Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Whatcha talkin about Foo....

Today's band is one that really got me into rock as a kid. Their singles are staples of Alternative radio stations, not to mention how they have the approval of almost every genre from rappers to indie rockers, these guys have more fans than you can imagine. David Letterman has even stated they are his favourite band, and the song "Times like these" is his favourite. Obviously this band is The Foo Fighters!!!!

The band started out with Dave Grohl playing every single instrument on the band's first self Titled album. This occurred 6 months post Kurt Cobain's Suicide. With Singles like "Big Me", "My Hero" and the breakthrough hit single "Learn To Fly" the band became radio legends gaining airplay and air time for any and every single they release. After their last double disc album "In Your Honour" and their Live album "Skin and bones" the band unleashed their latest album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

This album is a classic radio rock album, with Dave Grohl's classic yells, the shredding power chords and fast paced drums helps form this album into an immaculate Foo Fighter Album. The problem with the foo fighters is this, they are a singles band. Some of you may wonder what that meant, pretty much their are bands that are awesome and pretty darn amazing, but when you buy the album you tend to listen to the singles more than anything. That's the deal with "the foo fighters" every album i have ever had, was primarily bought for the singles. The songs are all good, and Dave Grohl is a legend, but somehow the music is just so passable, nothing really sticks. Now i would kill to see The Foo Fighters live, but frankly I wouldn't buy this album, just turn to any rock or top 40 radio station, and soon you will be hearing all you need to hear from the album. Please note: I like the album, just none of it really sticks and makes it worthwhile.
My Review 6.7/10
If you love this style 8.6/10
IF you hate this style 3/10

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