Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fail Warning: Glee

I am pretty sure the title of this blog will probably get peoples attention, that is ultimately the purpose of a title. Before I even begin writing on this topic, I will start saying I have actually been watching Glee from episode 1. Yes, in May 2009 (I believe). Jane Lynch's opening line "You think that's hard? Try being water-boarded" had me sold. The song performances were amazing, I have been a fan of a-capella performances for a while, the Ben Folds university Glee club record made me fall in love with the art.

Glee was created by Ryan Murphy of Nip/Tuck fame and he promised it wouldn't be anything like High School Musical. IF you watched the first half of season 1 it had the dark sense of humour fans of Nip/Tuck loved, unfortunately each episode seemed more and more water downed then the last. By the start of the second half season 1 I was almost ready to throw in the towel, I felt that everything I enjoyed about the show was pretty much being killed. As soon as they announced they were making a Madonna episode, I started tuning out. I hate gimmicks, as you saw in the HIMYM blog, you can see I think guest stars and show ideas like "the musical" episode are horrible attempts to build interest. This is called in the industry as "Jumping the Shark."

The Madonna episode wasn't horrible, it was a bit redundant at times, but overall it was actually somewhat enjoyable. Then they announced a Gaga-esque episode, this was hands down one of the most over the top episodes of anything I have ever seen. Yes, we get it Kurt is gay, I personally never use the F** word, but I don't give speeches every time I hear it. The speech given by Kurt's dad was the most laughable attempt to deliver a power speech, but unfortunately the speech was shitty and the acting matched the writing. I pretty much now couldn't give a crap about this show, sure I will watch it, but frankly I couldn't care about the characters anymore. I really just watched it because it was something my Fiancee and I would do together, and I love ruining shows for her.

What made me really gain interest in the show again was Matthew Morrison announcing no Britney episode would ever happen and that the finale was actually REALLY good.

This brings us to Season 2...I know a bit of a read just to get to the main point but hey, my blog, my rules.

Season 2 started with somewhat a decent episode, it kinda had the feeling of old glee, but then episode 2 happened. Britney Spears's Manager started a Twitter and Facebook campaign to get her an episode. I will admit that Britney Spears, like it or not, is somewhat one of the artist that has had the most significance on our generation. The episode felt like nails on a chalkboard. I hated every second of it, in fact I knew it sucked when my fiancee turned and looked at me and said "Wow, this sucks." The only people I know who enjoyed it, are Britney Fans, in fact I am pretty sure I could have taken a dump, put a tape recorder in it and have it sing 'Hit Me One More Time.." And Britney Spears fans would love it, matter of fact...I think I would watch that Youtube clip 30 times before I watch that episode again. The episode made no logical sense, a fact they admit in the episode itself. The Curly Hair guy needs to fucking go, that guy just annoyed me. The performance that was probably the best ("..One More Time") got ruined due to that kid.

Glee will probably go on for a while, but I feel the people who it originally targeted are more alienated than there new found fame amongst high schoolers, the people they originally said this show wasn't for. Ryan Murphy may feel the show is unstoppable but remember The O.C. was once seen as invincible.

Thanks for reading. Stop Sucking Glee.

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