Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I wake up at the End of a Long Dark Lonely year...

Today I write to you with 2 hours to go before my final written exam, and i find myself overloaded with emotions. When we start the year we feel like we have a long ass time till the next summer; however, when the summer hits, the year wasn't that long after all. This has been a year where I made some new friends, lost touch with a few olds ones and saw the passing of some friends. Needless to say its been a hard year but at the same time there is a silver lining. I learnt how to deal with some of life's hardest lessons, and how when push comes to shove, you'll always have friends to lift you up. This summer will for sure be a new challenge, one i am willing to face. It will be hard to go a while without seeing my mom and dad, but at the same time we gotta grow up sometime. Hopefully i make 'em proud with everything i done, hopefully i pass the classes i needed to and lastly hopefully next year is better emotionally than this year has been.
To my current friends in Canada:
Thanks for still keeping in touch, i gotta give a shout out to Myspace, Facebook and MSN for makin it a lot easier for me to check up on all y'all.
To My Current Friends in Egypt:
With each year i get to know most of you more and more in the college, its been nice. This year has seen a decrease in time spent together and an increase in time spent studying, that sucks but it happens.
To My Friends who Passed away:
You'll all be in my thoughts daily, I, thank you for any time spent laughing, smiling and being there Rest In Peace, I can't wait to see you all again.

Now I am off to put the cap on my written exam.
Take Care
and thanks for Reading this and hopefully enjoying it.

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