Sunday, June 3, 2007

No Diploma For You!

So today, before studying i decided to watch the news, to catch up on whats goin on in the world. I heard about a story that actually for once had me on the administrations side as oppose to the students.
Let me catch you up to speed...
In Galesburg, Il students at a high school were told not to cheer during commencement and were sent home with contracts. The Contracts stated if they cheer or make any disruptive behaviour their diplomas will be withheld and they could not attend the graduation party. All the students signed and gave it back. As one student went to receive her diploma some of her friends cheered, therefor breaking the agreement. The school administration then withheld their diplomas. Now i know this looks beyond strict, but at the same time the students knew what they were getting into. I mean it said in the agreement any cheering will lead to your diplomas being withheld. The administration then stated they will give them the diplomas; however, they are only gonna withhold so that they can't attend the party. All the administration wants is an apology. So let me break this down a lot better:
Students told hey don't yell we wanna just say your name, grab your diploma, get off the stage. The students all say ok, then some break the rules. Administration has to act and now they look like a-holes.
Frankly folks at my grad i loved hearing people cheer for me, its a good feeling. Do i think the rule is bogus, hell yeah, do i think the students are right, Hell No. I mean seriously if i was to sign a paper sayin "don't talk for 20 mins and you get your diploma" i would keep my mouth shut, simple as that. What really bugged me though was how the news protrayed it. They claimed the real issue was the people that cheered were African-American, and Hispanic. I am sorry but that is just again using minority to make anyone that is not of colour in power seem like a bigot. The guy didn't do anything wrong, he followed protocol but how does the media twist it, as a battle of race. Even the principal stated we will give them their diploma if they apologize. At first it was gonna be they had to community service and even that they change to just say we're sorry for the disturbance. I am just stunned at how many people are up in the administration face when all the students agreed to the rules.
These girls are being stubborn and breached contract and feel that they are worthy of sympathy because frankly i feel the administration is right.
Agree with me or Disagree but think about it, you tell your friend keep quiet when you come over or you gotta go, 5 of your friends cheer and you kick them out, are you an asshole, or are you just keepin the agreement.
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