Saturday, October 30, 2010

Comedy: Post Show

The Show went well, I will start with that.

I had my flaws, but then again, I am yet to see a comedian have a flawless set, it's pretty damn hard. I started off coming out to "Night By Night" by Chromeo. I have to say this is one of the best calls I have made for intro music, since "Roc Boys.." By Jay-Z. This pumped me up and led to some dancing. The sound people refused to cut the song when I asked them to so it led to more dancing, which led to bigger dancing revolving around the idea of "TURN THE FUCKING SONG OFF!" none the less I had a blast dancing and making the crowd love it, so frankly it worked out for the best...note to self MORE DANCING!

I made a fatal flaw, I arranged my jokes wrong, I did the grape leaves joke as my kick off and I think it's too fast a joke to get the crowd into it, I should have done Aladdin first. Aladdin killed as usual and Wizeer/Wizard was a great ender. Right there, Right there is where I should have said good night and walk off, instead I did the joke on the guitar.

This joke was taken out the night before, but as I got there, they informed me they fixed all the kinks and I was going to do it. I wasn't prepared, the sound was awful and the lights were intimidating, the joke didn't really hit. It's fine tho, 3/4 isn't too bad, right? Right!

This show was more than a do well show, this show was one to make me comfortable again. I had a blast, I think the lighting was awful as well as the sound. The audience was fully lit, so it was really really hard to get in the groove when you can see EVERY SINGLE PERSON, the sound was a constant battle, but frankly I think the show was a hit. Mo' Love Did well, Shaheen got a bit screwed over due to some argument between security and three ladies*. Peter Zarief Is hands down one of my favourite arabic Comedians, he truly is a great stage presence, Ali Quandil is someone I love to see, what I love most is how quiet and to himself he is. He just sits backstage by himself, goes up kills, and walks back to his spot, respect. Mike Beteyah was beyond nice. He made us all feel like super stars, he was supportive, nice and constantly cracking us up a Great guy. Ronnie Khalil's nickname is "The Real Deal Khalil" this is no coincidence. He writes like a beast, is constantly doing new jokes and frankly just a work horse. He is a very serious person about his comedy and that I respect, His work ethic makes my head hurt. Lastly K.Mansour, just a funny guy, really annoying fact, You will be like "check out my Homer Simpson impression" And he responds with a bang on perfect one...ya kind of annoying, damn his voice abilities!

Great Time, I am happy people gave me a second chance to make them laugh and liking what I did.


*These three ladies felt that they deserve to sit in the 125LE level when they only paid 100LE. When they got caught instead of politely going to their seat they felt the need to yell scream and be absolutely horribly inconsiderate people. I've gone from the 300 level at sens games to 100 Level, but if I got caught, ya I'd go back. They really made it hard for Shaheen and really robbed a lot of people of some great comedy, Please people stay in your seats, and be nice to those around you!

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I don't know how to describe my feeling right now, and am sure that you remember that am not good enough in English :D
You touched me, maybe touching me isn't a difficult mission, but you did it gently
special thanks for you

This is English .. right ? :D