Sunday, October 21, 2007


Ok so Lately hearing about this Ellen Dog Adoption nonsense. I guess she adopted a pup, it didn't get a long with her cats so she gave it a friend...I guess givin a dog away to good family is against the law...Anyways the adoption people decided to take the pup back and give it to someone else...Now here's the deal, People have been actually sending threats to the family and the adoption people to give back the dog. I don't understand how people can get so ridiculous. The adoption crew followed protocol, did what they were told to do. It's a shitty situation but that's what the law says, now you would think the agency would like the exposure of giving the dog back, but no they did what they were told and for once an agency didn't give celebrities SPECIAL TREATMENT!!!
Everyone has an opinion on this topic, and so do I....ITS A FREAKING DOG, it's not like the world is currently under a shortage of puppies, and this was the last remaining one. Ellen You got more than enough money to buy a pup for the bloody family, Don't take the dog away from another family because of something that was your fault. You admitted you made a mistake, so just right it get them a new dog, not to mention the family didn't have the dog for too long, so it's not as if they had a ridiculous attachment to it. I actually was watching "The Insider" which is the one show, I completely Hate. They have something like Iggy Watch, where they are tracking this dog to find out where it is....
Between the News coverage, Death Threats and well the fact that its been blown out of proportion...we need to really take a step back and again think long and hard...with the world the way it is right now, is Ellen's dog really news?!?

WE truly are getting fed some of the worse news ever/ Did you hear about Britney's new lips....I bet you did, and that's the problem...

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