Friday, July 6, 2007

Bobby D and City And Colour

So I am done one day at the bluesfest and both artist that i saw where quiet good. I will start with City and Colour (Dallas Green). Now this would be my second time in a row seeing him in the summer, so it was quiet nice. He always knows how to entertain the crowd and have everyone get involved. He has a great stage presence and amazing vocal skills. Hearing him was just a treat, and he tossed in a few covers for some of the older folks. It would be hard for me to find a reason why he wasn't enjoyable, i left near the end to set myself up for a great spot to watch BOB DYLAN!
Now when Bob Dylan, a legend, walks out on the stage, there is not much you can say but wow. After pinching myself to realize I am seeing him alive, I started to wonder if he would speak to us. I heard he doesn't banter much anymore, but from a guy who said he used to talk more than play music, you'd expect a "hello, Thanks for coming" or "Let's start a revolution tonight Ottawa!" or even "Can you turn my Monitors up". But alas we got nothing, I mean ZERO not even a thanks for coming. It bothered me to a point where i was getting mad. Now i won't take away from the performance because it was one of the few shows i been to where the vocals came out loud and clear, only problem was well if you ever listened to Bob Dylan the fun is making out the vocals. HE was a great time, and truly was a treat to see him on stage.
All in all 1 day down and a bunch more to go!
This is to anyone/EVERYONE bringing lawn chairs. Do me a Favour there is a spot inbetween the stages set up for you to sit and watch the shoe, so people that want to stand can, but being in the front area with "death Traps" aka Chairs folded up on the floor or set up with no one Close to sitting on it, its just Effing annoying. 4 times i almost twisted my ankle on a god damn folded up chair. I don't mind bringing chairs, hell i will be doin for some shows, but It takes up a lot of room and is a nuisance when its in the bloody area near the stage. PLUS I am yet to see ANYONE in that area SIT ON ONE! Folks do me a favour and just sit in the mid section if you have chairs, its safer, smarter and yes, you can still see!.
Today's menu consist of Kid Koala! I am hopin to see a lack of chairs.

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