Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nissan...They must love the Crack Pipe

Ok so at the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan felt the need to unveil some of the most EFFED up concept cars i have seen in a good while, now we all know lately cars in japan have resembled toys, but these ones look like the toys you would bring to show and tell and get beat up for how big a wuss you were...
The First is the surprisingly Small and to any future buyer will be seen as their biggest mistake in no time....it is the PIVO2

Photo credit: Bruce Whitaker
Ya for everyone 5'9" and taller this car isn't for you...IF you get laid in this car, you are a god...or she is very easy...don't be too proud..but the wheels can rotate 360 so parralel parking is way too easy.

The next car looks like a red Darth Vader Duck....seriously its called the Round Box or as it is called R.D B.X

Photo Credit: Perry Stern

This last one is just a Sick Van, the back can be customized if i had my way with it, it would be loaded with amps, guitars, drums and keyboards so we can roll out and rock out on the go... this is the NV 2000

Photo Credit: Rod Hatfield
Won't lie would be sick to have in Black!

It's official Nissan really wants to stand out in a crowd...Now i used to drive an Altima and man i miss that thing, if any of these cars can do half of what that car could it would be sick.

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