Friday, June 1, 2007

Dj Kicks it up a notch

This band is one that i found out about last year, they are another one of those bands that NME magazine keeps writing about till everyone and their mothers knows about them. Case and point Arctic Monkeys, hey i am not complaining, but i do get annoyed how they hype up certain bands I feel weren't as good as they said. Overall this band is not one of them, this is a great band to enjoy, they are:
Hot Chip

They are like most bands that get a lot of attention these days from...ENGLAND. What a shocker, they are your average Dance-Punk, Electric band. Think a less energetic We Are Scientist. I recently saw a live performance by them, I will admit it was boring because you had a bunch of guys in front of keyboard and mixers just playing with knobs. I just feel if you go to a live show there should be a good reason rather than see guys stand in front of you all expressionless. The Album is
Hot Chip: DJ Kicks

This album is part of a series known as DJ KICKS which has had such artists as Four Tet and Stereo MCs as previous remixers. The only problem with this album is kind of my fault, unfortunately i don't know a lot of the songs they remixed originally. I do know some, but i mean on a 24 track album you kinda wish you could claim you knew more than 6. The remixes however are obvious in what they have done to the songs. which helps because you can get a feel for the originals and the remade versions. The Added electronic sound to early music by Ray Charles, Joe Jackson and even New Order adds tremendously. The overall album is one that is fun to listen to, they also included their next single entitled "My Piano". Could you imagine Young Leek rapping over dance punk keyboard effects...ya it is intense. Drawbacks of the album, is it is electronic which can get annoying after awhile, the good thing however is there is something here for everyone! Its a solid dance-electro pop album.

My Review 7.8/10
You like this style 10/10
You Hate This Style 2/10 (I dont see this being the album to make you a electro pop fan.

Some corrections need to be made with my question and answers:
MY favourite Halloween costume was probably when i dyed my whole body black got dreads and went a Lil' John. How I forgot that beats the hell out of me, also i do enjoy Tom and Jerry cartoons a lot!
well we are back into exam mode so you know what that, in good news i am home in something like 24 days, pretty crazy eh! I thought so. Should be good times.

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