Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pete Doherty's Day Job....

Today's band is one that is probably better known for their antics then their music. This band was well known in the British indie scene, but it took a little blonde supermodel to give the band the amount of publicity that bands could dream of. It would be unfair to not say that cocaine use in the studio is due some credit for their publicity. The band is Babyshambles!!!

Originally started as a side project during the hiatus of The Libertines, they were somewhat successful on the mainstream due to their jumping on the garage band fad. Babyshambles created quite a buzz with their first album "Down In Albion", with Fuck Forever reaching #4 on the UK Charts. Somewhere between all the arrests and break ins, the band found time to record their fall up. The album is entitled Shotter's Nation!!!

The album is widely anticipated to see if Pete still has it. Now i won't lie, his vocals are half asses, and the album just seems less focus than one would hope for. Musically the album has all the make up of brit-rock, with even reminders of past Brit rockers such a The Kinks. None the less, with British indie rock, a lot of it is well, sounding the same. Frankly i for one am getting a bit tired of it all, their are mainly two styles. Dance-pop-rock, or heavy guitar strumming over lazy drum beats. This style used to be unique but now its over down. This album solidifies the fact that the style is growing bland. With all the chaos surrounding the band i am shocked they found the time to record and actually make this album, I personally feel if more time was spent on it, it would have yielded a better album. I digress the album is still good, and frankly has some high points such as Carry on Up The Morning. This is one of those albums that if your a fan you will love, but this will not break you into their fan club...at least in my opinion.

MY Review 6.5/10
If You Like This Style 7.8/10
If You Hate This Style 3/10

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