Saturday, October 13, 2007

Boy-O-Boy....Lou Pearlman...What a Guy

Now today i was planning to do a review, but I awoke to just a juicy, juicy piece of information. Now in the 90's we all believed that these boy band guys were gay, we all thought it at one point or another. I mean from the overly produced love ballads, to their dancing we all had a feeling. One man was responsible for most of the famous boy bands, N'sync, Backstreet Boys and Yes even O-Town, were all formed by Lou Pearlman. Not familiar with who he is, well let me show you a picture.

Now you may be wondering, how was he arrested?! Simple he ran a scam stealing thousands upon thousands from the elderly and hard working folks. Kinda funny first he stole the radio from hard working musicians, than he stole the money from hard working people...Man this guy must be on a one way ticket to hell.

Well lately one of his assistants decided he would write a tell-all. Now this is where my Eid present(muslim style christmas for all y'all who don't know what eid is) The assistant claimed that in every boy band "There was one guy in every band--one sacrifice--one guy in every band who takes it for Lou,".
This leads to my wondering which one in each band...Now in N'sync i think it would be safe to say it was Lance,

i mean he came out of the closet and all..wouldn't be that far fetched.
For Backstreet Boys, i wanna say Howie,

i remember he wore a dress to the Vma's and it was leather so maybe they had some S&M things goin on.

....well anyone of them would be as good of a guess as any

and In O-town..I'm gonna go with Dan..

that guy seemed to be a scape goat.

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