Friday, October 19, 2007


So I did the noble thing for once, I downloaded an album legally, Actually i did purchase not 1 but 2 copies of Graduation! One was a gift, trust me i knew that 50 cent stuff was BS.
Anyways i got the album, and have so far written 5 reviews for it, and not one has satisfied me, personally i decided my long winded reviews are pointless on this album.
Radiohead is a band that you either Love or Hate. I will say this new album is by far one of the better one's of this year. It has something for everyone. The album starts with 15 step which has to be one of most explosive intros to an album i have ever heard.
It's simple go, get the album, pay how much you feel is right, even if it is ZERO bucks, DO IT!! It's worth paying for...

MY Review: 9.4/10
If you love Radiohead: Do you have to ask 10/10
If you hate Radiohead: This could be the one that finally rubs you the right way 7.6/10

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