Thursday, July 12, 2007

MY thoughts on Drugs and Celebrities

Personally lately we all have been hearing about Lindsay Lohan's Cocaine issue, Paris Hilton's Pot smoking and well Britney Spear's...well Britney Spears and whatever is in her Medicine Cabinet (sounds like a Harry Potter Title. Personally when did we become blind, and think that Celebrities are perfect angels. Now i don't do Drugs, not my thing, but at the same time i can list over 100 people off the top of my head that i know smoked pot, i can list 50 who have done cocaine, i can list 25 who have done hard drugs and about 30 that have done Prescription Pills. None of those people I really think are bad people, in fact some of them are my closest and best friends in the world. So what if Paris Hilton Smokes Weed, do we really give a shit, think last night, you were probably at a party with people smoking Weed. So what do we just think that all celebrities have to be role models. Well i agree with that, only why do we have to focus on their flaws. If Nicole Richie did charity work, or Paris Hilton did something for make a wish, that would not be written about, not by a long shot. Yet, if they smoke a little weed thats front page worthy news. I find it pitiful, that there are people who make a career out of it. Now i Used to be a Chronic Perez Hilton Reader, then I heard about him mocking a baby just saying "What an ugly baby!" After that I kinda just got upset and thought, how low have i sunk, that I actually made a guy whose career is about writing on other people's lives, famous himself. Look Celebrities are young, let them do their shit, let them learn their life lessons, and for the love of god having a drink on the weekend, every weekend doesn't make you an ALCOHOLIC!
People can we just stop putting them on Hero status, and realize they are just like you and me, let them smoke, drink and piss in peace.
Side note If you can avoid Perez Hilton because I can't get behind a guy who smack talks a baby!

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