Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Valedictorian Speech is needed after this graduation

Today's review is an artist that constantly reinvents a genre that is like a tire in mud, constantly spinning out records but nothing moves forward. This artist is one that is a huge influence to people in all genres, from metal fans to rock fans, this artist has a large fan base due to his production skills, and brilliant samples.
Ladies and gentleman the artist is none other than Kanye West!!!!

Kanye West, The Louis Vuitton Don, Louis the Fourteenth, Kanyizlle, Young Hov....the nicknames go on from there. He is the biggest thing to hit hip hop in the last couple years. His mastering of Soul samples over hip hop beats made him one of the most sought after producers in a long time. The pure passion that he puts into his work is beyond noticeable, when he speaks people listen. His mouth, for better or for worse, is unfiltered and with that, you get things like "George Bush Doesn't care about Black people" or him jumping on stage to steal awards. none the less...his work speaks for itself, with that said his latest effort is Graduation!!!!

Graduation, one of if not this years most anticipated album, was Graduation. In this album he erased almost all of his previous style of using soul samples over hip hop beat, and instead goes for a more Synth filled album featuring samples as Daft Punk or Micheal Jackson's P.Y.T.. This album compared to his last 2 albums is harder to judge, this album will 100% grow on you, no song will jump out at you like Gold digger or through the wire, don't expect Jesus Walks, but at the same time, get ready to be blown away. Songs like Champion, I Wonder and Big Brother, a tribute about his love/hate relationship with Jay-Z, all hit high notes. The low parts are songs like Drunk and Hot Girls, which is actually saved in the end by the soulful rhyming by Mos Def. There are high points and low points, i absolutely love this album, but i am a Kanye fanatic. This is a strong buy if you like Kanye, please listen to Homecoming (feat. Chris Martin).

My Review 9/10
IF you Like Rap 8.7/10
IF you Hate Rap 7/10

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