Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cairo Lovers Club

I was tinkering with the idea of getting a group of people from Cairo to write essays and stories about past failed romances in the capital. I still wanna do it but am looking for people interested so if you are sign off below!
This was a small excerpt I wrote for the book that would be a filler between essays/stories. It's about the ridiculousness of MSN in conversations in Egypt, and how when I asked a girl if she wanted to catch a movie she said "I had to meet her parents first" which was insane to me.

Cairo MSN Chat:
The death of Romance

Sam: Hey Sou

CrazySou: Sammmmmmmmmy,, Wahasny AWI! Hru

Sam: I’m good el7, how are you doing?

CrazySou: im sooooo gr8 el7 :-D wut r u ^ 2?

Sam: Well I just got in from Sa7el which was nice, spent some time with friends. This
summer has been great. I found myself really missing you and our talks.

CrazySou: LOOOOOOOOOL I MIISSS YOU 2!!! Begad! n I wnted to C U!

Sam: Ya, I spent a while wondering what we can do. Remember how you told me you wanted to go to that Swedish Film Festival that is at the embassy. I thought it would be a great time if we go to this little place I know, they serve Italian food, which I don’t know if you like, do you like Italian?

CrazySou: Akeeeeed yabny! Italian food is da BEST! Wut a stupid ? :-P

Sam: Ya I guess, just didn’t want to make you eat something you hated.

CrazySou: If I h8d it I wuld ave told u silly!

Sam: Ugh…ya. Look I have to go grab something brb.

CrazySou: Tyt

Sam: What?

CrazySou: Take your Time

Sam: Oh…I’m just grabbing some tea, but Thanks.

CrazySou: iwn

Sam: Sorry what?

CrazySou: It Was Nothing

Sam: Oh…ok, ya so grabbing the tea

CrazySou: tyt

Sam: I’m back

Crazy Sou: wb

Sam: What?

CrazySou: Welcome Back, hwz da T?

Sam: Oh thanks, the tea is good. Look so would you like to go the movie with me.

CrazySou: R U Stupid?! I luv U, Akeed I wanna Go w/U. Bos Bokra Im bussssssssssy faskh,,,,but h bout Tuesday.

Sam: Ya, but this is really the first date, Surely you can’t love me.

CrazySou: Yany, I luv you like I luv reading and writing.

Sam: So not that much.

CrazySou: wut?

Sam: Oh it’s just you shorten everything, it was a joke.

CrazySou: La2 Keda Kateeeer Awi. I dun like dis. I dun like dis @ all. U R NOT DA MAN I MET! La2 Shokran. U R CRAZY! :-S

Sam: Sorry It was just a joke.

CrazySou: Do I look Stupid? Lew kan Joke, U wuld rite LOL or JK or haha or :-P. Im
sorry, This is not gonna work. BY >:-E

Sam: Look Sou…@-{--- I’m sorry, here’s a rose.


End OF Conversation

Hope you liked it. I got one or two more excerpt laying around I might toss up


Hashem "Hashem!" El Garhy said...

Hilarious as usual Boraie. OMG! So True Begad Walahy!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious as usual Boraie. OMG! So True Begad Walahy!