Friday, June 15, 2007

Judge Dredd's Justice wasn't this good!

Today's band is one that caught my eye with their eye-popping videos. Video's have never been so well done since early 90's music videos by Spike Jonze. Gaining large cult following with their remixes of artists that range from Britney Spears to Daft Punk, this is one of the most versatile bands around. The band in question is the French Electro Duo JUSTICE!!!

The album is the debut disc by the duo. This is a largely anticipated album for fans of their remixes, but if you haven't heard of them before, don't fret they are mainly big in Europe. This is where being close to Britain is beneficial you get to hear more than just Nickleback...Hyeah!!(just imagine Chad Kroeger, that's the sound that is).
The album is simply entitled !!?!

First and for most Shout out to Jesus! on with the sound. Its electronic dance pop. not much describe just that they mastered the electric keyboards sound of early 80's sound. Pre-New Wave before synth became the must have noise. The album has a constant flow, that you never know when a strong really starts or end but at the same time, it carries you. This is a disc you could play and just not really stop till it ends just because your intrigued where its going. Its like a knock knock joke, sure they might start off rough, but you wanna hear where the play on words will come into play, and what the punchline will be. Thankfully unlike a knock knock joke, this album is never a disappointment. If you pay attention to D.A.N.C.E you will hear the samples from Micheal Jackson's Thriller, the song is actually a dedication to Micheal Jackson, so the duo claim. If your lookin for an album that will get you into electro pop, i think this could do the trick. As much as I don't really enjoy the sound, i did enjoy this disc. If you want to hear it without paying and potentially not likin it head over to their myspace, and give the album a listen!

My Review 8/10
If you love this style 9.1/10
if you hate this style 4/10 some songs could peak your interest

Hey folks so far i got a couple request lately for some albums to review, I will try my hardest to get to them, but due to my exams i had a large list of albums that i haven't got to. But nonetheless send me ideas they might be albums that I might be more intrigued to do, One thing i gotta ask keep the record within a month range, and of this year! Other than that, if you have a local act, a friends band, a cd your not sure if you want, and if you want your band on here. E-mail me and give me the info and if possible pictures and songs so i can review and i will do my best. my email is, my myspace is over there, don't add me as a friend to increase your e-popularity, no one is impressed.

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