Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Editing glimerring hope...

Todays band is one that was formed in the most obvious of place, Staffordshire University majoring in Music Technology. They have gained a large indie following, particularly in England. Much like most indie bands in England, they all have a rather similar style and sound, this band is no different. The band is none other than The Editors!!

With their first album gaining such critical success, the second one would be met with as much anticipation as could be expected. The hype behind this album was quiet the site, from tv ads to overplaying tracks on the Radio. The hype was being built but would it match expectations. The new album is An End Has a Start

The album has a great feel to it, and has a lot of bright spots. The sound is very close to a Morrissey-esque sound, this sound is also very similar to Interpol. Much like most british pop, they find a sound that is new and unique, and then leech off it. I know that might have pissed off a lot of people, but it's true, they go in new direction and then every band does that exact sound. With that in mind, this is a great album; i would actually say, if you love this sound Buy this album! However when it comes to grading it, you gotta really look what's out there, and I am certain you can find better albums, by better artist. With all that being said, i love the album and highly enjoyed it, but there is little to no hold factor, to make me Keep listening.
MY Review 7.5/10
You like this style 9.7/10
You hate this style 3/10

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