Monday, December 3, 2007

World Aids Days...belated i know

So December 1st was World AIDs day...this video was made...its quite crazy really

But what intrigued me was the comments under the video, people just got into a full on argument over how to deal with it and how you get it....People were smack talkin and saying such well...just awful things such as, and mind the language, "man tie a knot around their dicks"... How can someone say that. Some people suggest Quarantining them... Again completely thoughtless and just idiotic. None the less all the comments had me absolutely shocked how such a simple thing as a video raising AIDs awareness could be turned into a forum of smack talk. Seriously people talk big online but in real life wouldn't say half the shit they say. People gotta learn when to say things and personally Aids awareness video should never have such pointless arguments.

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