Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Comedy: I really need Thicker Skin.

Tomorrow, or today...Is gonna be my first time on stage since my only real sub-par set. I had a confrontation with an audience member over her heckling my performance and my returning said heckling. I walked off stage, half the crowd was on my side, the other wasn't. In my head though it felt like everyone hated me. I couldn't look anyone in the face, I simply left, got in my car and drove home. That drive was one of the few times i didn't play any music. I just sat in the car and thought about what went wrong. How did something I felt so good about go sour.

Anyone that knows me, knows I really am a nice guy and truly hate offending or upsetting anyone. I tried to explain to the audience member, how hard it is to perform, and if I did something to offended her, feel free to tell me after. Due to it being in the heat of the moment it probably came out a lot worse than it should. I haven't seen the audience member since, I hold no resentment, and frankly am sorry it ended how it did. I should have just let it go, but unfortunately I love working a crowd, it's been one of my favourite things to do while performing.

Today I am hitting the stage since that show. My ego is severely bruised, my mojo feels empty. I just am really scared she will be in the audience with her friends and boo...It's a nightmare of mine really. I'll go on tomorrow, do my best and hopefully things will go alright.
As I go to sleep I hope to wake up with thicker skin though, cause if one person got me this bad, how will I handle Bloggers.



Jiash Wu said...


You'll be alright. I'd tell you to forget about it, but you simply can't shrug those things off. All you can do is continue.

Your story reminds me of when I see people write lousy comments on Youtube. It's supremely easy to put people down when you're not in the spotlight, whether you're leaving a textual comment or heckling some comedian while sitting in the shadows.

Take care, champ.

Sara said...

You'll do perfectly well!! You just need to know it. You. will. do. perfectly. well.

I have witnessed said incident. And I know that's the worst that could happen anyway, so there's pretty much nothing to worry about, right?