Saturday, October 6, 2007

If only they were still "Famous"

Today's Band is one that got notoriety during the post-grunge late 90's Alternative Rock phase. This was a time where almost any band that had a misspelled word in their name could make it. It also helped being in good relations with Fred Durst, the leader of that scene because of Limp Bizkit. This could only lead to more angst ridden love songs, The band in question is none other than Puddle Of Mudd...(note No Exclamation marks)

Note I used a Picture of a puddle of mud, due to the fact that this band has had more on and off members than Paris Hilton had boyfriends.
Fun Fact#1 When Nicklebacks drummer left the band, 3 doors down's drummer replaced him and PoM's drummer went to 3 doors down. The fun part was the only band to lose in this deal was PoM...)

Puddle of Mudd are the best example of manufactured rock that I can think of. They started in '94 and ultimately broke up, Fred Durst came upon their EP loved it called up Wes Scantlin. Wes went down to California and pretty much reformed the band using random players from different area. This is also how Boy Bands were formed, so its safe to say they were a rock boy band. They gained fame with songs like Blurry and She Hates Me, soon after that they really lost touch and that whole genre failed...They decided to release a CD, it's entitled Famous...

Before I review this album, allow me to list a group of bands that had this style and are all irrelevant. A moment of Silence for the following bands Default, Fuel, Filter, Staind and Korn. IF you guys can think of any by all means toss it in!
Now onto the album, Famous is the re-birth of the band. Now a days bands that's old style failed, usually find a new one, just look at Hanson. Unfortunately Famous sounds so much like older Puddle of Mudd, that when i played it for a friend he actually stated "I'm pretty sure I heard this before", I than had to inform him that he hadn't and this style all sounds the same. There isn't much that can be said for this album, if you love that almost too crisp Drum sound, the overly layered guitar and the rusty throat sound vocals, than this is the album for you! The lyrics are also quite terrible, with lines like "I'm here because of Faith, (can't make out the word, other Now or Yeah)...All the times time you left me bleeding..It was Faith (again noise)" If anyone can decipher what the hell that means, have at it. All in all the album is beyond Forgettable, and just plain awful.

MY Review 1/10 *i gave a 1 because it gives a good laugh
If you love this style 10/10 (IF you really love this style and are willing to admit than this is a perfect album)
If you Hate this style 0.5/10 (IF you might not laugh as much as me)

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