Monday, August 10, 2009

Signals Over Hannah Montana?

As some of you may have heard a 53 years old man was charged with stalking Miley Cyrus this past week, he alleges that he spoke to her through her TV show 'Hannah Montana'. I decided to sit down tonight and take in an episode Hannah Montana and see what it said to me. Now allow me to recap the episode as fast as possible so we can get to the break down of communications. Miley's dad went on a date with Lily(I think that's her name)'s mom. While on the date the dad wanted to pay for dinner but the mom wouldn't let him which ended the date, this was a huge blow for their friendship because they were hoping to be sister. This led to both girls taking sides and inevitably having a huge fight in the middle of a class presentation. The presentation was of Miley's country giving Lily's country some fish as a gift, but Lily's country refused to take it and insisted to pay (do you see the connection). This led to throwing and putting of fish under each other shirts and a huge fish fight where the whole class threw CGI fishes. Miley and Lily sneaked their way out and talked it over and everything ended with Miley singing as Hannah Montana.

Besides all the bad writing that comes with Hannah Montana, I would be lying if i didn't say it has become one of my guilty pleasures. I grew up on Family Channel and till today if I wake up before 11am on a Saturday I most certainly tuning into ABC's Saturday Mornings. I normally would never admit this but i think this is important for people to know, so they don't think I am just an ass making fun of a kids show. I think that this guy follows a chain of people who all believe that past celebrities have spoken to them through messages on TV, the most famous being John Lennon vs Mark David Chapman. I was so intrigued by that story, I always wished that I could see what he saw. Now we have our new age Mark David Chapman in this stalker and I wish nothing more to ask him how? How does anything in Hannah Montana speak out to you?
The writing might be something he felt spoke out to him, that's great but Miley Cyrus doesn't write the show, so that wouldn't be her doing and would be the writers.
The way she does things in the show, that would be due to instructions by the director, again not Miley Cyrus.
The objects in the room, well that would be the set designer and again not Miley Cyrus.
I find it absolutely ridiculous that people can say with a straight face they are being talk to through songs or shows, it absurd, thinking that a fish being thrown at Miley Cyrus indicates that she wants you to follow her to the coast line, so that you can jump her would be making a pretty big stretch. This begs the question, why is this guy allowed to walk around? Shouldn't there be some type of therapy or something set up and not just a restraining order. I mean you can say it's a restraining order but frankly I am not convinced, I think that is putting a bandage on a leak. I truly hope that something stronger than a restraining order is in the works.

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