Monday, July 9, 2007

Stripes of white!

So last night i got to see one of the bands i was most stoked to see at this years bluesfest. THE WHITE STRIPES. Now this is a band that supposedly has a live show that is through the roof. Now i won't lie i didn't know A LOT of their stuff but i knew enough to get by, GET BY I DID! Jack White and Meg White come out and just from start to finish rocked the hell out of you. Every time you think it can't get better it does just that, gets that much better. Remember how I said Bob Dylan didn't talk to the crowd, well for the first couple of songs neither did they, but then when they did, it was short, sweet and to the point. They had an amazing stage presence and had people in the crowd loving them all the way through. This is a definite MUST SEE band. The bar has been set by the White Stripes now lets see if any band can battle them for this years KING OF BLUESFEST.
Note to Tall people:
I HATE YOU, you are always in my way at shows and then when i find a good place, you seem to magically find it too and stand DIRECTLY in front of me..CUT IT OUT!
blah i hate my shortness.
Anyways White Stripes were Killer. Now lets see BUILT TO SPILL!

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