Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Canadian Candy Conspiracy

I am one of those people who when he notices something change it drives you nuts. I grew up being a fan of candy, most people were, but I actually had favourite companies. You named a candy and I could name the maker. I used to have 2 favourite companies, and it's safe to say they are two most people like, Wonka and Allan's confectionery. There were times where my friend and I would sit around and debate which of those two are better. Wonka had Nerds and Allan's had Fuzzy Peaches. This debate was never settled, it was just too difficult although if you ask me now-a-days, the answer is the same, they both are just too damn good. a couple of years ago probably 2007 I noticed something about Fuzzy Peaches, Sour Patch Kids and Sour Cherry Blasters, not only did they have new packaging but the bunny like Allan's logo was no more, now it was Maynard's. This bugged me, it made me wonder would the gummy now be more of a Wine Gum and less of the Fuzzy Peach? To my satisfaction the candy tasted more or less the same. I just assumed that Maynard's bought Allan and that was that. Recently on Canada Day I was in a convenience store where I noticed something cause my head to turn, Allan was back, but with their less popular but equally awesome candies. A new line of Allan was now available in new packaging offering "Watermelon slices", "Big Foot" and "Peach Slices". I was left wondering what this meant? Did they re-open? What happened to Maynard's and is the factory in Mississauga still open? As far as I can figure The Allan Company has fully separated from Cadbury and is now trying to re-establish it's name. This will be a bit of an uphill climb seeing as it lost the names of it's popular products, so I really think I will take charge and advise you all to follow suite. DO NOT BUY Fuzzy Peaches, Sour Patch Kids or Cherry Blasters instead purchase the Allan's Peach Slices, Cherry Slices and Sour Fruit Slices. That way we could help the rebirth of one of Canada's greatest candy company, and most importantly support the true creators of Fuzzy Peaches!


Evilfactor said...

The problem is, it seems that the original recipes stayed with Maynard's - the new 'Peach Slices', at least, are an inferior recipe more similar to the knockoff generics. Such a shame, selling off our candy heritage to big multinational corporations. :(

Ramitron 5000 said...

It truly is sad. I feel Maynard's really just sucked the soul out of such a great brand, seeing that Gigantic "MAYNARD'S" logo just saddens me.