Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Alright so its a known fact that i was BEYOND disappointed with Angels and Airwaves first effort, "We don't need to whisper", so of course when i heard they had a new disc i was ready to tear it to shreds. I got the album, I listened to it and well it didn't suck....The album got rid of all the 3 minute intros, now it is there a bit, but not as much as the first one. The other good thing is you could tell the difference between one song and another. The lyrics are actually well written and seem to be pretty close to Tom, especially Rite of Spring.
Now i feel at times, Tom tries a bit hard, stretching his vocal abilities to do something it can't and shouldn't. At least he tries, i will give him that.
My advice is more or less to check the album out, it is a real hit or miss, with this band. If you loved the first album then you will love this one, if you were impartial than you will probably enjoy it, if you hated it you could find a song or two on this disc you will enjoy.
My favourite song is True Love...the lyrics are just too good to ignore.

My Review 7/10
If you love this style 9/10
If you hate this style 4/10

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