Friday, August 7, 2009


Yesterday I was reading around and surfing the web when I found an article about a group of online prankster that originated in my hometown of Windsor, Ontario. They ran a website that would feature people's prank calls, which sounds remotely harmless. Sadly prank calls are not what they used to be. I can remember when growing up it was always fun to make the odd call to a buddy pretending to be someone else, or calling the random funny last name in the phonebook and just laughing. I never said I was the most mature kid. Now, it appears that these people would call up random businesses or people in hotels and pretend to be some type of government body or security team. The two instances that were discussed were when they called a hotel room and told the occupant that there was a gas leak and he had to smash his window to allow it to go out and that he should bust his television to ensure no sparks cause a fire. I would like to think that I would realize smashing my window would bring in more oxygen which could fuel the fire more, and that smashing my television could inevitably create sparks during that process, but given the circumstances who knows? I am pretty sure if someone frantically scares me enough in the heat of the moment I would probably crack under the pressure. The other event was a caller called a KFC and convinced two female works that they must pull the chemical shower, and then informed them it could be toxic so they should go outside and remove all clothing. Ridiculous as it may sound, it's a bit worse knowing that it was winter outside. The question now is how is one to charge these guys? They didn’t do it they just ran the website. I feel as if some form of justice should be served especially for the victims, but how would you justify it. Sadly no charges have been made yet, all we can do is stay informed so that when we get such calls we are smart enough to see through it.

On a completely different note John Hughes directed some of my favourite movies, from The Breakfast Club to Ferris Bueller, hell even Home Alone the man really owned my childhood. It is with great sadness i must say Rest in Peace and thanks for the memories. You will be remembered as one of the best comedic directors from the 80's.

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