Thursday, June 14, 2007

From Nothing to Almost Something

Today's Review is of an artist that has had a large mainstream following. He recently got involved in a one sided feud, with the most unlikely opponent. John Cena, of the WWE, had been mocking this artist and Jay-z. Neither of them decided to accept Cena's invitation to battle rap, they had better things to do. That artist is none other than Fabolous!!!!!

You know someone really has to explain to me why artists need to spell their names wrong... I mean Fabolous as oppose to Fabulous, what is the difference... If I go into rap, i am goin to be called InKredable...actually thats not bad...I think i understand why now. This album has been pushed back more times than K-Fed when he tries to grab the mic. Finally its been released and its called From Nothing to Something!!!

The album has to be one of the hardest for me to review, this is far from my style of rap and far from my style of music that i like. The beats are quiet addictive, and he uses a lot of different instruments such as violins. There are highly orchestrated songs and then there are straight typical club beats. With producers ranging from Timbaland, Akon to Just Blaze, you know that the quality of the music will be up there. The rhymes are ok, i mean no one listens to Rap lyrics anyways. How many ways can someone describe their bling, although he had a great line saying "Lot of Carats not the one Bugs Bunny's Snackin On". I thought that was a funny line, he even at one song after describin how good he is in bed said "And now you know why I spell it Fabolous". I guess you had to be there to get it. The album is good for a hip hop party disc but for me it wasn't much special a couple tracks i really like, some i hated, and some i just can't remember.
My Review: 6.2/10
If you like this style 8/10 EASILY
If you hate this style 3/10

So I am done my Written exams and am beyond stoked to be heading home soon, That said things are still in works and i am stoked for somethings, and scared for others. We will see how it goes from here.

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