Sunday, June 10, 2007

G'argh She Blows!

So today is my second movie review, and man am i stoked to get into this one. This was a movie i Avoided because i thought was over hyped...and i kept falling asleep. its was a weird thing, every time a certain line was uttered i passed out. Well Last summer i ,along with the assistance of some friends, was kept awake to watch it. Quickly After watching part one, we went 10 mins later to see Part 2....It takes little guessing to figure out what movie i am talking about. The movie is ofcourse
Pirated Of The Caribbean 3: At World's End!!!

Now i won't lie i loved the first one, i thought it was really well done. I mean you got Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush...How could you go wrong. The Second one wasn't as solid as the first, but this is expected in a trilogy filmed all together, its a fact the second one is just there to carry over to the third. This is evident in the Lord of the Rings series.

This brings me to the third in the series. I was expecting a large amount of effects and good writing, along side well finished off story. With a franchise this big, it is expected that there is a huge finale. The problems with this movie began from the beginning where I really could have used a "Previously on Pirates of the Caribbean"...sadly i didn't get one. Never to fear my friend and I worked out the details and were ready to go. The story at the beginning just kinda doesn't go anywhere leaving you waiting, which is good because it gives you time to figure out all the past stuff...shortly after the movie picks up steam, the only problem is every time you think you understand the story they throw a plot twist. The story will then twist but you still follow, until one of the old plot twists comes back into play...All in all i was very confused as to who the hell to cheer for. I will not spoil, but I will say that the movie was in a sense predictable in the way that, when you think you understand it, you know to expect a pointless plot twist. What really hurt this movie in my mind was the writing, i felt it wasn't up to par. Sure some jokes would work but a lot would fail, or be almost beyond cheesy. Yes, i know its a disney flick, but how many monkey/ animal jokes can you make....Who am i kidding i love monkeys...but still it got a bit much towards the end.
My overall opinion on the movie is, Yes go see it, its stupid not to finish off the series, but this is a movie i can't see people re-watching over and over again. Also make damn sure you know the story, not that it really matters after all the plot twist, it still helps for the first 30-45 mins. I will not waste time on the special effects because with a budget this big, its expected and not needed to be mentioned.

MY REVIEW: 6.5/10
You like the Trilogy 8/10 (due to Johnny Depp)
You hate the Trilogy 2/10 because of the special effects

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