Wednesday, June 27, 2007

White Stripes and Blue moons

So Today’s review is one that I think will get a lot of people pissed of with me. This band is one that pretty much dominates the alternative rock scene everytime they release anything. Their style is widely accepted from the pretentious Uber-indie, to 12 years old girls, they have an ability to be liked. The band in question is, The White Stripes.

The band unleashed there new disc after Jack White’s past project of The Raconteurs. The White Stripes have always been a mystery to me. With Jack and Meg claiming to be brother and sister, until their old marriage certificate was found. Then they claimed this whole band was an art project, if it is an art project it sure beats my grade 11 self portrait. Yet, at the same time, no matter what when they are in process of workin on a new album, most of the rock world holds their breath in anticipation. Much is the case with their new album Icky Thump.

Icky Thump, besides being an awful title which might be cool is knew what it meant, is the results of 3 weeks in a studio. The sound of this album is a lot more developed and well for a lack of a better word built. The album starts off in a way that tell you this isn’t the normal Stripes you know and love, this is gonna be something else. The question however is will you like it. Up until Conquest I really did enjoy the album, at about conquest shit started to hit the fan, Big time. I feel that a lot of the songs post conquest is them goofing off. Had this been any other band, I probably would have panned the album. At the same time since it is the white stripes, my expectations were a slight bit higher. This album has the ability to grow on you, if you permit it to, which is actually hard to do. This is due to the fact, that it’s a lot easier to discard it, then have to keep listening it saying “don’t worry it will grow on me.” Maybe if they spent 1 more week in the studio or if this album wasn’t so hyped up I would have been a little more pleased. I know a lot of you will like this album, and think I am on cocaine and am close to insane. Well frankly it’s my opinion, and as I said, had it been any other band I would have panned it. This album is a let down, but the songs you do like, You REALLY like, that said it still scores well.

My Review 6.7
If you like this style 8.4
If you hate this Style 3.6

I am currently some 1000 miles in the air, and the dude next to me got the window seat. Let me tell you all the reasons EGYPT Air blows and how much it sucks being in the aisle. First of, these chairs are beyond uncomfortable, I am pretty sure I sat in logs more giving then this thing. Second EVERY FREAKING tray cart has an uncanny ability of nailing my arm waking me up. Third, this lady keeps STARING at my screen creeping me out, to the point I feel I am doin something wrong. O man the food, my salad was a small piece of lettuce that I am pretty sure was 3 cm by 5 cm, with 4 cucumbers, 1 piece of sliced green pepper that was skinnier than Kate Moss. To call that a salad would be an insult to all vegetarians, and rabbits. The meat was not bad, came with mashed potatoes so I was pleased. Cake was not too shabby, but the salad really pissed me off, because if you know me, you know my platonic love for Vegetables. So I think its time for me to sign off and attempt to sleep, I measured my seat from one seat rest to the other, if I was to put my elbow on one of the seat rest my fingers would touch the other.. there is no sleep to be had, but whatever prevails when I close my eyes ie better than watching…WILD HOGS. Why would William H Macy do this sack of crap…He’s the Shoveller, Ok Mystery Men was not a good movie either, but how did you like Fargo..yeah that’s right He owned in that. I think he is one of the most underrated actors, lets hope he got paid good money for this piece of shit. Put it in your history books June 26, 2007 Rami M. Boraie heads home as well as Paris Hilton…That’s Hot.

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