Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cop-a-feel, copperfield, abra-kadabra!

So in news, Copperfield being charged with rape...ITS DAVID COPPERFIELD! he has walked through the great wall of china, Levitated over the grand Canyon, and made the statue of liberty Disappear. Now a couple of years ago he claimed that his next trick was gonna be his impregnating a girl live on stage, without touching her...let's say its a good thing he didn't go through with this, because man would that had backfired on his suit. All i gotta say is its David Copperfield, it's just hard to believe. I mean this guy can get mad ass, think about all the tricks he can pull at a bar, and make a floating pen appear so she writes her number...

(if only it was that easy)
Now let's be honest folks Many Celebs get called out as in "they raped" someone. I hope this is all a lie to extort money. Lets be honest its just a shocker to see someone as family friendly as him get accused.
Lets all hope he makes this disappear....
No real good albums i have seen worth checking out, or reviewing. I have the american gangster album by Jay-Z and I-empire.
I won't lie I haven't fully sat down with either album so expect those in the coming days, just right now I have mad Tests and a lot of paperwork involving a car i purchased to do, so just check back, should be something up tomorrow or the day after!

keep er' easy

if you really think about it, david copperfield is a magician, if he was gonna rape you, he would so be able to do it without you knowing...remember he walked through the great wall of china....I know i know, I really hope he is innocent i am just helpin his defense, if it goes to court they should just say something like "Your owner please observe (then have him walk through something) and just be like....ya exactly he is that damn good!"

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