Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Manipulating The Sound in New Directions

Today's artist is actually a request, this is probably my 4 or 5th request, but this one is a bit out of date. This band is one known for their smooth vocals accompanied with a large screech and scream, no i don't mean Dustin Diamond. This is a band that has three members but still has very complex and well laid out instrumentation. The break-up rumours followed this band, during the making of this album, but fortunately the band never broke up. The band is The Fall Of Troy!!!

This band hit it big, if you will, with the song F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X, which is an obvious remake, or second take, of their song F.C.P.S.I.T.S.G.E.P.G.E.P.G.E.P. This song got them more exposures with appearances on video games, and sporting events. After dropping out of Warped Tour last year to head into the studio to work on this album, expectations were set. The album is entitled Manipulator !!!

First off, let me say this has been the album I have listened to the most, because its probably the hardest to review. The sound is beyond eclectic, with a poppy-er, sound then they are accustomed too. At first I was well prepared to can this as a piece of junk, and just say they lost all that made them good. Although the energy is absent on some tracks, the hooks are a lot more catchier and will be in your head all day. I think thats what makes this such a good album, that you like it, but almost want to not like. The screams, and high pitch screechy awesomeness, is still there, but now its as if they added the "third heat". The vocals have a feeling similar to early 2000, indie punk bands recording out of their basement, such as Northstar. I think this is an album that will grow on you, as long as you can withstand screaming, if you can't well Nothing will bring you to like this. Although there is one track Caught up, which is there most drastically different song, with no drums or bass and simple singing. The Fall Of Troy, have changed there sound, but at the same time, brought out a new side that is equally as good.

My Review: 7.4/10
IF you like this style 8.4/10(its hard to define
If you hate this style 1/10

Now keep in mind 7.4 isn't bad, its just hard for me to recommend to many people.

Tracks to check out:
Cut Down The Trees And Name The Streets After Them
Oh, The Casino!
The Dark Trail

So yesterday, i kinda just forgot to blog, i had a stressfully long day dealing with banks and junks over the phone and internet. So i apologize but i mean, we are only human. I hope you liked the Guest writer and there will be hopefully more to come. As we speak we have 1 or 2 other Guest writer preparing some stuff. That said, hope you liked this review, i know the album came out like last month, but still I will do it.

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