallly cool.

7)What are some of the cities you really want toplay in? Do you have any tours set up?
Barcalona, London, sao paulo, new york

8)What was your favourite Show you played? and why?
manama, Bahrain, it was a rock crowd but they really got into it. Great people.

9)Worst show you played and why?

original Music Festival Dubai, really bad sound onstage, too much feedback, totally bogus!

10)Biggest Mishap to happen while performing? and how did you play it off?

no major mishaps so far!

11)What is the overall feel of the album?
Song based soul, but it's a real mix in terms of style.

12)When does it come out? and where will it be available?

1st of November, all music stores across the Middle east

13)What is the one song you like to play live the most? and which seems to be the biggest fan favourite?
Brandyman is the song we love to play live the most, we usually play it last. I think it's the fan's favourite too.

14)What is the craziest fan request, or thing a fan has done for you?

while we were on we had a request to play Simply the best by Tina Turner, we didn't play it.

15)What was the craziest thing you guys have done?

Our bassist was in an orgy, does that count?
(It begs the question, what was the ratio?

16)Anything you want to say to your fans reading this?

Keep coming to our shows, and a big thanks for the support so far.

Thanks for your time, stoked to hear the album, see you soon!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Valedictorian Speech is needed after this graduation

Today's review is an artist that constantly reinvents a genre that is like a tire in mud, constantly spinning out records but nothing moves forward. This artist is one that is a huge influence to people in all genres, from metal fans to rock fans, this artist has a large fan base due to his production skills, and brilliant samples.
Ladies and gentleman the artist is none other than Kanye West!!!!

Kanye West, The Louis Vuitton Don, Louis the Fourteenth, Kanyizlle, Young Hov....the nicknames go on from there. He is the biggest thing to hit hip hop in the last couple years. His mastering of Soul samples over hip hop beats made him one of the most sought after producers in a long time. The pure passion that he puts into his work is beyond noticeable, when he speaks people listen. His mouth, for better or for worse, is unfiltered and with that, you get things like "George Bush Doesn't care about Black people" or him jumping on stage to steal awards. none the less...his work speaks for itself, with that said his latest effort is Graduation!!!!

Graduation, one of if not this years most anticipated album, was Graduation. In this album he erased almost all of his previous style of using soul samples over hip hop beat, and instead goes for a more Synth filled album featuring samples as Daft Punk or Micheal Jackson's P.Y.T.. This album compared to his last 2 albums is harder to judge, this album will 100% grow on you, no song will jump out at you like Gold digger or through the wire, don't expect Jesus Walks, but at the same time, get ready to be blown away. Songs like Champion, I Wonder and Big Brother, a tribute about his love/hate relationship with Jay-Z, all hit high notes. The low parts are songs like Drunk and Hot Girls, which is actually saved in the end by the soulful rhyming by Mos Def. There are high points and low points, i absolutely love this album, but i am a Kanye fanatic. This is a strong buy if you like Kanye, please listen to Homecoming (feat. Chris Martin).

My Review 9/10
IF you Like Rap 8.7/10
IF you Hate Rap 7/10

Review on the way

Kanye review on the way but here is the new video for the good life made by So Me who did D.A.N.C.E by justice....its more of the same, just not as cool...still a sick video tho

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

adapters, rappers and a whole lot of crossed wires!

Well i just got my adapter for my laptop, because my last one, Blew up...simple as that.
Now This is gonna have to be quick because i got somethings to get to, first and for most... the VMA's what a joke that was. I think the performances were all amazing, but i think the awards themselves were laughable. How does JT win Quadruple threat and BONO and Kanye don' makes no sense, i am a person who quiet often states his dismay with Bono, but i can't deny the guy that award... not by a long shot.

Rihanna video of the year.....JUSTICE got robbed, if we are marking on actually video, how D.A.N.C.E lost, i have no idea, goes to show you, put a girl in a maids outfit with an umbrella looking like she needs to get laid, and you will win...Effing ridiculous

JT male artist of the year, ya i can see it, it was plain to see he would win no matter how badly i wanted Kanye to win.

You know what, lets step aside a moment and talk about a special performance
BRITNEY SPEARS, now i am not gonne be the one to kick someone when they are down, i might point out the fact that they are down, but i won't's not my style.
Britney Spears....You get the opening slot, TOP BILLING, at the grandaddy of all comeback stages, the VMAs and what did you do with it. You walked around hap hazardously, you lip synce which last i checked when ashlee simpson did it EVERYONE FLIPPED, but when Brit does it everyone just goes " happens" and lastly you just flushed your career away, its sad because i was somewhat rooting for you. Infact i was singing "Born to make you happy" earlier that day....
The VMA's Came and went
the suite parties, coolest idea ever!
The actual awards

And if your wondering why i didn't mention Kid Rock and Tommy Lee.....simple its Kid Rock, who the hell cares what he has done in the last 7 years...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vick makes me Sick

So a news story that i waited to unfold to post my opinions is the Micheal Vick dog fighting thing. I usually wait till all info is out there before i state how i feel on certain topics. I am a huge believer in animal rights, They can't speak for themselves so some people gotta do it for them, i know hippie talk, but still!
You know the idea of Dog fights, i won't lie are pretty bitching, two dogs just goin ape shit on each other, it has to be somewhat entertaining much like a boxing match. What drives me nuts is the fact he brutally killed dogs, hanging them with barbed wires, he had rape post to breed more dogs and that he really didn't feel remorse, until he got caught. In fact he blamed everyone else before he took any responsibility for his actions.
I was reading a paper the other day that stated that "Vick feels remorse, and for the most part we should all forgive and forget." That right there is the benefit of having a good publicist to spin stories in your favour. Had he not been caught, would he really have stopped, would he have put on this grade A regretful act...hell no he would still be doing it. I don't see how anyone can really forget this.
The only people who can forgive and forget are people paid to do so, we call the GMs.
At the end of the day, Vick is a talented QB in the NFL so like it or not as soon as he is free, many teams will be quick to dish out contracts, and at the end of the day he still makes more money than most of us will see in a lifetime....
the system works...
Screw Vick!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Umm ya so its kind of a big thing...

SO i guess I am not 20, what does that mean...Really to be honest, it just means that i am half way to 40, if this is how good the first half has been the second half can only be better, can't it? I don't know what to say, i mean i really don't care much for my birthday anymore, to me i woke up today and my first thought was to continue watching nip/tuck and not that it's my ya
in conclusion
Happy birthday to Me

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Super BAD!

Want to see this badly! I think it looks amazing...i will post a review on monday because i shall be seeing it on sunday!

for a funny little interview, its a fake interview but funny none the less watch this!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

50 vs Kanye......throw your Diamonds in the SKY!

So unless you have been living under a rock, or frankly don't pay much attention to music news, you had to hear about the 50 vs Kanye debate...

so here is the back story to this one, Kanye's album was supposed to drop on Sept 18th while 50's was supposed to drop on September 4th, but both moved their dates to Sept 11. Kanye's was moved due to the hype behind it, and 50's because, well i dont really know. When 50 realized they would be battling that week he gave the idea to BET to have a "presidential" debate over who is the better rapper, and which is the better album. Besides being the lamest idea ever, for some reason 50 and BET loved the idea, when the asked Kanye what he thought of the idea...he said simply this.

"When I heard that thing about the debate, I thought that was the stupidest thing. When my albums drops and 50's album drops, you're gonna get a lot of good music at the same time"
Clearly this media hype attempt by 50 was shut down, but that didn't stop him from making one last attempt for media attention. 50 announced if Kanye's album out sells his he would "Retire" from music... the exact quote is
"Let's raise the stakes. If Kanye West sells more records than 50 Cent on September 11, I'll no longer write music. I'll write music and work with my other artists, but I won't put out any more solo albums."
Besides being the stupidest thing i ever heard, this made me only want the Kanye album more. Its like buying a bottle of pepsi you really want, and then realizing if you drink the pepsi you already want you get a free car...
So the retirement of 50 is in an essence a free car..and the cd is a bottle of Pepsi, or coke if you prefer that.
September 11th i will be goin out and buying a cd, and it will not be 50's...I ask that you all do the same and actually just go out and get Kanye's if you haven't heard his first 2 singles, they are both well made and frankly pushing boundaries in the hip hop genre, so you gotta just think how the album will be. I understand its free to download but this CD is more than a CD it has someone's career on the line. So lets fuckin end 50's CAREER!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gone for the Weekend

should be gone til monday expect a beefy blog on tuesday!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Soup can Dance

Here we go another SNL sketch i love, JT is the man!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Warped Disaster

So this Sunday that is approaching is the Warped Tour, in Montreal. Some of the bands that i really wanted to see where Coheed and Cambria, New Found Glory, The Starting Line.etc unfortunately due to uncontrollable reasons, i shall not be attending this year. In all honesty the Line-up isn't that spectacular, its good but a lot of these new-age punkers such as Ten Second Epic, are bands that i am not into. In fact i really haven't gone out of my way to check out a punk band in a while, simply due to the fact that the music is becoming so Formulaic. This is something that really has been bothering me, no band is really breaking the boundaries, but rather producing very radio friendly hits that they know will get played. Say what you will about, Fall out boy or Panic! At The Disco, but look at the music in their songs, they are incorporating a large range of instruments and more orchestrating rather than very repetitive bass, drum, guitar under some repetitive hook.
I am not saying these bands are not good, or that these bands need to be stopped, i am more on the side that music is plateauing and due to the plateau such songs as Umbrella can be number 1 hits, while much better music is out there..

Monday, July 30, 2007

New P-List, Holmes!

Yo, so i updated the playlist things i been listening to all summer! here are some recommendation, hope you like em!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ted Leo, I gotta love you

Amazing cover of Since U Been Gone, by Ted Leo.
One of my all time favourite pop songs, its a fact i like my Kelly Clarkson music loud, and all the time. This song is actually great on a musical and Lyrical stand point, hence why when someone covers it, it is just as good!
Here it is!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Editing glimerring hope...

Todays band is one that was formed in the most obvious of place, Staffordshire University majoring in Music Technology. They have gained a large indie following, particularly in England. Much like most indie bands in England, they all have a rather similar style and sound, this band is no different. The band is none other than The Editors!!

With their first album gaining such critical success, the second one would be met with as much anticipation as could be expected. The hype behind this album was quiet the site, from tv ads to overplaying tracks on the Radio. The hype was being built but would it match expectations. The new album is An End Has a Start

The album has a great feel to it, and has a lot of bright spots. The sound is very close to a Morrissey-esque sound, this sound is also very similar to Interpol. Much like most british pop, they find a sound that is new and unique, and then leech off it. I know that might have pissed off a lot of people, but it's true, they go in new direction and then every band does that exact sound. With that in mind, this is a great album; i would actually say, if you love this sound Buy this album! However when it comes to grading it, you gotta really look what's out there, and I am certain you can find better albums, by better artist. With all that being said, i love the album and highly enjoyed it, but there is little to no hold factor, to make me Keep listening.
MY Review 7.5/10
You like this style 9.7/10
You hate this style 3/10

Monday, July 23, 2007


Right now, i am at a cross road, trying to find out where i want to take this site. I have a couple of dilemma's so post will be spread out, but there will be some. Don't worry.
Go Check Out Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kanye West In Ottawa

Here Is a Video Of Kanye Live:

Now Kanye was a spectacle it wasn't just an amazing show, but he had everyone in love with him. In the crowd the umbrellas popped up before kanye came out, this led to many many Boos and Chirps to the people holding up the umbrellas. Side note who ever the hell brought that umbrella that could only be used for Al Roker, you need to die. This guy had like a 5 meter umbrella and was front row, i mean you just wanted to boot him in the head. Odds Are if the fella next to me could, he would have. Kanye walks out, and now i am official inside the person infront of me due to the ridiculous PUSHING of people behind me, which i am not complainin about...but it did get annoying when i wanted to reach in my pocket, and well just couldn't get in there. A-trak Was absolutely on fire, his remix of My Love by JT was ridiculous. And his increase in the amplitude was bang on. Kanye played all his hits and fan favourites such as Addiction and Get Em' High.

Kanye West had to be hands down the BEST live Show at Bluesfest
Rock goes to White Stripe
Fun factor Gogol Bordello or Alexisonfire
Band You probably didn't know and should have seen Built To Spill or Xavier Rudd
Biggest Let Down: Bob Dylan or Van Morrison
Band I wish i saw: Steve Miller Band
Biggest Shocker: Me liking Blue Rodeo
Biggest Douchebag: Bob Dylan