Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Say Anything Mondays!

So for the last month every monday a new Say Anything song is posted on their myspace account, This makes me more excited than you would think. To be honest Say Anything is probably the best band your not listening to. Their style varies, their lyrics are sharp and sting, their instrumentation is beyond words at times, and Max Bemis is a hero on all accounts. Today's song Is 'Baby Girl, Im a Blur'. To say this song is different then most of their songs is an understatement however the song completely smokes, and proves that no matter what style Max does, he can master. Head over to www.myspace.com/sayanything. Go have yourself a listen.
I have had a brutally long day and personally i can't review the new Jimmy Eat World Album today, it will be up tomorrow, here's a sneak preview:
ITs Freaking good!
There you have it!

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