Saturday, June 30, 2007

Open Letter To the Smashing Pumpkins

Dear SP,
I have been a moderate, almost fan of your band for a long time. You had some songs that I truly loved and frankly listened to quiet often. I own 1 or 2 of your CDs, but recently I heard you would be making a new one. This news kinda excited me, it made me go, "oh sweet, a new CD hmm...probably will be a good one." That was my actual reaction, but then i heard you were doing something do i say this...Douchebaggish. You are release your cds with certain tracks available in certain places, such as I-tunes, Best Buy, and Target. Now I would expect this kinda junk from The Bravery, The Killers, Angel And Airways, hell i wouldn't be shocked at all if Fall Out Boy did it, but for you Billy Corgan to do that, well thats just shitty. Why you ask, well think about this. In some cities all they have are indie record stores, so are they not worthy of the 1 or 2 bonus tracks, I personally think this is a HUGE cash grab, just get your hardcore Fans go out to each spot and buy it for the bonus CD. Trent Reznor recently complained about how his label decided to JACK up the price of his CD, because they knew he had a passionate following and that they would gladly pay that high price. Trent was not pleased, he actually voiced his opinion. The record companies can make fools of their patrons, but i EXPECTED better from you Billy, I for one will not listen to this album, and will NOT review it. You have deeply disappointed and frankly I feel you have, and this is a word i hate, Sold out. Go Eff Yourself.

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