Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Making Dreams Come True part 2

Again this year I auditioned for the Amman Comedy Festival and although I was close (so I was told) I didn't make the finals...Darn.

It's quite alright the first two goals I ever had when I started comedy was to perform in NYC and perform in front of my friends in Canada, I accomplished both this summer so for me, my comedy bucket list is complete everything now is just icing on this beautiful cake.

At the show in NYC I got to see the Very Funny Mohamed Mohamed. He was super nice and super funny all around a great guy. Mohamed(x2) got into the FINALS! So I will gladly lend out my support and hope you do to, SO PLEASE! Take 5 seconds to just cast your vote HERE you will be sent a confirmation email. Put it this way it will take you like a minute but it really could make all the difference in a guys life and frankly everyone needs a hand every once and a while.

Mohamed Mohamed to Amman, to quote Diddy LET'S GO!

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Mohamed said...

Thanks for the post man I really appreciate it. This is the video of the comedy show that Rams & I and it's my song called "you put the laugh in falafel" enjoy! And thanks again Rams for the support - I hope to do another show with you soon man. And to all that are seeing this please vote.