Monday, October 15, 2007

Wolves Come out To Sing...and they sound like an Angry Thom Yorke

Today's band has been the HARDEST ONE EVER TO REVIEW!!!! Its a two piece band that has unleashed a style that is beyond impossible to classify. IF you have listened to 'The Transformers' Soundtrack you would recognize these guys. The band is Idiot Pilot!!!

Consisting of two members the band's new album was produced by Mark Hoppus and Ross Robinson. It has guest drummers Travis Barker and Chris Penne, to Coheed fans they would know he is the new member(he also used to be in Dillinger's Escape Plan). The new album is not available in stores yet, but is available digitally!The new album is called Wolves!!!!

How do I classify a band that has the background of a Postal Service song, The harmonics of Thom Yorke and the sound of the Deftones...This band uses electronic elements fused almost seamlessly into a hard rock style with at times screaming. The screaming was more in their earlier work though as oppose to the latest disc. This album is well put together, and to take a step back and realize its only two people, regardless of what you think, that is a feat on its own. The instrumentation is so organic and perfectly layered, they have instantly gone up on my top bands to see live.I absolutely love this album all the way through, it starts with an almost epic style intro that straps you in entitled 'Last Chance'. This leads into 'Elephant' one of my favourite songs on the album. The progresses more and more constantly offering plenty of ear candy. This is one of those albums that is more than just music its an experience. This is a gateway band, its between genres and can easily change one's listening style, if you're willing to give any band a shot, this should be the first on your list!

My Review 8.6/10
IF you Love This Style 10/10
If you Hate This Style 4/10

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