Saturday, January 5, 2008

Brit's Got Skillz, y'all

Today there will be no video, but there will be my views on something rather hilarious. Ever get involved in something so badly that when you finally take a step back you realize,
a)why the fuck do you care so much
and b) When will it end.

This is how i look at Britney Spear's child custody fight. I sat on my lap top clicked my news feed and saw that she was carried away from her house in a stretcher, I also found out she lost all custody. Now Britney has some skills, she lost Custody of her kids to K-fed. I mean you have got to go out of your way to look and present yourself as a bigger dirt bag than Kevin Federline. It truly is amazing. I kinda feel bad for the kids, i mean look at who they got as parents, i am happy looking back at my life that i had stable parents.

Now Britney, what does it take for you to learn to just STAY AT HOME i been saying this for a year now, look no you can't go to the grocery store without photographers following you, no you can't go "catch a flick" without people being there, and finally NO YOU CAN'T GO TO THE CLUBS! People are only there to find you at your worse, so stop feeding them news. Case and point , and trust me i have said it before, PARIS HILTON. That girl has managed to get her name off the headlines on a daily basis simply by not being an idiot and goin to clubs every night, and causing scenes for all to see...It just amazes me that K-fed is seen to be a fit Father and awarded sole custody while Britney is seen as a terrible mother...chalk it up to the price of fame, i will just say this, Rehab isn't gonna solve anything, I think it's a joke now in the celebrity world, but people goin to real rehab to really solve their problem, good on ya!

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