Monday, December 10, 2007

...And yet again....The American Legal System Fails...

Well...I just got some Breaking News!
Micheal Vick gets many years do you think
4...would be smart cause it would eff his career over
3...Still no, i know the hell!
2...almost, close but just too much to give him 2 years.
23 months..perfect!

So Micheal Vick, gets 23 months, lets recall some of the things he has done. Hanging dogs by Razor Wires, Shooting them, Attaching them to "rape" posts to breed more, makng them fight to the death, strangling, drowning...Let's just say a lot of stuff. Yet, all he gets is 23 months. This bugs me, i am sorry i thought for once, the American government will finally show people not all celebrities get away with Everything, well unfortunately they proved me wrong.
I am effing disgusted, i can't see how this is justice. I am not saying that the life of a dog is equal to human, i am saying that senseless killin of Hundreds of Dogs...comes pretty freakin close.
Congrats Vick, you still make me sick!

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