Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hall Of Shame (cliche I know)

Yesterday the news reported the death of Pat Burns. This time unfortunately they were right. I grew up a Leafs fan and unfortunately I remember particularly the 92 season on. Pat Burns was their coach he would always be yelling at players, refs and on a few occasions going over to fight the other team's coach. This past year it became clear that Pat Burns would be leaving us to, it also was clear that this 3-time Jack Adams award winner and Stanley Cup winner would be in the Hall of Fame but for one reason or another, they decided to exclude him off this years list. This is a true shame, it is abundantly clear he will be in it one day, and the fact he could have been alive to see it and the NHL chose not to let that happen is a damn shame.
When he finally does get admitted to the Hall Of Fame, and he will. I can't help but think this moment will forever be tainted, they could have done right by him, and chose not to.

RIP Pat Burns, your fire and passion as a coach is yet to be matched.

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