Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For You, Mr Wu.

I used to blog, I used to blog a lot. I used Myspace as a journal, then tragedy struck and I lost interest in letting people know how I was feeling. When times are rough the last thing you want is people to know, I created this blog at first to be about things I like music, movies and clothes...primarily shoes. That didn't go according to plan, it really became a platform for reviewing albums and giving my advice on music. That was a lot of fun, but time consuming I no longer had the luxury to sit around and listen to a new album was just not feasible. I then decided to put up videos I found and liked, that was fun, yet it really was just a cop out, it was too easy. Now I sit here about to relaunch the site, why????....simple for my friend Jiash Wu to have something to read at work. So this my first post, I will try hard to update every day but for the most part, I look forward to just typing, I love nothing more than writing. I live in Egypt most of the year and I find that if I don't practice enough my typing and grammar becomes weaker. I would hate to lose my grip on the english language and all its plentiful rules!

Last night was one of those nights you have a feeling is gonna be a good night. Mike and I just got back in town from a great weekend at Osheaga and spirits were at an all time high. We made our way to meet with Nate and Starbucks and head over to Bond's. Bond's house was a lovely little place that got hot pretty quick but got even more out of hand at the same time. Playing games, doing chin ups, playing his guitar, Mike creating abstract art by putting a garbage can in the Oven? And last but not least the mosaic of objected hurled onto his bed for no reason. It was just a night of pure fun. I must admit the night was turned a bit serious when Victoria was cut above the eye, but thanks to awesome initiative she was taken care of by friends (I believe the name is Frasier, didn't catch the other girls and Mike). The rest of the night was just filled of Rock Band and pool thanks to the QP. That said it just shows how nice being in a new place can be when the people are this nice.
I hope this blog keeps people entertained, thanks for reading!

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