Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Akon, What A Tool

I found Lonely to be one of the most annoying song, I also thought it would be a one hit wonder. I was wrong took a bit but he came back, but this time he wasn't ready to leave, and he made sure dancefloors don't forget him. I wont lie his last singles have been quite addictive, almost guilty pleasures. There one thing about Akon people need to realize, he needs someone to be on his song for it to be good, he is a great hook singer but whole songs are not his thing. After thinking i can deal with Akon i start seeing and hearing shit he has done. If you haven't seen his video of Dry raping a girl you should see this i think that was the first time my jaw dropped because i was just beyond shocked. I mean we all think the same, its a rap show, shit got out of hand. The one thing that you gotta keep in mind is he is flinging her around the stage and then gets up and leaves her. This is just something i cant believe. After all the scrutiny brought on hip hop artist i just gotta say way to keep the stereotype alive. i thought that was the worse of it, like from now on he would keep controversy free. Then i see this, i dunno i kinda am just speechless. We all gone to show and saw a band we hated, sure we "rocketed" a band here or there (thats throwing bottles). I can recall a bottle at Simple Plan when i was younger. Well this kid did just that, threw an object as a joke at Akon, Akon gets his security to track him down and pick him up...the ending is kind of a shocker. The kid isn't that old clearly is a goof judging by his clothing and I mean it was all in good fun. The actions taken here are somewhat idiotic, both Legally and medically. People can get hurt, and I for one just can't stand by and think this is right by any stretch of the imagination. With that in mind Akon joins Rosie O'Donnell in my heart as this months, Tool of the month!

Hey folks i know i know less and less CD reviews are occuring there is a good reason for that, I have had little time for it, but i still have kept my 1 a day promise, tomorrow i should have a fresh one up and running. Don't count me out yet. This i believe is my 1 month anniversary so Thank you Thank You Thank you, to anyone who Read this, Spread the word and help make this something. I am truly grateful, come back tomorrow!
Take care

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