Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She must have Blacked out when she released this!

I been putting myself through torture. Sure i sent most of the worst albums to Doyle, but there have been some horrible albums i have dealt with. Ozzy Osbourne's, Rhianna's, Linkin Park's (it was pretty brutal).....well the list goes on, but frankly this album had to be one of the worst things i have ever listened to.
Britney Spears....

Look, I really wanted to give this a chance, let's all remember we all liked one britney song at one point or another. Slave 4 U...what a great club hit...Now this whole album is gold...If you enjoy clubbing songs. the abuse the perfect pitch tool has faced on this album is beyond obvious. Hey people you know how you think that robotic vocal effect is so cool...ya most of the time that's just the perfect pitch trying to get the singer on key. This is a flimsy album beyond recognition. I can see people jamming to it, because it has that girls goin out feel, but frankly on actually merits its shit. PRODUCTION wise, the beats are solid, but Lyrically and vocally this is as much fun as stabbing yourself in the ear with a dull pencil.
Every song sounds way too similar. Bass Beat, Synth, Pointless add ons like "Ohh" or "ahh" just to make you think she is getting nailed while recording, which wouldn't be that far fetched...
Look, if you enjoyed Gimme More this is an album for you, if you have taste than you would know my review

MY Review 0/10
if you like this style...god help you might as well go all the way if you will admit it 10/10...self-respect 0/10
If you hate this style 0/10

Ps The Art Work looks so cheap and terrible, man does anyone still find her hot? seriously!

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