Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MusiCyde..The Death Of Music

When I come home every summer I try my hardest to hear as many new bands people are listening to as possible. Last year it was safe to say Lil Wayne was on everyone's playlist. This year however I haven't had as many bands stand out, but there is one artist that I have encountered that raped my ears. When I say raped my ears, I mean the amount of the noise being thumped in my ear and my ears not wanting to comprehend what is being heard, that's rape. This all started with the band "BrokenCyde". If you have not heard this band, let me at best try to describe them. Electronica beats with loud screaming of party words without being fully discernible over what is being said. For further proof this is there song "Get Crunk"

That song is a perfect example of everything wrong with music. I really wanna know is there any lyrics to this song? Is there really any point other than to yell "GET CRUNK" or "GET DRUNK?" I think this song is laughably bad, I feel anyone can get on Reason or Ableton an come up with an electronic beat and yell "PARTY ON!" over top and people will love it. I really hope people realize these guys are complete shit and should not be listen to. I am a guy who likes lyrics, who enjoys a good party song and lastly loves a well composed song. This song has pretty much none of the above, if you want a party album go grab mixtapes might I recommend "TRV$DJAM" or even the insanely popular "Girl Talk".

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