Tuesday, September 11, 2007

adapters, rappers and a whole lot of crossed wires!

Well i just got my adapter for my laptop, because my last one, Blew up...simple as that.
Now This is gonna have to be quick because i got somethings to get to, first and for most... the VMA's what a joke that was. I think the performances were all amazing, but i think the awards themselves were laughable. How does JT win Quadruple threat and BONO and Kanye don't...it makes no sense, i am a person who quiet often states his dismay with Bono, but i can't deny the guy that award... not by a long shot.

Rihanna video of the year.....JUSTICE got robbed, if we are marking on actually video, how D.A.N.C.E lost, i have no idea, goes to show you, put a girl in a maids outfit with an umbrella looking like she needs to get laid, and you will win...Effing ridiculous

JT male artist of the year, ya i can see it, it was plain to see he would win no matter how badly i wanted Kanye to win.

You know what, lets step aside a moment and talk about a special performance
BRITNEY SPEARS, now i am not gonne be the one to kick someone when they are down, i might point out the fact that they are down, but i won't kick...it's not my style.
Britney Spears....You get the opening slot, TOP BILLING, at the grandaddy of all comeback stages, the VMAs and what did you do with it. You walked around hap hazardously, you lip synce which last i checked when ashlee simpson did it EVERYONE FLIPPED, but when Brit does it everyone just goes "O....well...it happens" and lastly you just flushed your career away, its sad because i was somewhat rooting for you. Infact i was singing "Born to make you happy" earlier that day....
The VMA's Came and went
the suite parties, coolest idea ever!
The actual awards

And if your wondering why i didn't mention Kid Rock and Tommy Lee.....simple its Kid Rock, who the hell cares what he has done in the last 7 years...

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