Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kanye West In Ottawa

Here Is a Video Of Kanye Live:

Now Kanye was a spectacle it wasn't just an amazing show, but he had everyone in love with him. In the crowd the umbrellas popped up before kanye came out, this led to many many Boos and Chirps to the people holding up the umbrellas. Side note who ever the hell brought that umbrella that could only be used for Al Roker, you need to die. This guy had like a 5 meter umbrella and was front row, i mean you just wanted to boot him in the head. Odds Are if the fella next to me could, he would have. Kanye walks out, and now i am official inside the person infront of me due to the ridiculous PUSHING of people behind me, which i am not complainin about...but it did get annoying when i wanted to reach in my pocket, and well just couldn't get in there. A-trak Was absolutely on fire, his remix of My Love by JT was ridiculous. And his increase in the amplitude was bang on. Kanye played all his hits and fan favourites such as Addiction and Get Em' High.

Kanye West had to be hands down the BEST live Show at Bluesfest
Rock goes to White Stripe
Fun factor Gogol Bordello or Alexisonfire
Band You probably didn't know and should have seen Built To Spill or Xavier Rudd
Biggest Let Down: Bob Dylan or Van Morrison
Band I wish i saw: Steve Miller Band
Biggest Shocker: Me liking Blue Rodeo
Biggest Douchebag: Bob Dylan

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